"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. Modern people to move, more and more difficult, the body more and more tired, the opportunity to move less and more, to the new sports, the most important thing is that we are willing to return to the body , it deserves the respect and time. (Recommended reading: about 30 minutes of running: Practice your own date in daily life )

Why do you start exercising, at the same point there is no tall reason. Not for the healthy life endorsement, not for the small waist mermaid line, it is too long did not move, sitting office, the body Moss, like beach mud, even walk the stairs are shouting panting, lazy sex.

Lazy this thing is probably untested infectious disease, a lazy endless, self spread, the body built all kinds of dodge words, walk on the road to feel is not the head a little pain ah, as if a cold, the body feel no strength, better go home to sleep rest.

Waking up, I always feel that I am the most cheat.

The body of excuses used up, to find excuses for the external environment, the sun is great, cool weather, feel like rain, can be unwilling to exercise the corroboration. Excuse and reason heap stack, lazy word big spicy hanging on the body, to work in the name of cover, pretending to see the pit scar scar body.

I went to the massage and woke up.

Massage Master in my body big move, pinch my meat, push pinch pinch, push pressure buttocks, I began to scream, she said sister, how long have you not moved? Your whole meridians are swollen.

How long has it been since I moved? I can't remember. Is it necessary to move? As a head melon turn every day, always feel that the time is not enough work people, has long not remember his body. The brain, abandoned the body in the corner, greedy to the body, but do not want to give.

I want to return my body, it should be respected. I want to feel it's sore, its scream, its softness, its breakthrough, and its long forgotten power.

I agreed with myself to start the exercise, not to please who, not for a seductive body, I want to move, I want to sweat, I want to return to the physical it should be time.

"Exercise Miss Exercise" the habit of walking about herself

When we are in the sports novice village, if possible, first not greedy, from about their own walk a long way home start. Two stops ahead of the bus, advance one station out of the MRT, now the night is very cool, you accompany the evening breeze, to regain their habit of walking.