The "Information graph" unit for every Monday chart is a new way for women to try and take you to the world of gender affairs with a picture. from Muslim clothing to Burqini, Muslim women have a symbol of free progress, but in 2016 France issued a "Burqini ban", began a series of discussions and controversies. This time let's show you the choices that Muslim women wear. (same field Gayon: Burqini is to liberate women's freedom, and the French government took it )

2004, Aheda Zanetti because of the relationship between the small niece, the bathtub in the home invented Burqini (Burkini), so that the movement of Muslim women wearing a new possibility.

In 2016, the mayor of Nice issued a "burqini ban" banning people from wearing burqini bathing suits, a woman dressed in burqini on the beach, forced by police to remove Burqini headgear, revealing double bladder.

There are divergent views on the Burqini ban there are two voices in the feminist, one in the name of liberation, protesting the stereotype of women by Muslim teachings, and refusing to allow tube bundles to be extended to women's dress choices, while the other is thinking backwards, do we have the right to choose people's clothes in a "physical progress"?

We have no standard answer here, but there is the spirit of research, we are willing to, before criticizing, can understand a little more, from the Muslim women's usual choice of dress, look at the scarf, veil, the burqa differences, and then to the burqini of the era of evolution, finally, we are eager to return to the