Mention Tarcy Su, we will think of a song and a classic love song, Word sung into our hearts. Now she, frankly tell women fans, those who pay attention to love time has passed, she should be honest to reflect the stage of life music . With the "Train Fast Flying" tour back to our front of her, talk about parents , talk about positive thinking, also talk about singing itself. So, we see a richer, more appealing Tarcy su. (Recommended reading: Happy Mother's Day!) Cool mom Big woman Weekly: Let motherly love become the Workplace Force )

The memory of the Tarcy Su, is singing "Love you longer I more passive" feeling hurt the woman, is in the MV of disorderly hair to say "ah ha go, nothing great" lonely ducks. She Chi the head of the sea students just cut out of the playful, singing "Don't say I silly, I was only playing dumb, but I am not afraid."

With the continuous breakthrough of the genre, Hui Lun gradually evolved to grow. In front of her, with long hair, a cowboy even pants, quiet and Enron to share her new life, new songs, singing plans.

Every step in life, she is steadfast "happy to go forward."

The train is flying fast! Learn the courage to take risks with a child

"Life is a journey, and we are like people sitting on a train." On the journey we will encounter different scenery and the car, get off the people, like so many years of singing career. I hope to be able to relive the memories of the past and bring new songs with you in this field. 」

At the end of September, Hui Lun will soon be in Taipei, Taichung and Taidong to host three "train fast flying" small circuit show. Asked the "Train fast Fly" of the heartbeat, Hui Lun face cleverness smile. The play was inspired by Hogwarts, with one song after another, on an express train that leads to an infinite possibility, and Hui Lun tries to lead the audience to a new adventure. (Recommended to you:"Song for You" gentle, to the past you and now I )

"Harry Potter movie students are on the train to the unknown, unknown is infinite possibility, and they choose to use a curious, adventurous spirit to look at the life after the face." Hui Lun interprets the train image in this way.

Even if there is a bit of nervousness and danger, a child can use a "Wow!" Good fun "brave and naïve to face, this is the" Train fast flying "field will try to bring the audience new ideas. After years of being in the profession and singing love songs with so many different feelings, Hui Lun says she is no longer so anxious about the "market", but can inject more new elements and new possibilities in singing. With the new and old songs interspersed in concert, Hui Lun tries to present a more varied self to the audience.

The Long-lost touring field will be pleasantly surprised to select Taidong iron FA Cun as one of the stops. Iron FA Cun is a little like the small Huashan district, like a bazaar, singing under the tree, beside there are other stalls, the mood is quite leisurely and comfortable.

"Every song has its own life, you do not know who will hear this song, but touched the person, is the person who needs this song." 」

Hui Lun explains her current view of the cause of singing. Taidong is not a common choice for a concert, but who knows if a person who needs to hear Hui-lun singing is Taidong to wait? "Maybe some people didn't know I was going to sing in Taitung, but I found someone singing here when I went for a holiday to go to the iron Hua Cun." It would also be a beautiful encounter. "She risked a dreamy footnote for her train." (Recommended reading: Chiang Hsun "Diary of the Pool": Gangdong Church, not noisy life pure )

The honest ground is moved to each individual's stage of life

Before I met Hui Lun, I listened to her new single again and again, and we walked happily forward. I like the melody of the child with a joke with children, but also like Hui Lun as a dialogue with children singing. If from the "passive" began to hear once again Hui Lun song, will find that each song's intonation is not the same, from the emotional injury of the low Shen, stubborn strong, to childish light, seems to have witnessed the singer's life process changes.

"〈 We are happy to go forward this song, is to record my mother's life, because when the mother, life is a child. Those love joys and sorrows, I have already sung before, the life stage has passed, now sings again, loses the flavor. "In the course of the conversation, I felt that Hui-lun was very happy to share the new life as a mother, not to market reaction as the only value of a song, but to be honest to do their own music, reflecting the life of each individual stage of the move."

I asked Hui Lun, what kind of understanding did she bring to her as a mother?

"I used to be perfect, to do anything to kill myself, because I have to do my best." After getting married, I had an established impression of my mother and I wanted to do my best to finish it. However, I slowly found that some things really do not, really not interested. For an imagination, urging oneself desperately to complete, but let me have been living in setbacks. "(Extended reading: Gender Watch: Written on the eve of Mother's Day, can I not be super Mother )

After becoming a mother, Hui Lun found that his perfectionism was the source of stress. "Such as cooking Ah, I became a mother later found that I really do not like cooking!" Hui Lun Frankly, the presence of people can not help laughing.

"So I told myself to find the balance in life, not to push myself too hard, because everyone is good at something different." Hui Lun summed up her understanding in this way.

We often think that after the mother will be very easy to forget themselves, Hui Lun but when the mother to know more about themselves. "When the mother really will change Ah, the former love to eat food, now as long as there is enough to take care of children quickly; before shopping all look at clothes and shoes, now go directly to children's supplies area." Hui Lun said with a smile, but also by cooking this thing, she recognized that they have to do not come, or not interested in things, so more aware of themselves.

Talk about parent-child: Mother and Child is the life of rendezvous, who does not own who

"After having a baby, I first discovered that the original person really will have the willingly love." 」

When it comes to children, Hui Lun's eyes are flowing with gentle light. Always wanted her children, until the birth of a child, only to realize slowly pull out a child grew up, is such a sweet load. "The physical burden of course will be, there will be a lot of frustration, anxiety, and sometimes suddenly in a very low state." "Hui Lun is honest to share the bitterness of being a mother."

"In fact, I think everyone is an energy field, to love themselves first, the ability to create a lot of good energy, and then to love their families, care for their children." "In the face of the inevitable ebb of life, she chose to use a" manufacturing positive energy "mentality to deal with. "I think everyone needs time to be alone, and sometimes I imagine myself running away from home and seeing my life with a" I can run away, but I'm not ", happier and more powerful.

We've all heard stories like this: After having a child, a woman is no longer interested in running a relationship; hot hair or essential oil massage is also a thing of the past life. Once talked about art movies or pop music friends, now one mouth is full of Mother Sutra. We can not help but think of those independent, lively and bright eyes of women, and even worry about their future will also be in the mother's position gradually forget themselves. (You would like:a 25-year-old daughter wrote to her mother a letter: I wish, you disappear life return to you )

Hui Lun's sharing reminds us, even if the whole heart immersed in motherly love, also don't forget to keep their time. Because people need to choose the right, no matter what the identity or what responsibility, if there is no choice, it becomes too heavy load. The right to choose is important to her and naturally to her children.

"I look at the parent-child relationship in this way, and I, my children and my husband have three lives to be born and have a fair life, but we don't have anyone." The child has his own blueprint of life to be done. I cannot decide for him a path that must be taken, for it is his freedom. 」

Hui Lun shared her views on parent-child relationships. Many people mistakenly believe that they have a child and are obligated to take responsibility for their life, so they are wary of taking the wrong step. It is not only the limitations of the child's life, but also let oneself on the back of the heavy shell never go away. Hui Lun is such a brave mother, not only the courage to bear the responsibility as a mother, but also bravely accept the child is an independent individual, one day to let him fly the fact.

In fact, in the process of educating children, I have been learning. Like a sudden feeling of depression before, I would think, if it is my child, how will I enlighten him? Then he turned the corner of the emotion. "On the way to being a mother, Hui Lun never gave up studying, so he has been making progress." (Extended reading: calm upbringing, first-class children: spiritual growth is more important than pre-school education )

A Song for the reader: We go forward together happily

"Not only I teach children, but also children teach me." Children for all risks and challenges, always have the courage, are willing to do their best to try, no adults so much hesitation and reservations. "Hui-lun shares what she has learned in her children, and this is also the heartbeat of the new single," We go forward happily.

"Now in the face of life, I can more relaxed, because the relaxation can be savored." Any taste in life needs to be savored, even the bitter taste. Because bitterness is the source of energy, this time tasted bitter, next time will not make mistakes again, even if the wrong, and not so afraid. 」

So, Hui Lun chose the song "We Go Forward happily" as the first single after the comeback. No matter what the future is, we have to learn from our children the courage to be fearless and to move forward, and in the process we may encounter negative emotions and perhaps get positive encouragement, but that is the driving force for continuous progress.

"I think a little more tolerant of life, sometimes just a second, you can climb out of the mire of emotions." "Hui Lun uses this song to convey the most profound understanding of a full time child after a year." I think a mother who has just had a year's struggle with a newborn child is arguably the most persuasive of such positive words.

This time I meet with Hui Lun, my pen can not stop from beginning to end, because there are too many good sentences to share with the readers. After the interview, facing life, facing the possibility of marriage and children's future, there seems to be nothing to fear. In fact, although life is difficult, there is a simple way to deal with it: no matter what happened, have the courage to go forward. (Recommended to you: use Life to tell a story!) 10 Things I traveled alone to teach me.

At the end of September, Hui Lun is about to start three small tour field, with the most direct, face-to-face way, singing her feelings of life.