Women fans interview Wu Bai, talk about the creation of life attitude. Wu Bai publishes the fourth album of photography, no matter what form of creation, he has the original flavor of the drift in heart. Wu Bai is very red, but also red out of tune , everything, is because he wanted to have a life of flesh and blood. (Recommend you: deconstruction of trauma and fear: Don't let "if" tie Your Life )

Wu Bai, peremptory is the era of rock and roll symbol, this name is beyond the meaning of a person can carry. Think of Wu Bai, you will remember that he wrote the love song is ruthless and refreshing, he used rock and roll out of the times from the group of people. Strong grass-roots, wild Romance, Wu Bai has said that his Taiwanese song temperament has a fragrance, now in his fourth photography focus, I can also smell that wild flowers incense.

In addition to music, Wu Bai used photography as another channel to the world, 2003 began photography 13 years, Wu Bai fourth photography set "in the time of the city gently drip" to Taipei Daily opened the city scenery, follow his ronin vision, to watch the city inside and outside.

Walked into the crowd, saw the departure posture

The fourth photo album, which is more outward than the previous one, Wu Bai said: "The first photo album is the scenery, the second is a lot of city stories, the third is the accumulation of many years in Taipei, are the rest of life record." This was built from Instagram, I have been anonymous for more than two years of photos, to make friends around the world. My mentality is to introduce to the world of Taipei, with such a starting point to take these photos. 」

In the past two years, the identity photography of the label of Wu Bai made many friends abroad. For Wu Bai, the photography of the carrier or composition is different, but the story will not be due to qualitative changes in the equipment. The whole book to Black-and-white photography, very strong and he has a unique character meaning.

"The carrier is different, with the mobile phone, the camera closer to my distance, it is more random, and closer." But the nature of the story doesn't change, just like I wouldn't play a guitar. "Photography focus, with more people's posture and expression, some shaking, some exposure, I asked these photos how you filmed it?" He said that sometimes he would put his cell phone in his ear, pretending to be in the scratching, photographed: "But a lot of times, we do not know that I am taking pictures, the same bow with the phone." (Same Gayon: fleeing syndrome: Taiwanese, poor only food and travel?) )

Wu Bai material, lurking in the city people's team, turn over the photographic collection, perhaps your life, also in his attention.

You don't want to be successful in your creation.

I asked you what the best sense of achievement was in photography, and Wu Bai said he never thought about it: "It's not a sense of accomplishment, it's just that I find another outlet, and many times I can't speak clearly, using melody, or video." My export except melody lyrics, and more images, the same is talking, can not write words. 」

Can not write, Wu Bai said all like poetry: "You will think my photos like poetry, there are artistic conception, vague, many things you do not understand, but is a life of export." "Those that cannot be easily fixed are called poetic."

Wu Bai says it is particularly important to have an export of one's own life: "Perhaps this is the sense of accomplishment you say." When you put your heart into one thing, squeeze out the juice is very sweet, even a little bit, you will feel, wow, good content. But this is only based on your full heart, the whole person and the body are thrown in. Others may not seem great in their eyes, but for you, it is a little bit of satisfaction. 」

Magical moment: comfortable things, but not fun

Many people say that rock musicians have magical moments, and Wu Bai says the magical moments of creation are not what happens in an objective state, but what your own subjective state is. 」

"The body's uncomfortable, sweaty, that full of devotion, let" I "disappeared, because I have been shooting with that thing together. "When you go into music and take pictures, you run into the landscape window:" When you are really inside, you find nothing important. (Same field Gayon: The quickest way to climb from the bottom of the valley!) anthers Jiao: No hard work not to say dedicated )

"In the very hot weather, the picture taken down, it may be more than the nameless edges, and not only the changes in light and shadow." Another example is completely gas under the dark sky, sultry wet body, or quiet to hear the wet cold breeze blowing sound of the treacherous moment, that is uncomfortable, the wind, that is, in photography, the so-called "comfortable things", but not fun! 」

In those breath-holding concentration, the real input, so that you do not care about the external environment, regardless of gains and losses, don't care about the result, Wu Bai talk about magic moment: "When I put myself in, there is always something running out, I have said that writing a song is like a jump into a well, has been down, a darkness of what is a lifeline rope, you will always catch, Five senses will be full, everything is your clue. I have had this experience several times in the studio, listening to the singing of the things, with the studio's yellow lights, lined with music, in the examination of which words are not good, incredibly word ran out, like subtitles in front of my picture. 」

The so-called magic moment, in your obsession in a even oneself can not extricate yourself in the state.

"All you have to do is put your heart into it, magic moment all the way, flowers blooming all over the place." 」

Creation is not Noah's Ark: I am a singer, not a singer.

I think Wu Bai is more of an art service than a musician or photographer. Wu Bai never thinks of himself as a photographer, just as he never thinks of himself as a singer he is a professional service person, he is sincere to come up with real people: "Creators are not so great, in fact, you know me because I am a celebrity, see I will not say ah he is a photographer, will say, he is Wu Bai, I will not be posing as a photographer." 」

"I do not think of creation as Noah's Ark, but I feel that we are all looking for happiness in life, through money, through play, through movement, through writing." I would like to find out what I was thinking, and then to others to see the resonance of others, this is my happiness. 」

"I was doing it, someone saw me doing it, signed with me, and that was the record company and the press," he said. "I smiled for his righteousness, like such a natural thing, by our curiosity to do a good deal of complexity, Wu Bai also smiled a few, his smile is always located in for me to explain a bit after that:" So you understand? 」

So you understand, is probably a kind of Wu-style helplessness, we are more like aliens, he will use a lot of translation to communicate with aliens. He seems to be lonely, because not everyone can understand his intransigence.

I think again, he said I am a singer is not a pop singer, such a simple thing, these aliens how to do it?

Don't be free or die

Wu Bai had talked about, photography let him recover some lost things, I asked what that thing is, he said is freedom: "Freedom, freedom is earned." I want to bring it back, by photography, to be free. Make music more of course, I just because of music, get free. 」

Wu Bai gave the music of freedom to the market, and the name gave him a life of freedom, from a passer-by who had no one to look at on the road, to a well-known say my name, he did not want to bow: "From the beginning, it is not the record company dominated my music, I want to publish language on the release of language, I want to go abroad language, everything is my freedom, I decide what kind of life I want to live. "(Recommended you see:2015 Annual Popular song list: Life do not have to do, live to their own life )

Wu Bai said, I think this freedom for him how valuable, harboring in the crowd, is carrying "Wu Bai" baggage posture: "I hold the camera, in the crowd, if there is no camera, I what reason to drill to go there?" The freedom is that I use photography to contact with the crowd, so the photo has a sense of freedom. 」

Wu Bai is a man who is too free, and he does not want to posturing on any occasion. If I say I admire his picture, he says thank you. I have been blank for too long, anxious to fill a sentence, he became speechless eyes and light up, answer questions, Wu Bai said many times in the past, he thought has been leaps, I am curious about the intolerable waiting time, he is not a journey to the world once. Again several times, bored, he said "so", listen to my words attentively, he paused for five seconds, answer "yes".

Wu Bai's Drift in heart, does not permit self-evident.

Live a life of Flesh and blood: to be alive is to confront yourself .

Wu Bai gets a sense of life from the photographic community, he is not good at linking with people, but he likes to resonate: "I shoot a flower on the roadside, you can see different views, I like this link, and this is a sense of life, no flesh and blood things will not last." 」

"I wish I had flesh and blood, like my song, that rock and roll is to have flesh and blood." 」

What is flesh and blood? Flesh and blood can feel the traces of life, can have pain. Wu Bai said: "So I like the mansion, not Xinyi District ah." I love the streets of the mansion, where the scent has traces of life. There is a sense of Taipei, the old apartment, every one has a sense of ownership brought out by the owner. 」

Wu Bai said that I do not mix east, to interpret their attitude to live in Taipei, can be: "inside the city, outside the city. In the city, also outside the town, is my angle to Taipei. 」

"I think the face of different cities, not the environment outside, but their own state." It has nothing to do with the creation of a culture, in fact, from beginning to end, my enemy is my own, I face the people are my own. "Live, you must fight against yourself." It was a Wu-style battle , as he had done with the stubbornness of creation. (Extended reading: The vast majority of losers, not responsible for their own lives )

To live a life of flesh and blood is to look directly into the many vulnerabilities of life. Wu Bai is particularly fond of the accidents caused by photography, because it is an imperfect. Wu Bai lens often shoot beautiful billboard with mottled wall, probably also this meaning, a beautiful woman and very old City overlap together, by time depreciation, he said you don't feel very psychedelic.

Photo Source:"in the city time gently dripping down"

"Life is not perfect, not perfect is the actual life." Like photographic exposure, or the flaws of light and shade, you can get a sense of life. The sense of life comes from a little imperfection. 」

"You say not perfect, is the most natural state, who's life perfect ah?" "His iron mouth straight cut life is not perfect, thought and said:" Kaneshiro may be, because he is so perfect. He said, haha two want to think funny, I also followed the smile.

What's a drift in heart? You go through the dictionary yourself.

He changed from Wu Junlin to Wu Bai, many people said Wu Bai's legend, is from the stall boy into legendary rock singer. Wu Bai said: "I can only do something else, I have no charm, do other things, I will only screw up." 」

Consistent "drift in heart" is his decision to live in the shape, you say he native or grassroots or yuppie, Wu Bai ignore: "Drift in heart is drift in heart ah, you go to the dictionary, which have what definition, I am chic and self ah." 」

Bleaching in heart is a smell, so that his music or photography has a rough edge of the beauty: "On the radio you listen to music, if suddenly hear my will be startled, and others are not the same." But it is a very red song Oh, it still sounds different, I seem to be a part of the radio, but not entirely, because I am very self. 」

"Everyone who makes music is a part of being a musician, and I think I should do something else, not belong to one of them, and you should do something that you haven't done at all." "Why do you have to repeat it?" He said, "This is the exercise of freedom:" Because no one has done it, so what you do is right. (Recommended you see: you do not need to meet better yourself!) Adler Psychology: Life is not so much involuntarily

Face up to the wounded

Many people think that Wu Bai's Drift in heart is the consciousness of the land, and some people questioned Wu Bai did not release the album is not changed, he old saying, I think what, on what. "A very emotional person, for all of the places he came to, will have the emotional to see it." This is not a land not land, because of their roots, you have your own angle and method, have their own strong and nutrients. 」

"You say my special land, I think it's okay, I just want to live a little bit of flesh." 」

So Wu Bai's love song is Steel, is a vigorous, I asked the pain in the flesh and blood, how do you deal with? He said, "No pain,no gain." ”

"So I like wrestling, wrestling is a head-on confrontation, the enemy came you can not run, run is not good-looking." Prepare for the best and take the front. 」

I said it was hurt? He said to be prepared, I was stubborn and asked that life can not avoid injury, he neatly said: "Head-on confrontation with those injured." 」

Go back to the dictionary, drift in heart two words can not find, think of it seems a bit stupid, drift in Heart's walking dictionary has been sitting in front of me.