Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Korean dramas prevail, Korean culture under the "Good man conditions" more difficult at the same time, resulting in the generation of xenophobic women . Look together, behind the hate, those abandoned boys and girls. (Recommended reading: Love takes care of you but not housework?) Korean drama "Big Man" plot )

In the past few months, the Korean culture of xenophobia has aroused discussion. South Korea ilbe Forum to the gender-discriminatory message, insult bullying, Shang spirit as the number of male underground community. Men in this community have turned generational competition and men's family pressure and social responsibility to attacking and flouting women.

South Korean men's fear of women is not only so, in August, a Korean female voice girls was fired for wearing a blouse emblazoned with the words "Need a Prince" (Girls don't Need a prince). The company said it was because the woman was a member of the South Korean underground Shangan organization "Dalia organization", because the organization is a radical anti-patriarchal group, stay in the company may persecute men.

May, the South Korean random killings shocked the Chinese world, the fierce suspicion of not being welcomed by the girl to kill Italy, the random assassination of a more than 20-year-old woman, the man was arrested after said he felt "always be ignored by women," angry motives, South Korea a burst of uproar this "revenge female homicide."

Women collectively become the target of vulnerable men, and men are seen by women as obsolete creatures. This antagonism comes from the threat of power they feel. (Extended reading:"Tired of female disease" tired of women, is a man "become a man" a means? )

The time has come for Korean Shangan

Korean gender inequality can be seen from the ratio of male and female newborns, South Korea has been the region's most skewed gender ratio for 1990-2007 years, through ultrasound to select the child's sex. Ms. Park was elected South Korea's first female president in 2013, and the original expectation of gender progress did not make a great leap forward. South Korea was the last Southeast Asian region in the World Economic Forum's report on global disparities published in 2013, far below Japan, China and the Philippines.

The modern workplace phenomenon reflects the reasons why Korean men and women compete, South Korea, in addition to the deep roots of the famous elite myth and elite culture created a hyper-competitive society, in recent years, women's consciousness began to have a voice in Korea, let men panic, but also because of a data of 2015 years, making men more worried about women's superiority, 20-year-old generation of employment, Women are more than 63% of men in the 64.4% figure.

But few people noticed that 2013 of South Korea's employment statistics, the top 100 companies in the senior executive class, women accounted for only 1.5%, South Korea's top four banks of the grass-roots staff of up to 1/2 are women, senior executives but not up to 1/20. And in 2015, South Korean parliamentarians were only 7%, ranking 70th place in the world. (Data data from the last lesson of the best play Korean school)

So women seem to have more job opportunities, but they have been at the grassroots level unable to fight for real power. Men worry that women are catching up and women are hateful to being treated differently. This phenomenon caused the Korean people not only hate women, but also Shangan. The situation of male-female confrontation is more serious than in most Asian countries.

Hate agency, vulnerable men and women.

Ⅱ, a report on basic research on men's lives, points out that men think more than twenty or thirty-year-old women are the most favored group in South Korea, and they vent the "relative deprivation" that women's power is slowly rising through their dislike of female opinion.

the murder of a woman in May this year proves the world of hate generation of crisis. The murderer said "long neglected by women" because of the murder. Men have become accustomed to master and decision-making, so when women's power is close to the social status of male power, men used to rely on the "self-worth" mechanism no longer, such a panic has no place to vent, so hatred is directed to the most visible cause-era of new female image.

in the contemporary Korean culture, kimchi female big sauce female word prevails, the popularity of Korean dramas, Obadhai more and more perfect, love is referred to as a man's success of the pointer, the Society of men in the competition to create inferiority and deprivation, many girls believe that men do not want to face their own no money no future unpromising, so to find reasons outside, hatred " Pickle Girl, "is actually escaping her inability." Because the male concept of "female attachment" needs, so when they are no longer so needed, how to build their own value, is an important topic for every male. (Recommend you: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

When Shang, like the Black Death, spread rampant in the society, the Korean epidemic of xenophobic women also spreads out many popular nouns.

The woman with the pickle: the one who wants to squeeze a man

Big sauce girl

In the 2000, people said they liked to wear brand-name-dazzle, and girls who loved to run to Starbucks were big-dip women. Big sauce female meaning even defecate and big sauce taste are not clear, metaphor always want to rely on parents or men of women, also have a meaning, is ironic women are not good-looking and love bruises.

After the big sauce female after the "soy sauce female", means penniless but frugally women, for the South Korean male yearning marriage type.

Kimchi Girl

The word Kimchi woman was born in 2014, originally intended for the girls who do not want to associate with the country, Yan stretched to now accused of no level of knowledge, like luxury luxury girls. There are kimchi women, the Korean people also invented the "sushi women" to contrast, sushi female means loyal to the male, committed to the family of women.

Kimchi female is the big Sauce Female 2.0 edition, is also the Korean culture to "the Bad woman" the essence definition, they thought the new generation South Korea feminine characteristic is: selfish, only likes the brand name, the squeeze dry man, only then will be lazy in the Work field. Economically unconditional dependence on men, in order to be more convenient, with plastic surgery and dieting for weapons to deceive men.

Not only are men disgusted with women, but women have protested and developed a number of nouns that taunt men. For example, the Chili man, specifically consciously penniless man. Compared to the cold in Korean dramas, men, women, brain sex men, warm women, the real world of Korea is more like the big sauce women and chili men's war. female also with XX worm (example: Ilbe Worm , the South Koreans use worms to describe the lowly creatures) to satirize those incapable men.

Women hate not men, but traditional roles that men play.

above being the female target of criticism may have the following characteristics: Behavioral model Princess disease, accusing women of ugly appearance, overweight, age 30 years old, sexual relations disorder, the boy as a teller machine tool, extended to the end, almost all women are accused of the object. Shang war often with "otherwise women also go to the army, women work more easy to find" and other patriarchal dividend blame women. (same field Gayon: the most notorious wounds: age-weary women )

So how do we look at the terms Shang (misogyny) and Shangan (misandry)?

The anthropologist David D. Gilmore believes that Shang is a pervasive phenomenon in the world and cannot be equated with the disease: "Women do not dislike men, but hate the traditional roles played by men, unlike women who are hostile to women, just because she is a woman." "The reason why women are women is that the reason for the new rise is the belief that women have been reversed, and that women's culture has become more prevalent to fight for gender parity," she said.

The road ahead is difficult, and women have to confront not only the system, but also the men who were supposed to escape from the patriarchal liberation. These men may be afraid of the rise of women's power, of changing their past pursuits, of making them more vulnerable to themselves, and of shifting positions of power, which is not easy for a masculine society.

From South Korea to see Taiwan Sow teaching, long legs obadhai behind, perhaps hiding a star do not understand with women, afraid of being abandoned by women boys.

Our world doesn't need more tragedies.

Male power and women's rights become two kinds of power confrontation, men want women to be quiet, hate sex picket, women think men glass heart, fear of female usurper. However, what is the next step in our gender change? Women's anger is an important force in changing the status quo, and if they have to be cautious and fearful that anger will offend men, they will mute their silence. A man who stops talking will only worsen the status of the anonymous boycott of affirmative action in the community. (Recommended reading: heterosexual male sex confession: I am accustomed to the world, the original to others are full of oppression )

Keeping sound and not stopping the discussion is the best first step. We should know that no one must be responsible for the "patriarchal culture", but we can all choose to respond actively. For "Women only want equal rights, do not want equal obligations." "We understand that men also feel that they are weak in the system. Everyone has a chance to be a victim, so what we have to do is not to blame each other, but to choose not to take the path of least resistance.

For example, men who claim to do more work or take on more social responsibility are not allowed to change their actions to replace the traditional position of accusing women of "being protected". Men see women becoming more and more excellent at the same time, perhaps need is not to defend self-esteem and humiliate women, but to find ways to make more progress in communication.

In the final analysis, everyone just wants to live a little better, the affirmative movement is to believe that, in addition to the existing system of operation, we will have more let everyone better alive path exists.

"As long as a woman feels strong and hates the delicate disguise, there is a man who realizes that he has a weak spot and is unwilling to disguise his strength." As long as a woman hates to play childish ignorant little girl, there must be a man who wants to get rid of the high expectations of no one. As long as there is a woman who hates the stereotypes of emotional women, there must be a man who is free to weep and express tenderness. --South Hill Smith

Dear boy, you have more choices than hate. Have dialogue and action, do not have to just hide behind the keyboard with people to establish links to the otaku, you do not need to prove their value malicious.
Dear girl, in the face of malice, you can try to understand the weak behind the malicious, woman's body has been hated to le out too many historical scars, we live in a world without producing more tragedies.