womany image show, asking for 100 happy women!

're looking for someone
's not a global superstar.

the same kind of woman
a woman who
in a TV.

(For every photograph raised during the event, womany donated a new $5 coin to the Women's Rescue Foundation, and made a selection of 100 photos to book the 3/31 screening and broadcast the happiness of the women.)

period: 2012.03.08 ~ 03.22

to join:

  1. First, find a happy photo of yourself or your mother's sister, or your loving woman.
  2. Please upload a photo directly on the " , you can do " Pink Wall " (to be added to the Pink first).
  3. Then, attach a single sentence or a little story to the photo description column to tell us who she is and where she is happy.
  4. Congratulation/you have successfully shared happiness -- it's really that simple.

to Example 1: (Yes, you can betray your colleagues, as long as she is willing, and the photos are taken from you.)

to Example 2: (or, perhaps, loving her sister deeply, please don't be shy.)


Be sure to confirm that you have photo rights, as each successful upload of an activity photo, and womany.net contribute a new $5 to the Women's Rescue Foundation, we believe that happiness can be shared, and we all have the ability to make the world a better place.

In addition, 100 participants from the womany.net film clip will be sent to the Smell Library to select the women's fragrant smells to make you feel the fragrance of a woman.


  1. are not unlimited (but in photos should be recognizable women), one photo is uploaded for each Facebook account, and participants are required to have photo rights, such as a dispute that would be considered invalid.
  2. If you delete or remove the label yourself during the activity period, you are treated like giving up your eligibility.
  3. The womany small helper summarizing the activity photos taken daily during the event and unifying the placement of the activity photo album so that the netizen can watch and host the unit statistics, such as not to attend.
  4. Participants are required to agree to womany to participate in the photo film production.
  5. The contribution amount will be completed by the end of March and will be made available to the Women's Rescue Foundation ( http://www.twrf.org.tw/ ) before 2012.04.15, and will be made available to women after making contributions. You can make a different contribution document for the Pink team.
  6. womany holds the activity scheme modification and related modification rights.

Now look at the photos currently participating in the womany time image show : I am in the activity photo