The workplace is not just desperately, the workplace also remember to rest, between work and rest to find their own dynamic balance and elasticity. Psychologists put forward the concept of "effective rest", do you know that it is important to have effective rest in addition to efficiency work? Three exercises, allow you a real rest, so that you have more respect for time , in the most right time, the allocation of energy to do the most right thing. (same field Gayon:"and management of time, as management pressure" to improve the efficiency of the 10 secrets )

Rest is to take a longer road, everyone will say, but in the end how to rest really in place?

Dead line is imminent, the telephone non-stop, to return to the letter continues to accumulate, human very greedy, in the general busy overwork of the times, want to do things are always a lot of people but only one, a good rest to listen to luxury, occasionally, you are dragging their tired body continue to move forward. (same field Gayon: don't do anything for the first hour of work?) )

You say things do not finish, the body does not stop, you respect your professional, but you do not respect your own life. The so-called efficiency, in fact, is to respect the time, in the right time, to do the right thing.

Psychologists put forward the concept of "efficiency rest", and with "mini rest Micro breaks" concept, the so-called rest is not every weekend to sleep soundly, not regularly take a long vacation trip, but practice in every daily, put the right energy in the right time, the management is never time, but its own energy. "

Do not take the body as a sprint to practice, life is a marathon, but also very long. The three exercise methods of efficiency rest allow you to work efficiently and also learn to have an efficient rest. (Recommended reading:"Human map Weather Report" while responsible, also remember to rest )

Swith off: Set the time when the body has a "complete shutdown"

"The person who chooses to take a nap to eat while slipping a mobile phone, pay the same psychological pressure as the work, especially easy to feel tired after work." 」

Do you remember when the last time you completely let your body rest? When you stare at the computer screen all day, you choose to slide your phone screen during the break, or to stroll through the Internet auction, your body continues to operate at a high speed, and you convince yourself, "I'm resting." 」

Research has shown that all activities that require attention or willpower will only improve your fatigue index, even if they are not positively correlated with their work.

The report, submitted by the University of Illinois, invited Korean workers to record their 10-day workdays, they found that rest can be divided into several types, one, relax, including stretching exercise and nap, two, supplementary nutrition sources, eat afternoon tea or coffee, three, and others to create links, chat with colleagues, four, cognitive behavior, such as reading paper, browsing the web or sending and receiving emails. (Recommended to you: six glamorous stretches of the Office lady to be the same

They found that even surfing the web and clicking on FB's praise felt "relaxing," but in fact they had the same psychological burden as the work. And only "Relax" and "and others create links" rest mode, can achieve effective rest purposes.

Dear worker, Think of yourself as a energy library, when you put more effort and energy, please give yourself a better rest time, so that your body and head have a complete shutdown possibility.

Short Breaks: Rest does not have to be long time, when rest is important

Our concept of rest is often, when we are tired, we come to rest. In fact, before you feel overly tired, you should schedule a small break.

Studies show that mornings are a better time to rest than in the afternoon. Your body is waiting to wake up, to have breakfast, to enjoy a 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, to work more efficiently or in a working mood, and your body will respond more rhythmically to your life. (same field recommendation: breakfast control Don't miss!) Inventory 12 Popular Brunch that you don't want to miss

Rest must be rhythmic, not like volcanic eruptions or flood ups and downs, rest does not take a long time, sometimes a few minutes can be restored energy than you sleep more effective. On the other hand, if you have not allowed yourself to have a small break for the transition time, when you finally want to rest, it will take a longer time to achieve the desired benefits.

Try the tomato clock method, 30 minutes or an hour of dedicated activities, can be paired with 3-5 minutes of closed eyes rest, so that your work process efficient and enjoyable, rest is also.

The habit of making your breaks shorter and more frequent can help you become a more disciplined worker, and you will be less tired and more resilient. (Recommended reading: how to rest or be tired? Three little gestures to improve the quality of work )

Say goodbye to your office-comfort-zone: leave the Office comfort zone

Yes, you should try to get out of the office, or you can leave your regular seat. Do you know? Can you recover your energy efficiently even if you just leave your seat and go to the sun for five minutes?

Many research data have shown that green space and nature will give us spiritual and energy supplies, even if only through the community park, can bring you satisfaction.

Put down while walking on the phone hand, let yourself feel every step down, sprinkle down each piece of sunshine, like a plant, let oneself to absorb and grow.

Rest is not just the movement of the body, but also the transfer of thoughts. Colleagues who talk about business and track their progress at lunchtime are more likely to get tired than those who chat at lunchtime, research shows.

In the workplace, we are very easy to have such a mentality, a throttle step to the end, a clear energy, once again. So, the body is in a high peak and low peak turbulence, often from the low peak, you actually need to spend more energy, end to day, your frequency tired, completely collapsed. (Recommended to you:"Ding Juan Column" Work must rest! Give yourself "comma leave" every 5-10 years

Dear ones, such a practice applies to robots, not to you.