single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. You stumble after youth, several failed relationships that you are forced to learn to say goodbye. But now you can be more brave to lose the people who do not know love, cut the troubled thoughts, to meet the people who really hold you in your arms.

I do not love people who do not love me, my youth can not afford to love.

Zhang Xiaoxian

You've been single for a while, but you're always unwilling to condescend to any relationship that makes you unhappy. Sisters are always asking how you can love so carefully now, and you know better than anyone that you don't want to love, but you can't love.

Your greatest enemy is not love, but a lover who does not know you.

Your youth also love to miss a lot of people, delay others at the same time, also suffer from pain. The one you want to hold your hand, the gentle and afraid of your pain, that respect your will, that you can rest assured tears in his eyes, that can tell you go away, that you do not have to pretend to be consistent with the mainstream girl standard--this is in the time to spend, even if the sad many times, Also can't find the lover.

The process is still long, there are many tears and the possibility of collision, but you do not want to lose the time and distance of the strong, you are willing to wait, you want to be different from each other person.

Perhaps you grow up to consider more things, can not be free to squander the future. But you know more than anyone that youth is not years, but that period meet a person you really like, how do not want to let go of time.

you used to have it. without conditions of perseverance, Perhaps this is the reason why youth unforgettable.

You are still a little headstrong, a bit stubborn, but you still believe that growing up is mature rather than sophisticated. So you try to find the possibility of imagination in reality, instead of letting the habit turn its back on the innocence of love.

The most ordinary day, is the best blessing. All the deep feelings should be strung out from the broken time.