The editorial department has recently visited the "lomography flag" at the invitation of the " lomography × BiBi exhibition-Spring up (March 3-March 31, 2012) to capture some of the most temporary moments of the event.The current SPRING UP photography exhibition, BiBi, who has multiple identities, is invited to present a "girlfriend" with his girlfriend LOMOGRAPGY camera, DIANA F +, with a "girlfriend" lifestyle.

girlfriend, … ….When people talk about their girlfriends, there's always a little bit of primitive and direct emotional flow, and it's always a little bit of a sham, and still contains a smile on the details of Girlfriend's love for Girlfriend.In addition to the "girlfriend" we first think of, a lot of people will put all kinds of "Girlfriend" on the "girlfriend" throne: "fragile!"" A sticker's guitar, a mercule, a fish in a mime, and a little girl, a little girl who always plays a simple pattern, … …."Girlfriend" always reminds people of a brief moment in their daily lives that a sweet and nourishing power can make people see the small and happy cloakness of their lives, the poetic and historical moments of everyday life are always reminded.

A photo game with Girlfriend catching "girlfriend" begins.

Overture: prelude

The opening of the exhibition at the opening ceremony on 3 March was kicked off by BiBi's non-plug-and-warm performance.In addition to singing his own songs, BiBi also wrote a refined verse for his life during the photography and opening ceremony, honoring the Japanese orchestras, the Japan Philharmonic, which was disbanded for a while.BiBi's interaction with the audience, the passion for music and life, and the unfairness of "playing rock and roll women are the evil of God".

Exhibit Space:

The gallery is located on the ground floor of the lomographic ground floor. The ring wall and tall ceilings are full of … captured by BiBi. Each detail is arranged in a hue.Perhaps we can find a cute explanation — the Sprig up, with a wealth of images, jumps, and spring bamboo shoots. Let this exhibit show how to discover more "girlfriends" who are able to extend life enthusiastically by their daily lives and their very small lives.

The trivial of these people's eyes is the "pleasure" BiBi sees as a passion for life.

BiBi also has a little bit of retouching on the show, especially for your girlfriend-bikini, fluffy skirt, seesaw-green electric guitar, etc., and a charm and a private show.You can see that the images of their girlfriends are dangling along with the lingerie of their lingerie, and they can also see that the images of their girlfriend's size are blown away, and they are lying on the bed with petals.And what attracts the most attention is the "little girls' series" on a wall.BiBi laughs and says, " Everyone's going to be weird. Why do you have a girlfriend?Because I wanted to express what he said was a girlfriend from the future, … I … pictures of a lot of fun pictures while she was taking a …."


× Spring up not only gives a talk about what a "girlfriend" is, but also reveals the blossoming and naked pubbuds of all kinds of meaning.

Coda: Final song — It ’ s all right premiere!

The latest single by Zhao Zhibi BiBi and the Monkey Pilots Ensemble-It ’ all right is premiered at the opening of the opening ceremony.The MV of "It all ’" was edited by the Lomographic family of Lomokino, and the scene of BiBi mentions that although some people used Lomokino to make a rather brightly colored film, they were all rather dark, and were able to make the images bright by measuring the light, and using Lomokino to shoot MV, giving people a feeling of watching the old movie.

As in the rhythms ’ a lazy swing under the moonlight, BiBi specially arranged for a poem to be written for photography, and the perceptual experience of the music interleaving into the audience:

have no intention of subverting
making people feel like this

I feel like this is so bountiful.
feel that the more mature passion is
Not only did the "Spring up" show " Girlfriend ×, it also shows the bloom and the naked bracelage. In the early spring of BiBi, BiBi's photographs seem to be inundated with the little fun that the conventional people can discover, and also a special style of seasonal feeling of seasonal flavor.

I sincerely invite you to participate in this photo exhibition and to collect the jewit of spring.


Exhibit Name: SPRING UP

Exhibition Period: 2012/3/3-2012/3/31

Open Time: 14:00 ~ 22:00, Week 6/Week: 12:00 ~ 22:00

Exhibition Site

One Floor, 35 # 1 Floor, 1 187 Lane, North American Flagship Road, Landon, 1

Activities -- WORK SHOP:

2012/3/25 and BiBi in Deep Blue!

girlfriend photography:


> Co-published (included in girlfriend's photo set)

Author:, Lin Ink-chi