Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.An Indonesian female caregiworker was sexually abused by her employer and photographed by an Indonesian woman. The Indonesian website was transmitted to public indignation after being sent to the Indonesian website.The problem of abuse is year by year. It is not a matter of disgrunability to be humiliused abroad. These cases are constantly taking place around our lives.(Recommended reading: After survival: victims of sexual violence need more of the world's gentleness )

A woman was struggling to say no, a man was forced to hug her in the first half of her body, and she was screaming and the man forced her into her body.Finally, she picked up her cell phone, and she was unable to make a sound.

Indonesian film has been spreading through the Indonesian Internet community in the Indonesian Internet community, and the Taiwan people are looking at the black hole and looking directly at Indonesia's grieving situation.It was a video of Indonesian women's day care in Indonesia's website SUARABMI.COM, which sparked outrage from public opinion in Indonesia.

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the end of July, she reported to the victim's family about sexual assault on August 6, but later she uploaded the film to the website. She was then informed by the agency that she had been brought back to the Labor Office for resettlement.Many people have asked why it took a month to realize that the situation was serious, that the film was brought to Taiwan by the Taiwanese people, and that the employer was a shaman of the United States.However, this "shame" is not a matter of two days. The current situation of gender violence in Taiwan is more serious than we thought:

Nearly 80 % of the offend sexual assault cases are employed by the employer

Taiwan, there is not just one Tini. Last July, the end of February of last year, the CLA received a total of 30 sexual assaults and sexual harassment complaints. In three or four months this year, 25 new cases were added, with an increase of 80 % in the last two months.The following is the proportion of foreign nurses who have been sexually assaulted (Source: Baohua HR):

In 1995, 93 % of the foreign migrant workers' hotline for migrant workers employed foreign workers, of which Indonesia and Vietnam accounted for the majority.Seven percent are made in the industry, with the Philippines and Thai majority.Tinie was sexually assaulted by a sexual assault, which allowed us to see more foreign women's labour rights, and the plight of those who didn't have a door, didn't know the law, and didn't work in a foreign country.In addition, since the beginning of 1997, the proportion of reported cases of foreign labor abuse has increased year by year, and there are still those that are hidden behind the numbers, so that they cannot make a sound.

See the Hierarchical Dilemma of Family Labor

employment relationship of domestic labor came from the United States, where the white middle class hired black women to provide housework and form intergenerational relationships. After globalization, international labor was the result of foreign labor.The care-taking of care-taking work has made up for the deficiency of the modern family. In this wave of transformation, they are intertwiners of race and sex, and they become the lowest strata of the family.From this news story, a girl like Tieni, who is, or even daring to speak, is likely to be faced with:

1. Economic difficulties: In 2014, the Ministry of Labor survey and 68.6 % of family care days were not on vacation, and 48,000 family members did not take a break for the rest of the year.Foreign care and domestic helpers' basic wages rose from 15,840 yuan to 17,500 yuan in July last year, and another 17,000 yuan in September.In such a state of low wage labor, this group of women is not only protected by decree, but also does not have the ability to escape the "Taiwan family". It has a weak social network and does not know how to turn to the complaint.(Extended reading: Two homeland, one shift story: away from home, for a better life )

2. Sexual harassment sexual assault: employers treat expatriates as private property and do their best to exploit them.The migrant workers who work in the family are isolated from the private family and are more likely to be subjected to sexual abuse and sexual harassment.If they respond to the relevant units, they may fall back to their fate, and because of their livelihood, most of the victims of sexual assault may bear sexual violence.

Who are they seeking help from the outside?

All along, foreign female workers have been referred to as extralegal orphans, which have more than 14 hours of working hours in the society. More than 200,000 care workers fill the country's social welfare gaps, but they are excluded from the Labor Base Act.

This type of shift pressure is imminent in Taiwan.The US State Department released the 2013 Global Human Rights Report, which has highlighted the special embarrassment of the foreign migrant workers in Taiwan.The government called for legislation in 2014 to draft the Family Labor Protection Law, which allows family workers to compare their basic salaries, leave entitlements and work-time guarantees. Today, the draft is still under consideration by the Executive Yuan.

That day I don't know when foreign women workers will continue to take care of their care and emotional labor that the Taiwanese have abandoned their families.

More than one tini!The Female Sample of Multiculturalism

In addition to the system's freezing, these women are subject to normality.It is not only to tolerate the oppression of labor, but also to accept the differences of race and gender.Literally, the term "foreign migrant workers" only applies to blue-collar workers from Southeast Asia, foreign language teachers from European countries in the United States, and we refer to "foreign nationals".(Extended reading: ubiquitous discrimination: "imported marriage" and "foreign brides")

2007, the Taiwan immigration policy points out that "Taiwan has to attract a high quality of immigrants to" eliminate the low quality population ". Under such a hierarchy, the working contract, which is listed as a highly qualified" white-collar foreigner ", has no time limit, and is free to transform the employer.The "blue collar workers" of relatively low quality work in the form of guest workers at guest workers.Time monitors and no freedom to change employers, they become the most incompetent group of workers in the labor field, and even the employer does not treat the shift worker as a staff member, but a slave.

The stereotyped images of foreign women are derived from the gap between the "countries behind the country", so that the news has turned women into prostitution, and the media shapes "shiftsman's lie about sexual harassment" and is particularly unfriendly about land assignments ....This bastion of "his" and his paternal authority are no different from the parental authority over women, and more complicated by a racial filter, which treats "women from Southeast Asia" as an unclean undercut." They are not only their own people, but also the low base women who cheat the Taiwanese people ", so the rights and interests of the population group can always be delayed and postponed.

The world is like a clear-cut field, cultural misappropriation of the social system of caste, and white-collar and blue-collar workers, women and women as creatures the underlying structure, with foreign women acting the "progressive society" of "progressive society", " " one layer of classification

Social needs are human rights equality: giving it to gender and racial freedom

What we want to do is not to create a society that enables workers to adapt, but to move workers, and to have a society that has their own culture.

In the face of this distant vision, there is still a long way to go, looking at women who care for women, who are at the bottom of the society, who need more legal aid, and a change of mindset.The suicide of an Indonesian nurse causes international concern. The Taiwanese society feels ashamed, but not only does it suffer from regular violence, but every half an hour on Taiwan, on the other, there are people who are sexually abused.(Recommended reading: Sex abuse is not the same as you thought!)10 images of understanding and embracing sexual assault )

With regard to human rights, we have to take a more active and sympathetic one.

They are silent, they don't mean that the system can become even worse. It is not normal to put up with this. Women should not be reticent for their survival. They are more psychologically more tolerant of the heritage of pathological culture, resulting in the cultural superiority and discrimination of the sexes.And giving them the right to be human, is the best thing that can be done by the people who have the power.(Recommended reading: No one's name is imported workers: New immigrants' homeland expectations )

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[co-field Gallup] Foreign migrant workers' declaration, please call 1995

a foreign labor complaint is sexually assaulted or sexually harassed, as long as the police department has shown that the case is transferred, foreign workers can either terminate the employment relationship or switch to the employer, while the suspected illegal employer will freeze the quota of foreign labor in the case of a judicial or administrative investigation.

If the case is true, the employer will be accused of not applying for foreign labour within two years, and the Ministry of Labour will note the case. Employers are also actively safeguarding the rights and interests of foreign workers in the implementation of the norms of sexual harassment and prevention of sexual harassment.(Information: Ministry of Labour press release 104.6.22)