"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body . If you want to start the exercise, first try your acceptance of the highest level of exercise, to develop the habit of the law, this talk about swimming, swimming can choose to fit their strength, also feel not to sweat, let you use another way forward, recommended to you. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" to push herself to a desperate situation, so much more powerful to come to life)

When I'm upset, I go swimming. Just walking to swim on the road, can let my mood slowly calm down.

I can think of another way forward when I tie my hair up, put on my swimsuit, take a shower, swim in the goggles, and throw myself into the pool.

There is another kind of speed in life, in addition to struggling to run, a more gentle one, the rhythm is not only one, the way to exhaust the full effort is not only one.

Busy time, swimming is always a special comfort to me, the environment in the water everyone is unfamiliar, so, everyone Hoder with their own speed forward.

Some people swim to hold their feet in the frog-style, the woman's Butterfly special passion, I caught the man next door to swim free side of a mouthful of water, the pool side of 35 small baby, in the water to play a breath-holding game, the elderly Grandma propped floating board, foot flap, slowly forward.

This pool view lets me know that everyone is looking for their way forward, comfortable, challenging, enjoyable, painful, and like me, we choose for ourselves.

I push the wall to swim forward, a trip to warm body, body because of activity fever, but feel not to sweat, I will in the heart and their agreement, today's practice is five trip back to rest.

Usually, the body will first resist, release the opposition message, your brain will tell you tired, also not anxious, embrace the resistance, and then hold on for a while, the body will slowly loosen the knot, you can swim farther and more comfortable. (Recommended to you: Sports lesson with children: Honey, I threw the baby into the pool )

Underwater world is very quiet, I often swim, while thinking about things, divergent thinking, from work to life, from the world to themselves, sometimes unexpected answers, sometimes sudden flashes of light, sometimes forget their persistent what, but I always feel that the body for I remember.

Swimming thinking, not in order to find the answer eagerly, but welcome the answer in the most appropriate time point, come to life.

"Exercise Miss Sports"

Even the most easy Fashi, this week and their own appointment a time, go to the swimming pool bar. If you do not have the habit of swimming or do not understand water, you might as well take a floating board to kick the water forward, strengthen the usual little use of the leg muscles. Suggestions can also try a person to swim, do not speak, forward, will not help feel that the whole pool, can be their own.