Women are obsessed with new stories, elder sister quotes take you look at the city of women like appearance, they know no longer sister , claiming to be a voice sister. Or, she is unwilling to just sister, so be a sister. Elder sister's age is not necessarily big, but her heart affirmation vast, elder sister is drunk, elder sister tears, elder sister is not all very will, just don't want to install not. Let us talk about not love crowded elder sister, elder sister is not walk not move, just don't want to go with you. (same field Gayon:"elder sister's Crazy Quotations" You give me really good, the diamond I buy )

The typhoon forecast is accompanied by a false the girl in the office left a word, the best is a typhoon leave early Ah, even false already row of the full file, not a little wind and rain deprived of the easy holiday, Adler Psychology said all troubles are from interpersonal relationships, those who finally saved time, it is necessary to perfect interpersonal relationships.

I saw Carrie, a person leisurely sliding hot spring hotel reservations, the director of the Business department to Peep a glance, immediately shouted to girls quickly about sister, sister a person even false can be alone. The group will always have a not sensible sense of humor young people shout, Kelly elder sister old, KTV sing not move, road run heart lung endurance is not enough, everybody spared her.

Sister Kelly 's cold water, smile, I spared you.

The year before last with the children to go to a rainbow road run she felt uninteresting, and a ticket to finish the card, the schedule is not over the children easily give up, she alone empty home. Sister Kelly is 35 years old, but every day to do yoga, than starting a gym more love mountain climbing, to say that physical strength to talk about independence, she is stronger than anyone else. Sister Kelly said when facing the mountain, do not worry about being left behind, not afraid of people beside you, because you are in every step beyond yourself.

She did not go beyond the mountain, but became the mountain. Sister Kelly said the most let her feel ugly is not to grow old and fat, but to give up and concessions, if even their own lost, live in the world what is the significance? This strength is not to be brave, in handling a vote of interpersonal skills before doing things, she wants to do their own, like the root of Zahan. No one knows better than her, choose a group of people's Sangar, will give up a person's focus, choose the wine meat more dinner, and less sincere old friends. (Extended reading:"Cai column" to hate other people's time, take to become a better self )

She says it's a friend who can respect your solitude. Friends are not used to send, only to meet every holiday. Rather than wasting her time in expanding connections, she is willing to waste it. The person who really fits in with the meeting doesn't have to wait for the annual.

In the workplace or in love is so, she knew her own way, then no longer arbitrary let people lead the nose to go, she set her own direction, not afraid of occasional trek.

Some people behind the smile Kelly elder sister one, only she knew, those who easily fancy her boy, a glimpse of the elder sister's purse. She lives too fast and the stratosphere is still playing, and Carrie doesn't want to laugh anymore.

"Elder sister is not walk not move, just don't want to go with you." "She spared those who laugh at her age children, I hope that one day, they can understand, to respect their own mind to go, just go far."

Not to be able to love again to go the long way, not to be able to row the wine fist to play the truth of the Big Adventure. It's just that she's more willing to focus on someone else's time. Really good communication heart, is not a time to pull the regiment, when all want to get tired of a piece, mature feelings, it is time to come to us together, sometimes also wish to smile to send you away.

I said that the elder sister Kelly became the mountain, means that she does not like the grass with the wind, where the people go. There is no grass to curry favor, she is not flattering not offset, or even difficult to climb, nature has to explore the deep.