A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time to write down a type a person's single mind. A-type people pursuit of perfection , rigorous, easy to stress , pragmatic and responsible feelings, for the lost love is always nostalgic. Look at a sudden old photo, how to let a type of people think of the past always beautiful. (Recommended reading: single Diary: "Norwegian Forest", the dead will become the best )

You simply update the mobile phone's operating system, constantly jumping out of the reminder message, but also for his jokes and frequently skipped, like the thought of stopping can not be so capricious.

Mobile phone updates, several layers of folders, those years separated in the memory gap in the photos, a Zhang appeared on the phone.

I have never thought of it, and I have no recollection of getting along with it, filling my memory full. In the past because of your perfectionism and organized the album is suddenly upset, as that day his sudden farewell, disrupting your conditioning orderly life. (Recommended reading: Learn to say good-bye, is to meet well )

You think of their lack of self-confidence, try to control every aspect of emotion, do not allow themselves to make any mistakes, too careful care, tired of their own, but also tired of the relationship. "I think we should get used to living without each other to know what we really want," he said. "His last newsletter, it's like saying you can't afford him more freedom."

After he left, you kept blaming yourself for all the details of your first love for five or six years, thinking about your suspicions. Think of a certain time your uneasiness, want him to braved the deep night to come to accompany you. Think of a certain time your inexplicable emotions, so that he can almost not recognize you.

Think of your heart always have an ideal love model, want him close to fit, but always in vain. Think about ... (same field Gayon: Thank you cannot return the most beautiful once!) About the first love of five small things )

Suddenly in the mobile phone slide out of a long time not seen in the photos, you have been looking for a longtime can not find, thought mistakenly deleted.

That was the year that you first went to the east to play, four days and three nights of small travel. The night before leaving the sunset, the whole picture of the sky and the sea into a light orange, reverse the XI color, he looks gray, is standing in the sea and turned to you recruit hands, familiar face smile open, want you hurriedly come over to play water, pick up starfish.

Your tears suddenly come, watching the phone uncontrollably. You realize that there may not be perfect love in the world, but there are perfect memories. (Final Gayon: breaking up is not nothing!) Ex-boyfriend sent me three keywords )