A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time to write the AB type of single mind. AB type people like the pursuit of nature and peace, weak, have a strong self-esteem, external cold internal heat, know that they should adhere to. Look at the AB type of people, how to pursue the most indifferent peacetime. (Recommended reading: single diary: I Like you, do not want to get you )

Remember that day at a friend's party, you said you broke up with him. Friends hear your mouth spit out this sentence, silence superfluous fright, only look at a few eyes, the topic has passed.

A few friends with you are more than a friend to take advantage of the party to go to the restroom to comfort you: "In fact, I think you are more like friends, not too much love honey, very natural." Now the separation should be back to the original real get along with it. 」

You listened, did not say anything, lightly smiled. You think, you are seeking a confidant, is not guilty of the love relationship, you do not know how to occupy, you know to loosen the feelings of Shoutan, more freedom, talk about the bottom of the heart of the bosom friend, only more profound. (Recommended reading: not lovers: Looking for a kind of pink confidant possible )

Like a young copy in the notebook on the portable some words, some years write to write is that sentence, Fondle admiringly, after a few years really forget, light, also not how to erase, or find a new sentence to fill up. (Recommended reading:"Adult's fairy tale" If Love Is light )

You think of your love, not blazing hot, in the work of leisure to know how to contact, you like such a long time without contact but still have a conversation feeling.

Sometimes even if the mouth cold heart hot, meet will not have any special intimate interaction, the feelings should not be self-evident. You do not like overly contempt physical contact, occasionally in front of relatives and friends, when talking about two of people's relationship will be the name of each other to hook a hand, or closer.

You know this is the love you want, do not have to be the current face book and IG on the sun on the love, the roar of the noisy, low-key testimony of their loved good. Even if he has a temper, ask if you have loved him, but you think you do not need to change his pursuit of love for him.

Even though at last he chose to turn around and choose to leave. Well, you think he is not leaving, is never walked into your world. (Recommended reading:"read the poem for you" really touched without flashing )

You suddenly hear your name, find friends in front of the corridor at the end of the call you, you trot up to catch up.