single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. You always in front of the lover to be brave, with tactful words and excuses to deceive themselves, choose to put all the emotions of a person to carry. The days are long, two of people's lives than single and lonely, you understand that your love should not be a model, but to be able to weep at ease ordinary. (Extended reading: the elder sister philosophy: "My egg male Lover" Happiness does not have to wait for someone to give!) )

Every day we learn more
More obscure language and more tactful
Not so straightforward.
It's not sad to deceive us
--Excerpts from song Shang's shelling

After the society, you start a new life, the heart is very uncomfortable, but do not dare to ask him for help. When you have fewer heart-to-heart talks, you always have to be considerate, shoulder all the loneliness, afraid of those sharp emotions will hinder him, let him impatient, so you always tell yourself that this is a transitional period, and then endure a bit better.

But you start to feel the solid loneliness, obviously is two person's love, the life color is not the honey-like flashing, pale like is a person to deceive oneself very good.

"You should have done it!" "and" Why not do more? "Why can't you do it?" "Listen to all kinds of demands and expectations, suddenly your mood boiling, the heat of your hair crazy."

You do not want to be a good girl, you do not want to take care of, "hard" became a mockery, so you just want to escape all the world's expectations of you, those who always have the "Best lover" role, you are overwhelmed.

"Only when you want to see me, can we meet to make sense." "You are carrying Simompova love proverbs, understand that love can never be a single foot play, each other's hearts have an urgent desire to care for the rose, that is to make the meaning of eternal reasons."

Your love is not great, do not heroic, do not reluctantly say "I am good", with so many excuses to deceive themselves is not sad. You do not want to live like a model, love in the ordinary moment, but not self-evident, so you want your love, withstand the wind and rain, also stand the ordinary.