Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"I envy you, have the life you want." The friend who had said this to me was no longer a friend.

B is my university general knowledge class, we often talk about the film, from the type of the lens, talk to the meaning of life. After graduation several times to meet with her, each time she has changed the new work, the first two times I very blessed her to start again, the third time I began to doubt, whether she was not ready, gave oneself to a solid career class.

She often feel that she is inferior to people, no skills so be bullied, because is a rookie, in front of the supervisor always be careful. Later, our dinner also no longer talk about the film, only talk about the camera outside she said full of wronged real life. The job was tiring because she often worked overtime, but she never asked herself why she had to compete with her colleagues, who would rather live up to her efficiency than who was at the end of the night;

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I also have some good friends, let people appreciate not necessarily a degree or achievement, but enthusiasm alive heart, abandon the high salary entrepreneurial, from the net to do night market, all the way toss but still happy, back home to open a small shop so that Grandpa grandma can also drink coffee ... In fact, they do not necessarily meet a good boss good salary environment, current events may not know heroes, but the hero to be able to achieve their own.

The best validation is the people I work with. There's a colleague in the company, J, who's connected, she's a second master. The big one is not afraid to do small things, J once because the company merger, from a case of brilliant marketing director, even the former boss to her three points sister, was assigned to deal with trivial program table work. She spends two months trying to get the simplest things done, designing more intuitive forms and finding more efficient marketing methods. The new boss to find small things, she questioned the purpose of today's difficult to achieve what? Analyze the pros and cons of the boss, do not work for the interests of the workplace.

She decided to leave after several unprecedented marketing campaigns, and the company could give her higher salary levels, and I asked J why not stay? She just said, because it's not fun, ah, nothing I can play again.

The position can be down, but the mentality will never yield. The workplace is certainly brutal, facing its own leeway, the road ahead of itself.

"If a job always makes you sigh, don't leave with nostalgia; if a job is only comfortable and safe, please question whether you are willing to stop. " in her body I learned such a thing, work like a lover, to be willing, regardless of pay or sacrifice, because each time to let go, not to stall the supervisor, but to give himself an account."

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Looking at these people, I always say to myself, you have no time to inferiority, you have no time to waste. The workplace is a bloody report card, how much homework you have done, you have no foundation, you this score is not cheating, who can see.

Perhaps most of us are so, no background no network without a golden spoon, fortunately, the strength is fair. The strength does not let the person have the bonus courtesy, but the time will sharply tell you, who is more diligent than you, and you, passes through those potholes, all has the exact feedback to your experience.