Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"Dreams are not born, dreams come from a process, try and work hard." 」

This is Guo Shuyao into showbiz after the confession, once she also lost in the job, 17-year-old on a shoulder to carry her, in the "Otaku goddess" under the name of red, all kinds of criticism suddenly came. Once feared, but also lost her, but rely on their own strength to reverse the negative label.

Because of the video game advertising Yaoyao, never before put the performing arts work into the Dream list, in the media chasing the process, also asked himself is not trained, no outstanding talent, this How to do? In the past few years, she started from scratch, singing, presiding, acting, 2013 more starring the film "Ambition" won the 50th annual Golden Horse Award of the best new actor.

Once green girl, in the effort, more to the strength of affirmation. Recently published a new book "Love, Infinity," Yaoyao, with words and photography to review these things, but also for their own lucky best endorsement: "Perhaps we are not born with talent, but can rely on the day after tomorrow to redesign life."

Career Notes Special article, we visited Guo Shuyao these years of mind, even if ordinary, do not let oneself willing to mediocrity, share her reversal of life three of the mind to you.

One: Learn to see the two sides of things

In his debut, Yaoyao was very sensitive to negative comments, that the media all day staring at her, waiting to pick her fault. All this pressure let Yaoyao many tears, but do not know how to be good, can only passively resist.

Later Yaoyao began to learn to see things on both sides, with each other's situation, the news is the media work, in discomfort at the same time, also represents their own attention. Turn a thought, you will be more stable to catch their emotions, Yaoyao said: "When you believe in what the world is like, that way the world will respond to you." 」

In addition to hostility, Yaoyao chooses to let the seeds of goodwill spread in the relationship. She writes her own cards every year to thank media friends for their hard work all year. Up to now five or six years past, Yaoyao also more and more feel their different appearance is seen, also let each other tension is sincere instead.

The second: Always accept new challenges

Stepping into the strange showbiz, once let Yaoyao very frightened, feel that their talent is not enough to prop up the desire. But the more the more the more the courage Yao Yao does not shrink, but repeatedly let oneself accept the challenge, although hard, but unexpectedly stimulate their own potential.

Looking directly at his fears, and then beyond the limits of vulnerability, Yaoyao in the workplace on the footing of the second centroid.

Yaoyao smile: "Ambition" the director dared to find me as the heroine, I really think the director is quite brave. "But the brave not only the director, but also Yaoyao to make their own progress towards change milestone." See the play in the Yaoyao element of a face, and the tug-of-war team of girls from running 10 laps of the playground, and then to actual participation in practice, until the hands and feet have worn skin, and even therefore the body is covered with blood, can not use hot water bath.

Yaoyao carry the small oneself forward, she also each year for their own goals, afraid of high she, tried bungee jumping; afraid of water, she passed the diving license. Can not swim Yaoyao, in the dive in the bottom of the moment, understand that there are many never met the beauty, is to mention their cowardice, to pick up the scenery.

Three: Embrace everything with the most sincere feelings

Yaoyao's luck comes from her sincere face to everyone around, everything.

If someone is willing to give her a chance, she will do her best. Yaoyao, for example, always thought she was "not much of a talker", but when she presided over it, she recited the script as a line.

"God won't give you a hard ride." Yaoyao has always been so convinced, so she put the frustration as a gift, and sincerely to thank those who are willing to give their opportunities. Finally understand that they are also the gift of love, never have nothing.

Because with so sincere mood alive, the noble always unconsciously appear. From Kangyong, Jay Chou, Xiaojingteng, and then to a good sister Zeng Baoyi, Zengziccio, Yao Yao's people pain is not accidental, but she bit in the heart, not to waste such expensive mind as a matter of course return.

"Ambition," there is a line said: "The greatest value of tug of war is to insist that only those who adhere to survive." 」

From the death of his father, early out of the community to assume the family, and then into the complete strange showbiz, was criticized by the public opinion, but also constantly self-doubt, Yaoyao choose to adhere to the challenge to burnish their future, beginning to accumulate from small place, to go to a better life.