"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. Last talk about the time to go swimming when upset , this talk about sports how to let people see the shape of willpower, exercise, the body has helped you remember the posture of all-out effort. (Recommended reading: belly fat oil bye-bye!) Four strokes you must learn the skinny Belly core movement

After I started exercising, I knew that I had always been too dismissive of sports.

Exercise this thing, let you repeatedly practice the same as the all in, let go, do not casually do, do not have the time to do this again, you have to do it all the best, sweat flow happy.

The process of movement is like the upper level, you tell yourself to step on the first step, although you can not see the end of the process, you will gasp, you will be legs and hands acid, you will cry, you will see the shape of willpower.

Exercise is willpower exercise, you can clearly see how willpower is made with a drop of sweat, as long as you are not willing to give up, you will be able to go to the next city, add a few kilograms of the number.

This thing, is the training room inside the kick machine called me to understand.

The day of training, my feet a pendulum, sit on the kick machine, selected the appropriate number of kilograms, step on the stool leg plate, began to force, it Wen, I teeth, red, sweat from the ear slightly slipped down, it is still not moving. The third force, I leaned back, resorted to the power of the prehistoric, has been very want to give up.

Weight in front of me, suddenly become very big, I feel too small. I panicked, faced with an unknown, immeasurable weight, an unfamiliar, untapped muscle in my body, and my brain was unable to talk to it, frustrated.

I told myself, stop, think about what they are afraid of, wipe a sweat, the head up to decide to try again, I believe I can, fear is imagined. Leg plate slowly loose, I bent the leg carefully forward, once two times three times, each back and forth the weight is more vivid, 15 times, the foot, that moment I feel like crying.

Such a small thing, let me feel more like life's difficult. Every time you feel like you really want to die, faith and willpower to support you to go forward, after you walk back, are not hard.

Exercise in the most specific way, let you remember how you can come, the feeling of exhaustion, the body for you to remember. And this feeling, will accompany you to far and far place. (Recommended reading: tough and gentle challenges sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

"Exercise Miss Sports"

Let's try the kick machine! The kick machine is trained in the four-head muscle and gluteus maximus muscle, before use to choose to fit their weight of the number of kilograms, and then put the feet to the pedal, open than the hip slightly wider, the body upright shrink abdomen, neck relaxation, eyes straight ahead, deep breaths, the front of the thigh and buttocks at the same time force. When the leg is out, the knee is slightly bent and the knee is not straight to the top to avoid knee damage.