single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "From your World pass" experienced the saddest parting, this life a little collapse, the past a little bit to uncover. Dream , love, Friendship we go away, dear, you still have yourself. Those hurts , they all make you look the way you are. (Recommended reading: Single diary: If you want to love, Love like Lin )

The place without you is a foreign land, without your travel is wandering.

"You're waiting for me at the end."

We are past that reluctant age.

The 11-point of the night of sincerity, accommodating the smell of the big city, the volume open enough to cut the world's distance. People with the September rain into, read, pass, pause, leave. Turn over the Lindayang youth left Behind the poem. Every word is constant and slow, especially let people miss that have the sun clean smell big coat of winter, warm.

"You are the soul of the Earth, Gensen in my every step forward, there are soft times, sometimes the moon bright white swallow to come." He and I melted into the Pacific Ocean to the east Coast, the body thermostat into a climate, summer evening breeze, scraping his soft laundry essence of the fragrance, I have all the lost, these smoke-free days. "--〈 Heartbreak Love History

Live too sensational, each wind has the smell of memory.

Youth at first sight, glimpse just know has gone too far, can not look back, and did not have the 罣 of the forward. How long will This love end? I mean, psychologically the real end.

No longer think, the last time we meet, do we have hugs? Where is the shoe that falls in your home now? Do not assume that you, not the default, not carrying the past. Later, we all with each other's gentleness, relies on many rationality, only then lives. Need reason, will not let oneself fall the pit of love, need reason, can shed tears after the good life.

Zhang Jiajia said, all the strong, are soft and raw cocoon.

Then we come closer to reality, strong and resolute to treat each paragraph end. That person, waving goodbye is not to let you go, but let me fly. I'm just passing through your world.