Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Talk about the recent news calling for girls to join the army--to change the provisions on gender inequality in the Military Service Act. Let's think about it, when the boy said, "Don't talk to me about equality, or you girls go to the Army", what does this mean? (same field Gayon: sex Discrimination on the playground: Men play volleyball very Niang?) Attacking girls, no face? )

Recently, the National Commission "Public Policy Network participation platform" proposed "amendment of the Military Service Law," the provisions of gender inequality. The obligation of the National military service is not different from the physical sex. "More than 6,000 people are seconded to the army," said the woman. The reference to the military Service Law only stipulates that boys are obliged to serve in military service. Clearly contrary to the Constitution, the people of the Republic of China, without distinction between men and women, religion, race, class and party, are legally equal.

So if you want to talk about gender equality, why don't you go to the army?

Partially seconded the boys said:

"Now that the fertility rate is so low, girls should not use the reason of having children, can even provide a child can be exempted from military service, and many volunteer women and soldiers also have children, so I think the girls should also be a soldier, physical strength can not be otherwise stipulated, there are physiological leave to use what is not equal place? 」

"Today is national defense, not men's defense, so women must do their duty." Female students can choose the general soldiers can also choose alternative service, but the alternative service places must be separated between men and women (protection of both places) women can choose to substitute for military service, but must sign a book to ensure the 30-year-old before childbirth. 」

"Female soldiers in the army when we boys can see the younger sister." 」

Partly against the girls who say:

"Can you boys understand the pain of the physiology period?" It's hot in the army, everybody knows, you can drink ice is because you are men, we have physiological period, so can not drink, and then, we girls every hour to change the health of the cotton, the class can be frequent to the toilet, physiological period Some people will be anaemic will be painful diarrhea will always diarrhea, these conditions how to do? 」

"The majority of men as a labor front function of the machine, most women as the domestic logistics function of the machine, this ignores individual differences exaggerated gender differences in the mechanized thinking is also a kind of" the gender of the Second Division of the general "abreast-style equality. 」

Today we do not discuss the female should not be a soldier, what we want to see is not gender equality, but gender equality, we want to see why the soldiers of the national obligations of most male women to avoid the fear?

When the boy said, "Don't talk to me about equality, or you girls go to the Army", what does this mean?

A soldier, a man to form a game

The boy said we were at a loss because the soldiers had been delayed for a year, you girls have found a good job, we still squat in the barracks.
The boy said that hate the army of that set of not free, sir with "unreasonable requirements when honed" deprive people of free will.
The boy was worried that he was not fit to be laughed at in the camp and was eager to practice before he enlisted.
The boy said in the army in addition to a fart open yellow cavity to establish brotherhood, think mom want girlfriend will be choking Niang.
The boy said that although hate soldiers, but still will not apply for alternative service, because the spread, not as a soldier is not a man.

The "Pain" in the boy's growing mind, should girls be tasting and practicing "obligations"? Without talking about the mistakes of the Constitution, what we want to ask is whether we are going to change the path of being a man through the army or "let everyone play this rule"?

The former, according to people to "heroic soldiers" imagined the masculine vein, Yan stretched out a national army should have the appearance. Always, a man of indomitable spirit, to carry the battlefield of men, to understand obedience and force. Boys who escape the "military standard" to do alternative service should bear the stigma of "not being masculine": he is not a complete man, he must be physically handicapped, he cannot take the country for granted or protect women.

The system of the soldiers is undoubtedly the cultural reproduction of the weak male and female--women and children because of physical weakness, to create their power weak. Negative culture is the most undesirable thing in the army-the brothers gathered here to defend the country, which round get a baby to interrupt? (So a lot of people in the reconsideration case, also said that girls should be a soldier to fulfill their obligations, they can do word processing guard work.) )

The negative culture of not being loved, the "True Man" is the strongest in the army.

Whether women are soldiers or not, this "real man" scenario will exist. First in the military system to talk about, why many of the negative characteristics of the explicit male fear of the army? Because they are incompatible with "men and Men's group life". (same field Gayon: the danger of single narration: Liberating cc, also freeing gay men )

Men's values and self-identity are based on "same-sex affirmation", men are forced to live in a competitive category, and in the male-male hegemony race, they gain additional value by competing against each other-women.

Male link homosocial in the heterosexual rule is through "want to become another person" to use means to achieve "become the object of their own" imagination, and the boy imitated more of the object is father. Ancient Greece has accused homosexuals of the role of "being" is not in line with the rules of Heaven and earth, because to become "the subject" is to become "the owner", men are afraid of being "feminine", the loss of sexual subjectivity means loss of power.

In most of the military or in the real world, "sissy" is often marginalized. "Sissy" on behalf of "other men" do not agree that he is a man, he will be expelled from the male community, otherwise this subject will lose the "noble power" of the homogeneous type. Or, they will be labeled as a group of "different hanging" groups, in the face of such people do not belong to their own ethnic "other", some ridicule, some bullying, some people at a respectful distance, others have "he" as another "female."

For example, an example of a male link is that in the war, women are often made a comfort woman, and soldiers like to rape women in front of other men. "Male mythology" has suggested: "Wartime rape is to strengthen the male link, when the erection of the man to obtain the same identity, when the man reached the link ceremony." "(Recommended reading: an invitation to a gender discussion for a man )

For men, masculinity is a way of building camaraderie, and "middle sex" is a threat to such friendships, because men who are "not enough men" will destroy order and influence them in building authority.

Straight men to enter the barracks, friends half joking to remind "Don't be anus" its come from. In the military system with distinct stratum barrier, it is a relatively easy group life style not to allow a little "gender chiropractor oversteps moment" flaw, to abide by one's gender role, or to oppress other "not obeying masculine norms".

The current situation of military neutrality: to be calm and calm

In 2013, Reed Foundation proposed that in 2009-2011 the number of officers and men sentenced for sexual assault amounted to 161, indicating that the national army averaged at least 1 cases of sexual assault per week (according to Military Division data). If by this data multiply the crime black Number 10 times times coefficient, the military neutral invades the case at least weekly 10 pieces.

Because the official did not provide the data, we can only from the investigation of Lai Xin's questionnaire that three years ago, nearly 40% of the people who have been in the army or the service of relatives and friends have been sexually abused experience, of which the proportion of their own victims of sexual assault is about 2%. The relationship between the perpetrator and the victim is about 70% higher than the ratio of the officer to the subordinate, followed by the veteran (veteran) and rookie (recruit), and more than 50% 4, as compared with about 10% of the same ladder.

However, the sexual assault in the army, usually in the "own" way to deal with the case, to calm down. At that time, Lai made four points of expectation:

1. The Ministry of Defence needs to conduct a profound review of the National Army's gender awareness and to break down the values of masculinity, virility and authoritarianism.
2. Disclosure of the current military neutrality, sexual harassment of the true number and treatment of the situation
3. Introduction of external professional bodies to address gender violence in the class in a fast, objective and impartial manner
4. Military victims should be courageous to seek outside professional institutions

How much has been practiced so far, we can try to think.

To cite the handling of sexual assault in the army and the proportion, just hope we can further think about, we have to appeal to the system change, is the flip-worship of real men to the feminine society, or let more people jump into the abyss of misery.

What is the purpose of inviting a group of women who are out of the "masculine rule" to enter the military system? They live in an age where, despite trying to be good, someone will teach her that girls should not be strong, and when she wants to show her strength to win a position, the chief says the game is not.

More than 6,000 people called on women to enter the barracks, blatantly shouting to see her sister. Does such an environment that does not welcome the "negative trait" really welcome women? I suspect that the slogan "Welcome women to join the Army" is just a disguised oppression, but a gender rivalry that "I suffer you cannot escape".

Many of the soldiers, in the present are scolded tired, but "soldier" is the best way to unite the friendship, Men's party summoned the Brave, through the "soldier" to witness we all through the "men into the bar" to live here. This is the cultivation of the patriarchal, soldiers of the men died, not as a soldier will not have this "class ticket." However, the men who are deeply in the abyss of misery will overthrow the system not to persecute their freedom of life, not to compel them to "become men", but to allow more people to walk into the field of male-oriented sculpture and masculine authority.

So again, our society is really ready for a woman to enter the army, so that women also have the right to choose to be a military environment?