single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. New Hai Cheng "your name" because of a gradually approaching the earth of the Millennium Comet, between Tokyo, Gifu two male and female high school students, they do not know each other in the dream unexpectedly exchange the body. If one thing is important, is in the day of single, remember oneself have pure ability, like is simple, do not need to question, met also can run for life. (Recommended reading:"I love you, more love chasing your journey" from the Millennium actress to see this sensitive unique view of love )

"Only one thing is certain, if we meet each other, we can definitely recognize each other." 」

Often think, the world is not a parallel time and space, instead of hard himself in his side to live well. The three leaves and the city live in the countryside and in the cities, she has not seen the erected buildings, coffee shops in Tokyo fascinating. He did not understand the ancient ideas of the Japanese knot, and through the desolate scenery he understood his own insignificance.

The three leaves are the ropes and the daughter of the rope. The skill of the rope is fetters, also is the tie. Rope is a link between the past, now, and the future of a long river, in Japan, the knot is time, it will break, extend, and will be again polymerization. In the weaving of ropes and ropes, the three leaves of the ancient shrine extend their destiny, and the distant Tokyo Boys Alternate.

There was a moment when I did not understand why I cried, but when I should be happy, my heart was empty, and when I saw a postcard, I felt that I had been loved by this place. Lost memory is not to find, not everyone has "God hidden girl" thousand look for that pair of shoes, life more lonely moment, we would rather believe that they are not missed, but belong to your life code has not come. Have hope, goodwill, and always be willing to pursue life without an attempt.

"No matter where you are in this world, I will see you again," he said. 」

Like a three-leaf winding rope, is linked to the idea, but also the time flow degree, the only slender and thin, not metamorphic "relationship."

We are not missing that name, we just can't remember it for a while. And even if we can no longer identify each other by name, the scent of the soul will lead us closer to the familiarity of love.

You still believe that there is a person, worthy of your rush to the unknown depths, it is worth your desperate to run. Although time is difficult, you can give yourself a pure and flawless mind of the possibility, to save their own hands in his hand to write "I like You" clumsy, to wipe the body before returning to ask his name.

"I know, one day, my heart will go beyond the body, through the traces of ancient, come to you side." 」