"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. Sports are sometimes boring, but by moving through movies , imagining yourself as the focus of the spotlight, and moving limbs seem to have become more imposing. The reason to learn tennis , can be for the "net Live Love" Paul Betney. (same field Gayon:"rare love lun" movement of women most beautiful )

A lot of people until the "Iron Man" and "Avengers Alliance 2" to know British male star Paul Betney, before this, I already because of his film and took six months of tennis lessons.

Sports are sometimes very boring, especially Shidich like me, can lie on the best not to sit, even for good health, do not want to call me sweaty. But since falling in love with sports movies, through the love and imitation of the film, Sports to me, began to produce unexpected interest. (Recommended to you: interview molly: "If you can't find the reason to stick to it, then you find a reason to start again!" ")

Popopo, the movie begins with the sound of tennis being hit, and the audience's eyes fly at both ends of the net as the ball flies. Sports competitions are always like this, we look at the ball too intently, and only the Titans who dare to tame it are the stars on the stage.

"Net Live Love" said, but is a field side man's story.

Peter Cutter took part in the final Wimbledon of his career, and when everyone ignored the veteran, the rookie Elizabeth from the United States always remembers his heroic work on television years ago. "How can you play so well, but lose so miserably, but it makes me unable to forget you," said Elizabeth. In the eyes of the lover, there is no win or lose, only beautiful skill. So, with Elizabeth's strong faith in him, Peter was surprised to win the first Men's singles trophy awarded to the British.

The end of the fantastic fantasy, in the shadow of the excitement after the scattered, I still remember that the side of the man: He retired, the world rankings continue to decline, even the holding of retired journalists will not be asked. He has no coach to play with, no broker to protect, always a man on his back, living in the cheapest room in the hotel. He is old, first show a timid, can not hit two goals on the breath, can not practice the two-game back pain. He decided that it was a fluke before anyone else, and he was relieved to think it was the norm.

This is like facing the movement, even in the face of daily life powerless to us. We don't want to win, we just don't believe we can win. Instead of trying to challenge, I would rather retreat to one side of the peace of mind. It's better to buy a cup of coffee than to take the courage to be a strong swimmer.

In order to "love the Net", I went to learn tennis.

I have not met my Peter or Elizabeth on the tennis court, and even 20 against the wall at the end of the final exam must be accompanied by a high attendance rate to pass. But every time I hit a ball, I remember the phrase, "How can you play so beautiful?" (Recommended to you: Finnish girls such sports!) Not for thin, but for life )

Every time I swing, I am my lover, the courage to challenge myself is the most gorgeous trophy.

"Miss Sport."

Practice tennis, the arm is very important, start with a single hand to wash socks, imagine you are with the male and female protagonists to practice the swing. It's time to make an appointment for a tennis lesson when you're not going to be sour when you've finished washing a week's weight of socks.