single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Zhang Jiajia wrote "Passing Through Your World", a bedtime story made into a movie, and a love story from a three-part city began to listen. Love comes in surprise, I want to have a person like you. such as the mountain in the morning general bright refreshing people, such as the ancient city Road to the sun on the general people, warm and not hot, covering all my skin. (Recommended reading:"Zhang Jiajia Special text" frequently reviewed, but also to indomitable )

Single days, I do not want to find a you, the life of careless; I do not want to have a you, the day to live only waiting; I do not want to love you, to end up with love.

Single days, I do not wait for soul mate, I have a soul life, a person to eat a person to read a book a person to dance, love self-sufficiency.

It's my job to live my own, not to wait for your love.

Single days, I still longing for love, I wish there is a person like you, like a child, with a good heart, I wish there is no need to arm himself, I am me, you are you, we dote on each other, when each other's darling.

Before meeting again, I know, I have my years, you have your life. We may be separated in the crowd, perhaps from each other's world passing, is to meet at a more suitable moment. We always have to be the story of other people, always have to shed a few tears of despair, always to linger a few times in the home bed, always to be a few times in love with the bad guys, always to love several scars.

Is in such a displaced age, we passed the other people, scars soft into a circle ring, we have a hand planted, not sad not happy tree, just more understand what love is, and love is not what.

Until then, we will meet, we are worth meeting, we can love.

Perhaps some rainy night eaves, perhaps some sunny grassland, perhaps some light of the cinema, we will know that finally ready, is you good, is I good, finally can no longer pass. So from me and you, become us.

"How I wish You were the last man
But the rings and youth could not bear Joseph
A lamp a city find a man
All the way to the displaced

Passing through your world.
I've lived my life.
Go ahead, don't look back.
I'll be the one waiting for you at the end.