What do you feel about Benz car money?In the car, is it a luxury or a high price or a reputation for safety and quality?No matter how you feel about Mercedes-Benz's car, today's presentation will definitely increase your sense of intimacy with this brand.

This day we are lucky enough to be invited by Mercedes-Benz to launch the All New B-Class, which is a surprise for Benz in this event. Live in the seven cities in the Bay of the United States, live together live, live and live, and each city's acting entertainer takes turns around the various roles of All New B-Class!Next, let's use live photos of the scene to introduce you to this exciting and exciting Mercedes-Benz All New B-Class publication.

One to the event venue, you can see a car that is wrapped by a balloon, and you look forward to what surprises when the balloon is lifted off.At the same time, an oversized screen is set up in front of the dance floor, showing that the blue screen of the AVENUE B is the focus of the next activity to be connected to the full range of seven locations.

Cute shape surrounded by balloon

In this seven-place series of activities,

Ella herself also mentions that she also has a previous generation of Mercedes-Benz B-Class, besides being a busy and fulfilling life on the other side of her life, and she and her fiancé's "booking car" -- no matter what day they work or go out, don't even have her B-Class Sweet.As a result, not only did the company reveal a sweet smile, but also take advantage of the opportunity to ask the president of Taiwan's BenQ to ask for a request for a new car, so that it would be able to make a new car. (Laughter)

(left-to-right) Taiwan President Compa-Han, acting Ambassador Ella Chen Jiahua, Moderator

The light sensation of the vehicle, especially the air-mechanics-style line, the arrow-arrow head echoing the vehicle's lines, and the speed of the car along the back door, the tail lights, the daytime lights and the near-distant xenon headlights.

Pretty-warm, textured, fully-covered, ARTICO cortical seat, 3-style multi-function steering wheel, B 180 BlueEFFICIENCY, and B 200 BlueEFFICIENCY, B 200 CDI-marked hive, presenting a modern, young new style in the interior of the car.The stunting silver-colored silver-coated air outlet designed by the Mercedes-Benz Classic sports car, which makes people think of the jet engine, is a favorite.

A new B-Class that emphasizes safety to the highest quality of the family, and the 5-star rating with the highest impact test level of the 2011 Euro NNCAP European New Vehicle Safety Association.In Taiwan, the PRE-SAFE ® active security system is listed as the B-Class full train standard outfit.The integrated security protection system provided by the PRE-SAFE ® active safety protection system is provided to the most valuable protection of the precious family regardless of the normal driving, emergency, incident or incident.

The live demo of the most exciting event in this event is its broad suitcase space!The new B-Class's luggage compartment is in the same class with no right: 486 litres of capacity, all items that can be loaded from baby carriages to the weekend in blood, such as large suitcases, surfboards, and large domestic pets ... can be packed in a suitcase at a time!

At the beginning of the seven-place connection, say hello to other cities in the Taipei City!

Newly-anticipated new models to be unveiled

The champagne for the flying balloon

Mercedes-Benz All New B-Class gold wagon deposit

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Conveniable Steering Gear Electronic Technology

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Stand-alone 5.8 inch color screen

Near-light xenon headlight with future tactile sensation