single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Did you ever hate his ex-girlfriend? Author Xu Yu wrote, a letter from the ex-girlfriend , we are not sure, as the current girlfriend of their own, want to take this letter. I hate your ex-girlfriends, until I become your ex-girlfriend, I know that love is not about the past, but at this moment, I believe that we will live together now and the future. (Recommended reading: to ex-boyfriends: Thank you for coming, and thank you for leaving )

I hate your ex-girlfriend, with your ex-girlfriends. I hate that you always get on well with them, I hate you to break up peacefully, I hate that you do not bland the fire continue to contact.

I hate your ex-girlfriend to be nice to me, I hate your ex-girlfriend want to be friends with me, I hate your ex-girlfriend want to give me advice.

I hate all the intimacy between you that I've never shared, I hate all the ones I can't participate in, I hate the way you sublimate zaps emotions and become family members.

I hate that you are not together, but more forever.

I hate being jealous of them. I hate myself intentionally or unintentionally, contending to have heavier weight in your heart. I hate myself to spend more time jealous than love you, I hate such myself, I became a nasty person.

I hated myself one day and became your ex-girlfriend. You finally, also choose and I rational break up, you say, if possible, we can be friends again?

I smiled, so this is the ex-girlfriend, so this is the way you broke up. All the love, at the moment of separation into the past, we have no longer want to kiss the impulse, we have no need to live together.

The so-called breakup, we take the day in Split, you leave me, I leave you, whether willing or unwilling. The only common, is fading memories, wiped from your mind, until one day, no longer with the complex impulse, we can nicely to each other, ask, you recently good?

No love, no huaiguitai, no resentment, dinner is dinner. After having a good meal with you, this relationship in my heart, I can give you the most, only a blessing.

After I've been an ex-girlfriend, I don't hate my ex-girlfriend anymore. And the future of you, your past I don't care, I just want your present and later.