Yesterday's Poland will become a black Monday in the memory of people who go on the streets in black, and in order to fight for the benefits of falling birthright, which is no longer a step forward.Catholics have proposed amendments to the abortion law, which requires that abortion or abortion should not be carried out in the event of a pregnancy or a fetus, and if the bill is passed, it will be the winter of Europe's gender rights.(Recommended to you: Paraguay's 10-year-old girl is raped: abortion laws, shouldn't it be passed?)

Abortion is the hot topic of discussion in Poland this month.

On Monday, six million women in Poland, dressed in black, took to the streets to protest against the endless expansion of Catholic rights and the autonomy of women in their bodies.(Recommended reading: confuse your body: I value your odor, impressions and shape )

Poland currently has the most stringent abortion laws in Europe (only Vatican and Malta's two major Catholic towns have not passed the abortion law): Polish women have to have an abortion only if the fetus is at risk of conception, the fetus has a congenital untreatable deficiency, and the sexual assault on the incest.(Recommended to you: Can the fetal deformity have an abortion?The Spanish Abortion Act is controversial )

The abortion laws were updated by anti-abortion citizens, and more than 450,000 signatures were signed, backed by the Catholic Church, which pushed the conditions more stringent and proposed that abortion should not be adjusted even if "sexually assaulted" or "pregnant woman is in danger".

If abortion is illegal, pregnant women face up to five years in prison and doctors carrying out the procedure will be punished.

This is the Black Monday of Polish women (Czarny Ponedziałk).

Black Monday: Women want the most basic human rights

Amnesty International expressed strong opposition to the amendment, which it said would cause Poland's women's rights to seriously receded.According to a recent opinion poll, only 11 % of the population supports the bill.

protests in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Rhodes, and Flutzław were among Catholic cities such as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Krakow, Rhodes, and the other European hubs such as Berlin, London, Paris and Brussels, where men were also seen.

This type of anti-abortion law is tantamount to sentencing a woman to death, " said an angry claim from a claimant.We no longer have physical autonomy, even if there is no option for abortion if there is a risk that the life of a pregnant woman is at risk."

A walker had no choice but to hold up a slogan, saying, "What we want is the most basic human right."Now that we have a miscarriage, we can all be investigated by the state."

The strike is to give women the opportunity to be seen and heard, and not to decide for us, " said one of the group's leaders in Black Monday."

Black Monday is a white Catholic group of organizations.A believer in an amendment to the Abortion Act, "If we allow mothers to fall into the foetus, do we equate to killing people?""

addition to the bill amending the Abortion Act to the courts, there is also a ban on "test-tube babies" and "frozen eggs", which argue for the return of people to "more natural" fertility, the arrival of life, and the risk that they may have, including death, in the birth of a child.(Recommended for you: [infographic] Taiwan's women's autonomy in birth control!A graphic on pregnancy and marriage )

Current status of abortion in Asia: If you are pregnant, you have to tire?

Let's look at Asia from a strike in Poland.

Those who have abortions in Taiwan (people) in one article, there are laws in the Taiwan Criminal Law > and the Healthcare Law > which regulate abortion within 24 weeks of pregnancy, roughly the same as that of Korea and Hong Kong, and a 24-week watershed, and a detailed specification of the special law.

In 1948, Japan enacted the Law on Protection of Talents, which is now renamed as the "Maternal Health Act", which is the fastest way to pass the abortion law in Asia.

India and China have a much more gender-influenced, gender determiner of abortion, allowing a lot of baby girls to be born before they were born, because of their gender.In recent days, India has also proposed to the tech giant to block key words related to the "gender test of life", and to agree to stop spreading the gender values of "girls who are pregnant" and "get pregnant."

The bill on abortion in different countries reflects the current gender and human rights location.How do we look at the relationship between mothers and babies?Where is the freedom and rights of women's rights?Is abortion still tainted?Is it possible for us to support a woman's helpless choice or the possibility of life?

What we cannot overlook is that abortion is not an easy decision for women, but it has more national and religious rights, and it is an urgent need for them to become masters of their own.

Feminist Carol ·, in a book called "Pro-choice" and the "Pro-life" branch of the "Pro-life" branch, simplified the question of abortion, by questioning women in different experiences and cultural backgrounds.She proposed the concept of care, pointing out that if we treat abortion as a moral challenge, women tend to focus on caring and avoiding harm.

She believes that women are often suspected of being "selfishness" or "murderers" because of the choice of abortion, and in fact the decision is often an honest choice made after considering others and weighing on their own situations.

For women, abortion is not easy, and abortion is still a return to the woman's body. The woman's health is a child's life and a child's future, and this future will be shared with her.At the end of the day, when it comes to gender equality, perhaps the question of what women want to ask is, in fact, a simple question: Do I have the right to be the owner of my own future?

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