The abortion diary was created because I wanted to change and change people's stereotype of "abortion" and not see abortion as a disgrace.

you know, according to estimates, 420,000 people have abortions every year in the world! But the strange thing is that "talk about abortion" is never in our daily conversation.

We can talk about politics, national conditions, homicide and rape cases, but to the woman to say "abortion" two words, really let the whole situation is very embarrassed! Why is it so difficult for us to look at abortion in a normal way? According to figures, abortion is not a minority experience, but only a very small number of people are willing to share their abortion experience. If millions of people break their silence and tell their lives and their choices and reasons, will you listen? (same field Gayon: How many contraceptive methods do a professional pharmacist tell you?) )

Melissa Madera, a woman who had had a baby in America, stood up and said, "I had an abortion at age 17 and it was silent for 13 years." 」

Melissa said that she was in need of love, but she was afraid to tell anyone about it, and once she was actively looking for an abortion podcast on the Internet (Podcast, a very popular online radio program), she found that podcasts had all the topics you could think of, but couldn't find any room to talk about abortion! In 2013, Melissa created a new podcast--The abortion diary (abortion diary). (Recommended reading: The unbearable Weight of women )

melissa:"I think that's what I'm supposed to do! I need a place for everyone to hear their voices, and they need a conduit to be heard. 」

I thought it is something I should do. I am the I for me it is just the idea of hearing another person's voice, hearing that human voice, knowing that there are PE Ople out there.

Melissa created a completely free podcast for everyone's voice, and she left New York to collect many abortions and share their stories in audio, Melissa to complete her plan, and also the hottest fundraising platform in the United States Indiegogo Issue a "miscarriage diary" fund-raising activities. This activity has aroused great echoes, also let all see Melissa for abortion to justify the action. (Recommended you see: get NT $1.2 billion, world public fundraising platform Indiegogo Pink Office )

Melissa said: "The abortion diary is created because I want to change, change people's stereotype of" abortion ", no longer regard abortion as a disgrace. My goal is that the abortion diary is a warm home, let those girls know, hey, you are not alone, you are not a person. 」

Traveling and living out of my Deva packs has been tough I am but to the committed of the project; Creating a diverse, stigma busting, stereotype breaking, conversation starting and people connecting audio-a Bortion stories and to connecting people who have had with one abortions. My goal is this abortion diary is-a-place, people go to and listen so, they know that they, not and are NE ver been alone.

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Some of the women Melissa visited were too young to raise children, some were high school, college students, and married couples who thought their children were enough to choose to miscarry. Let's hear these women slowly say their pain:

"We are too young to think so much," he said. Before the abortion I had felt despair, fear that I was treated differently by the world, it seems that I became a murderer. But after accepting the mother's understanding, I decided to take away the child, I closed my eyes while I was having the surgery, but I felt that someone had been looking after me and comforting me, and I was not sure if it was just a fantasy? But this strength has supported me in completing the operation and the recovery after the operation. I always believe that that is the strength of my children. (Recommended reading: Young or mature, what kind of love do you want to choose?) )

"This is my second abortion, because I met my first love in high school, but the boy knew I was pregnant and said to me in horror:" Are you sure it's mine? "I lost this child in desperation, and I don't want him to be born in a world of love without a father, and an unhappy mother," he said. The second abortion I was married, my husband and I had a happy wedding day, but after I was pregnant with the child found his affair, the child only 3 weeks, I would like to come and before, the end of my relationship with that man. Now I think I still very painful, the child is like a drink of our love, all for me only regret, and irreparable, if time can be again, I hope to leave this child. "(The same Gayon: from girls to women, we must have met five kinds of bad men )

"At that time, we didn't have enough economy to raise a child, so I chose to have an abortion, that experience is very painful, the procedure of the operation of the body can be anesthetized, but the heart can not, if the birth of him, but also afraid of just follow me to suffer from hunger, before I was ready to give him a sound growth environment, I have no confidence for his life is responsible for. 」

In the stories that three women share, we see that they choose to have abortions, perhaps because of false love, because of their inability to promise a warm environment for their children, and in humanitarianism we ask men to be " Born "life is responsible, but there is no legal norm an unmarried male must be responsible for a woman who has his child. So many of the stories that have been abandoned have resulted in the tragedy of miscarriage, but there are also many courageous women who choose to be mothers. (Recommended reading: Please thank the mothers who would like to have children in Taiwan )

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"After abortion, we need a miscarriage ritual to deal with our own emotions."

There are a variety of places in the community where there are pain and suffering, but there is no real place for them to accept abortions.

Melissa says there are many kinds of abortion rituals that she has heard, she had heard of a woman walking slowly home after she had fallen on her own, and on her way home she bought a small tree and planted it in a park near her home, imagining that the baby was accompanying her life in a different way. There is another woman, a full-time cartoonist, who paints her story of a child with a miscarriage, a painting that continues to love the child.

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How sentimental these ceremonies may seem, but they are all ways for women to put their emotions in place, and most of the time they have to face them alone because society is not present when an abortion requires social warmth. Long ago, abortion women were even considered "murderers", and we accused them of maiming vulnerable lives. But rarely think: what kind of life situation, let them willing to not this child?

We often say: "No one has the right to decide another person's life." 」

If no one has the right to decide the lives of others, do we have the right to allow women to take on a child in life? Do we have a right to say that an abortion is guilty? Since ancient times, the culture of Women's physical aggression, that women should have children, the family, and it is not a disguised violence? (You'll like: sexy, sweet, Cameron's infertility confession )

we may have seen the "abortion film" played by health education teachers in China and high school, which is the process of the doctor's surgery, which explains each part of the child's body and cuts it in the film for the forming fetus amputation. That bloody picture has become the nightmare of all girls, the original is advocating "sexual protection" film, but let us fear of sex, which is a condemnation of women, but also direct lambasting and charges of abortion.

When we talk about abortion, we can generally hear these three kinds of statements, and we will arrange them as follows:

Anti-abortion people

In favor of a conditional abortion person

Pro-abortion person

The identity of the fetus

is a complete human being.

Have the possibility of becoming human

Inhuman (subhuman)


The baby's Right to life (pro-life)

Rights and interests of both mother and child

Mother's right to choose (pro-choice)

The view of life

Emphasizing the sanctity of life

Stressing the urgency of the environment

More emphasis on quality of life and comfort

Licensing of abortions

Only when the mother is in danger of life

Rape, incest, congenital diseases, economic hardship, etc.

The mother has absolute autonomy to decide whether to have an abortion

What kind of you are you? Do you agree that abortion is legal? no matter who you support, we believe that what is more worthy of concern in the commentary is the one who is alive.

When we talk about the charges of abortion, usually from a spectator's point of view, about abortion, who can be more painful than the parties? They did not cut the body of a piece of meat, blood flow is also from their own body. Abortion is not a simple "to and not ", it is not a choice between the right to life and the struggle between the process, but a number of factors competing with each other results: Your environment will allow you to the child, the man is willing to share with you, you have the ability to give him a sound growth?

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Perhaps in the face of abortion, what we can do better is that before we really understand life, we should learn to respect the woman has agreed to become "mother"? And, even if abortion is wrong, if because to save the life of their own and must not have refused to life, such a rebuke should not be borne by a woman alone. ( You will like: life, is the most worthwhile place to travel )

One of the first things we want to do to reduce abortion is to be generous with people and talk about abortion, and don't think "abortion is a shame", By discussing the importance of society and getting a more sound positive attitude, rather than an increase in the stigma of abortion and the demonizing of sex. two years before Melissa set up a "miscarriage diary", the World had nowhere to hold the voices of women who had abortions, much of the moral condemnation of abortion and discussion of the right to life, but the real cure for improvement was few and far between.

"Abortion diary" to bring us a new perspective on abortion, but also make us rethink the cause of "abortion", whether it is a woman, or there are more intricate social phenomena, men and women have sex with the advantages of congenital difference, this loophole can be supplemented by law? Before choosing an abortion, can we have more perfect matching measures? How to make a woman have the courage to have a child in a more healthy environment? Perhaps we can try to think about these questions so that we do not have to question the right to life and the choice of body, and slowly appreciate the answer to life.

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