When one day, the office has a new colleague with your eyes lit, as in the movie

of Summer 500, would you consider talking about an office romance?

When the scene is pulled to the office, a new co-worker with one of your eyes on your eyes, or a colleague who works out at night, gradually creates a fondness for the romance of an office, and the romantic office.

"Summer 500" film, the main characters of the film were in the office, and Summer was the new assistant, and Tom was attracted to Summer from the beginning.The romance between the two men in the photocopying room was a major improvement in the efficiency of Tom's work and his creative inspiration.However, when there was a problem with the emotions, Summer ignored him every day, and the efficiency of his work was low, and his emotions were affected.

When love comes, you can't stop it.But when this romance was in the office, the mortally wounded was nothing more than a way to pull emotions and work together, affecting both the public and private performances.(In the same place: Taiwan girl's Tokyo career notes: Japanese company support office romance?)

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If you want this piece to be played smoothly, there are several points that you should note:

1. Respect for the Workplace Ethics

The office is not a place for friendship and friendship, nor is it a venue for dating. Even if you really want to be stuck with each other all the time, you have to make a system!The use of business hours to talk about love, or to deal with the problems of personal feelings in the workplace, has been a major cause of great concern.Clever you, you have to know how to separate work and emotions. If you have to do everything in your duty, you will not have the chance to be a mouthpiece.

2. Be honest with

A lot of people want to hide their love secrets, but they can't hide their mutual affection, and it's hard to find them.At this time, it is not necessarily a good thing to hide. On the contrary, it may undermine our trust in you.Why don't you just admit it?But don't worry about your sweet, undisguised spreading of your sweetness in order to do so.To keep a low profile, we can reduce the attention of gossip and avoid the impact of emotional turmoil on our colleagues.

3. Don't forget the rest of the world

Don't just drown in the world!Although you are dating a colleague, you are working with a lot of colleagues and you have to worry about the feelings of others.At the office, temporarily move your attention away from the lover, and care more about other colleagues, and spend more time with them.At the same time, don't forget to set up a conversation on what my colleagues want to hear, and remember, what they want to hear is not how sweet and so sweet, and so on, yo!

It's not easy to put two centers of gravity of — — in your life. It is not easy to put things together. It needs to be more careful than usual, invest more patience, and even occasionally be a little careful.But the job is indeed more time and opportunity than on other occasions to reach out to one person.

So, when the crash comes, enjoy and enjoy the sweet beauty of this love!(Extended reading: Four romance movies, and different appearance of love )