Women fans and Theater cooperation for a one-year "woman fan x plant drama Laboratory", an interview with "Tea hydroxyindole " screenwriter Xu Xian court. In the "I may not love you" rippling up for the new imagination of love, Xu teachers go farther, with her play taught us one after another on the subject of life. (same field Gayon: be a person who asks questions to the world!) Wen Yufang x Koshukin: Life, the pain of crying before you know it .

If you want to use a flower to describe the teacher Xu Xian, I would say is the Lotus. She was safe and secure, as the lotus petals bloom in the clear water, quiet, thorough. All kinds of complicated and intangible, she counted, but are hidden in layers of overlapping petals, quietly cultivated into rich nutrients, let pen really can produce flowers.

Many people from "I may not love you" began to know teacher Xu, this will be between men and women of friendship and love, peace of mind and enthusiasts portrayed penetrating classic plays, for her to bring the crown of Admiralty screenwriter, and in 2013 years later, she went farther. From "The beauty of sin" reminds us that love is a lesson not taught in school, to "sister" said that reunion is a verb, to travel before arriving. In October this year, she brought the second TV drama "Tea Hydroxyindole" back to us, want to tell us: life is like flowering season, the end of flowering season, is the flowering will come again.

30-Year-old woman, you don't have to be afraid of anything.

"〈 Tea Hydroxyindole is a 30-year-old woman, in fact, my recent story, such as Cheng and green, are talking about women 30. This is a very unique age in society, and we are starting to remind you that you are getting married and asking when you are going to have a baby. You start to worry, let go of this man, will not be next. 」

Teacher from their own 30 years old, once uneasy 30-year-old, is "I may not love you" the beginning of each episode of the first old symptoms, but also let her efforts to convert each episode finally, confident full of mature women's code. "When I was 30 years old, I experienced a greater depression in my life," he said. I am afraid that they are too small, life so the past, it will feel good sad, life come this trip is what. And I just went through a big breakup, 30 years after the time will question their own, whether or not the other party is too bad should not let go? Because they have no capital to go through the upon love again. 」

At that time, the teacher in the screen troupe as chief executive, listening to the style of the position, to protect the high salary of high-quality life, can not suppress her full of creative desire. She hesitated in a relationship, because she was not sure that she was 30 years old and she had no chance of being loved. (Recommended to you:"I may not love you" writer Xu Xian Court: Collar 22K Okay, tomorrow to have the ability to double )

"Then I asked myself, will it be a shame to be in the coffin tomorrow?" "The teacher smiled and said, the tone is light, but profound expression:" I will regret. I know the answer is in the front, as long as I am willing to go forward, there are answers. "She put down the well-paid administrative work and mentor Li Teacher's expectations, not hesitate to hide into the mountains, back to the bustling crowd, painting self-portraits every day, focus on their own, thinking of life, for the creation of reserve energy."

Many people ride donkeys to find horses at work, transformation of life runway is also gradual, she is not to leave a retreat of that kind: put down the work of the interior designers to screen troupe from the beginning of the staff, not to receive the original One-third salary; then the promotion to become the Executive Director, but resolutely give up, from scratch to try to do a screenwriter. "People have inertia, slowly, life has been like this." She said decisively, "life is going to change, there is no way back."

Xu's 30-year-old pain is so resolute, because no one told her what the future will be, in the face of the unknown, all the choices are like adventures. Through the struggling of her, accidentally found that every generation towards the 30-year-old woman unexpectedly all in the face of the same pressure, the times in this part never go forward, so, she decided to use their own play for women to bring strength, tell her audience: 30-year-old Let her past it, flowering will come again. (You will like: the Living Society constructs 30 years old life: walks slowly, can see oneself )

"Cheng Qing is a particularly determined woman, love and work to win." and "Tea Hydroxyindole", Zheng 30-year-old face is the most obvious and easy to see the problem, is marriage and career how to choose? Do you really think the choice is a right or wrong question? Is there only one way to be right? "The teacher looked at me, like asked me, and like in the answer to every one of the audience to see the play:" Every road is possible to see how you operate it, so in the face of choice, do not be afraid, do not have such a big struggle. 」

Do you want your own happiness, or the envy of others?

From "I may not love you", "Sin Beautiful", "Sister" to "tea Hydroxyindole", Xu Yu division teacher wrote love thousand kinds of appearance, unchanged is ordinary daily in the finish endless deep. Our side, may have appeared that is more intimate than the boyfriend, but never together boys. Or pick up the lost wallet, string a smile with tears of fate. The neighbor that always dislike you, occasionally but inadvertently reveal the gentle big Brother, more do not know is how many girls heart of Cinnabar Mole.

"Holding a lot of the kind of romance, I really can't afford ah!" The teacher said in a playful way. She actually knew that the romance the audience wanted was a thrill that they couldn't feel in their daily lives, but she has always used drama to grow with the audience, but she wants to use her pen one after another close figure, one another not exaggerated but still moving plot, tell the audience: do not be kept bad to the romantic appetite.

"Really!" said the man. Li Daren Not so handsome, Li Daren is because not Cheng and green to see him. I have always wanted to tell the audience that you turn off Li Daren's appearance, in fact, his nagging, his concerns are the most solid, why can't you see? Life of those lovely fragments, is the most worthy of our cherished "romance." 」

We may all be spoiled by strong sensory stimuli, and when we fall, our lips are subtly touched, triggering an ambiguous feeling; his or her bath towel accidentally falls, and the heartbeat of the disorder proclaims a deep burial passion. But in the story of Time Xu Yiyuan a beautiful, the result accidentally hit the teeth, laugh and cry, is our unique romantic. "The teacher shared the creation of the scalpels, our thoughts also brought back to the" Dollar Love "laugh and cry of the green time. Touching the heart of the plot, after nearly 10 years can not forget, who can say that this is not true romance?

The teacher had mentioned in an interview that her imaginary love was "find someone to go to the night market with Me", "I might not love you" and write a fast-beating night market date for Cheng Ching and Nick. To the "Tea Hydroxyindole", after the thousand sails longing is more pure, simple daily life: "Want to find a, every day will accompany me to eat dinner people." (Extended reading: Jay and Quentin's fairy tale Imagination: Why do we aspire to dream wedding?) )

"I compromised, I never compromise when I write a script, but I compromise in life." I now think that a person can accompany you to eat dinner every day, talk about what to eat, already happy enough. The teacher's voice became heated up, and earnestly wanted to explain to me what love might look like. Not Valentine's Day must be a big celebration, nor is it a preparation for a Long Island wedding, trickle-down in the day-to-day experience of life after the storm, looking back to feel the most authentic in the hands of.

For those who were young to pursue the so-called romantic, the teacher concluded: "You want to own happiness, or someone else's envy?" For this "romantic" pursuit, it is incredible ... Stupid. 」

We could not help laughing, but a "stupid" word accumulated how much pain and understanding, as long as the teacher's play, can understand.

How do you know that Cheng Ching and Ding Liwei will not have another kind of happiness?

The teacher is a very can tell the story of the person, talk about work, talk about life, talk about play, always with one after another story brought out, the implication is contained therein. I have a casual glimpse of the drama in the story, like a casual encounter with an old friend. "I may not love you" Li Ma and the white uncle in the twilight years still in restraint with a little naïve love, from a friend's life experience, and green parents fall, mutual care of the plot, then from sister, sister husband seemingly insipid marriage life, mutual support affection.

"Affection in many cases, is the most supportive of you." Love will eventually be converted into family, but this feeling is over. "When the teacher talked about his sister's marriage story, he said," If you turn around and their relationship looks tasteless, they get along pretty well. "People say marriage is the tomb of love, from the teacher's mouth, I have heard the possibility of marriage as a new love." New life is not to come again, not to revive, but through the intelligence of both sides, let the feelings climb to another level.

People's life, in different times, the desire is different love, in the teacher's play, then transformed into a different image of the man, let the heroine dilemma. "In different stages of life, there may be a commitment to different men," he said. For example, when you are young, you want to be illusory, not too practical to love, to a certain age, you will want to be realistic, can be slow and steady feelings. "Happy life without formula, the teacher cleverness to ask me how to know Ding Liwei and Cheng and green after marriage will not be happy?" Cheng Qing and Li Daren will not divorce it? "I think Cheng and green if and Ding Liwei married, there will be another kind of happiness, daily noisy, every day spy on the spy, see you do not return the kind of message." (same field Gayon: screenwriter: The only and the first "I may not love You" )

If different people's permutations and combinations may draw different happiness blueprints, will the character be put into a different story and the unexpected sparks be touched? For example, the process and green into the village daily, and then put the Zheng placed in a dilemma between peace of mind and enthusiasts.

"This question is quite interesting, I have thought about to do a stage drama, let Shakespeare all the heroine at the table to eat, break time and space, all people sit down to criticize each other's shortcomings, but that is a new story." I don't want to spoil the audience's expectation of the character in the story, so let the ending remain in the audience. I will use similar personalities to shape different roles and to say new stories. "〈 time of the story of Sun Yimi and" sister "Zhou Jiwei are a rash of naïve, and Li Daren and" Tea Hydroxyindole "in the Tangyouyan, there are not decisive side. The human world's response and retreat, and the conduct of the world about a few, exquisite drama arrangement can let us see people and the environment, and the background, with different people of subtle chemical effects. If you once for Li Daren and green waiting for the heartbeat, then "tea hydroxyindole" may let you see, after falling in love with a major challenge Li Daren, how to deal with, how to make a choice.

We are always afraid to choose, because we do not know what the result is. "So this time I have to do a more thorough, stand higher, in the" Tea Hydroxyindole ", I have every choice of the answer to write out, so you first look at the results, not afraid. 」

The teacher intends to use the "tea hydroxyindole" to explore the selection, arrange the plot, shape the character demonstration of a life of multiple-choice, question, Shen Thesis, and then teach us brave. Similarly, in the face of the difficulties of creation, she also believed that as long as the forward, the answer is in the front. (Recommended reading: no wrong way astray, every choice of life is the standard answer)

The predicament of life is just a game of electric breaking off

"I actually often face the bottleneck of creation, but I do not worry, because encounter bottlenecks, is that you want to progress, if you can rush out of the bottle, is another new realm." Write the script as playing video, you are ready to pass the time, is not very excited? Use this kind of mentality to face life! "Perhaps it is to see all the life in the pen, encounter suffocating creation dilemma, although the teacher efforts to break the ego, the attitude is very calm and relaxed:" The first step, let oneself relax, with the heart of anticipation to see the bottleneck, the second step, let oneself Fashi, do whatever you like to do, do not worry. " The last step is to look back and you think it's jammed, but the problem is not here. "(You will like: Workplace notes written for you: Learn to be the one to fly bullets )

The teacher stretched out his hand on the table than: "Let you stuck in the back, in fact, the front part of the finished product may not be satisfied, or the character of the mold is not perfect, development here, can not go down." You can't write with your eyes, it just gets tighter. "The teacher's writing philosophy teaches us that the checkpoints are never present, and in the past, when faced with difficulties, remember to look back and see how they came here."

I asked the teacher if I could share a lock on the last unlock experience. The teacher thought about it, fascinating fun to say: "I may not love you in writing", the second episode I was stuck. There is a paragraph I want to express the meaning of "past encounter achievements now I", but feel that the words have no meaning, they do not deal with the connotation. So I let myself out of the problem, first empty, to my home to repair nails. 」

Manicure sister has been accustomed to the difficulties of the famous writer, one side for the nail beauty, while chatting, talk to ask the teacher help her pick a new bag. The teacher asked her, your bag is very good-looking ah, why do you want to change? She said that the original bag broke a hole, a lot of things fall in Don't know.

"Well, thank you, I don't get it." "The teacher reported that the moment, I can almost share the moment, everything is right, the sky sounded the correct Qiang Qiang sound, inspiration whistling a scramble to break the cocoon out." Hurried back to the table, she wrote a story about the bag: past experience, I forget, the bag of holes in the bag for me to receive the growth of the picture, remind me how to become today's self.

"I'm going to use my own money, buy my own bag, and put my own story." Cheng and green in the ready to buy bags to coax the current girlfriend before the ex-boyfriend, confident calmly, generous and elegant to say this sentence, it is the most shiny negative force moment. I was visiting the scene and couldn't help but read out the lines with my teacher. How happy it is to witness the creation of a moving plot.

In the world of drama, with no old soul

At the end of the interview, we talked about the teacher's next plan. After the tea hydroxyindole, what did the teacher want to tell us about the splendid story? Or a love story? "In fact, love story Bai, just depends on how you say." The next play, I want to say is that life has a lot of teachers very good ah! Like I have little di teacher, Guoxiu teacher, but we should remember one thing is that we should learn from your young people. We all think we are educating young people, but in fact young people teach us to find the original purpose and find the innocent side. 」

The teacher called himself "sister" several times in the interview, and did not mind mentioning his age and the experience that had been brewing in the past. I sit opposite the teacher, four eye intersection of the moment, I feel the time brought wisdom and tolerance, as well as time to take the vitality and modesty.

The teacher in the "Tea Hydroxyindole" subversion "open to the tea Hydroxyindole fragrant plantain lily" image, tell us that the flowering season will end, flowering will come again. If youth is a flourishing flower scene, as long as after the flowers to become spring mud, Shen Dian for the life of intelligence and sophistication, then after 30 years, it seems that there is nothing to fear.

Xu Xian the teacher with her pen to bring a 奼 purple purples bloom flowering season, we then immersed in the fragrance and colorful, gentle years, learn from the understanding, the soul never old.