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In the past, we often looked at roles from the actors'perspectives ( Chen's , Summer by Joe , Ren Qi ), stories from directors' point of view , this time Women's memoany Interview with < I may not love you > screenwriter: Xu Yinting, to talk to the readers about the feelings of the elder brother and the young, and her feelings about her emotions.

He once said to her that I may not love you, and I thank her for that, thank you very much."
" He doesn't know why he has only one condition for his girlfriend, and he has to tolerate her existence?"'
' is not likely to be together because it is too much like a family?

All of the questions, all of them, are unwitching the heart chords in each day's gapped.Everyone is looking for love, trying hard to match the other half of the best fit.It was only when they stumble and stumble, before they realized that the person was already there, quietly guarding the place.

I may not love you, perhaps the deepest I love you?

This is the most popular idol in the Bay of Taiwan in 2011 < I may not love you, let each man and woman discuss the issue.In an interview with Xu Yinting, this time the writer of "Cheng Ching" and "Li Daren" was successfully written.The story of the "special friend" was explained by her windscreen and storyteller's expertise.Originally, Xu Yitu was a woman who was good at romantic love and romance, but she said, I've spent my life looking for a lover who can go to the night market together."

Wandering around the night market, did you know where to see me?

and Xu Yinting, on the sidelines in the dance drama at the time of public performance, only saw her hastily sat down, and immediately clicked a cup of American coffee. " What can I do?I only have 30 minutes. Will it be too short?"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but the smile on her face hasn't stopped," she said.When it comes to love, her eyes are always full of light. Sometimes she talks about her own image of the other half. She will feel shy about her face, maturity, and simplicity, and she seems to be able to coexist on her.

I've always cared about love this issue.

I was 47 years old and a lot of people were going to love me for a long time, "… Xu." I haven't been in love for nearly 20 years. It's hard to believe it."You say I don't want to fall in love right now. I think I'm super-natural, but when I was 35 to 40, I always wanted to find a partner who could go to the night market together."

Wandering around the night market as a type of test, getting a sense of freshness in the growing layer "

"Wandering the night market?"" What is the most common goal of the court in the middle of life?" Really, I want to go to the night market and don't believe it."I've been thinking about the night market," said Xu. "When I was 40, I was thinking that I was a test of the best realistic simulation of the relationship between the two people.""In the night market, I just wanted to have a hand that I could hold my hand tightly," he said." Two people go to the night market and see if they can look at it and laugh, and find out that you like to eat. I hate it. I like to eat, but you pinch your nose, and you get a direct current.Because they are different, we are trying to see if we can find a taste that can take a bite of me. Maybe in a crowded crowd,

If we lose our way, do we have tacit understanding, where do we meet?

The most important thing in the night market is that after so many things, as long as it's still very happy, it's enough, " said Xu."

Li Laren's only one is not equal to the first of Cheng's youth

For love, Hsu heard too much and looked too much. Instead, he let her love stay where he was, making every move and the depiction of a pen under his head.As for the trend that I may not like to love you, is it really possible for friends to become lovers? "Hsu Ya-ting thought," In fact, Li Da-jen may think of Cheng as his only, but I think Ching's most favorite is Ding Liwei."But she was unable to spend her life with Ding Liwei. Li Duren was already an indispensable character in her life, so the last time she had to go to the night market was Li Ta-jen.The writer himself explained that it would be sad for many fans who supported "young people in love."

Li Daren is the only one, not equal to the first of the Ching.This is the choice of life."

I may not love you when Xu Yinting has written, " I actually have an important topic, that is, it is not suitable for love and love, and there is always a vague area that is difficult to unhook.Some love is love at first sight. Some love is cultivated slowly, and always at times of fire, but Xu Yitong says,

It's easy to love someone, but it's hard to walk your entire life."

Perhaps too much to be too rational, to expect a sudden collapse of the mind, and to have a romantic encounter, only to be able to produce a pen under Xu Yitang.In fact, the words "in fact can be tested, or can be played, and may be packaged, and all ambiguity may be derived from the text.""

the case of the capricornus, there are too many considerations for love, and she says she's living in a "sensible" way.The only romantic aspect of the family's reputation is, "I often start to tell my friends at the coffee shop, that it must be a quarrel and a pair of netizens. There is a feeling of being shy, a lot of friends, and friends say that Xu Yuping is enough."Perhaps this is how she can become a screenwriter, a kind of inspiration, and accumulate from the point of life. "I sometimes take a taxi. As long as I stop a red light, my emotions and conditions can immediately be thought of as the people outside the window, their expressions or dialogue.""

Writing is to be a center of heart, the highest realm is to understand their difficulties

After the dog has been raised, it is a prohibitive dialogue.

In October, when the new film was shot, Xu Yitu said he couldn't reveal too much, saying that he was "aware of art through different packaging."But the theme of the drama is also related to love. In fact, Xu Yinting is very modest, even somewhat inferior, in front of Love." I didn't dare to fall in love after I was raising dogs."When you're young, you talk about emotions. It's a feeling. The battle is a righthand." I used to scold my boyfriend. He was tired of me walking around when I was writing, influencing my mind.However, after raising a dog, Xu Yinting has discovered that love is a form of love by giving and paying the process, but the most important thing is "inclusion."

How do you curse the dog, or if you think you're the only one, why can't we do this to people?

Love, this matter, the school doesn't teach. Everyone is led by their own collisions. After injuries, they have their own ideas and responses since they were injured.Some people are prohibitive to love, and some are always the Vietnam and the Vietnam War. In the age of 47, Hsu Yo-ting compiled his own thinking: " We may all be alone all our lives.Even if you are married, you are unmarried, you want to get married, you love girls, you love boys, you all end up in the end of life, all of which are love issues.

Hsu Yitu, who is a member of the family, has been able to concentrate on his emotions and concentrate on his emotions. " But, girls, I have to throw in cold water.Even if you find another partner, you might be alone, and it's possible that the favorite thing is not him, but it's the most likely people to get along with him for life.From the age of 35 to now, Xu Yinting has been obsessed with love, not understanding himself, and also tormented by the other half.So the Honorary Court wants the girls to start practicing:

So girls learn to spend 5 minutes with myself every day "

At 5:30 p.m., and half an hour away from the stage show, Hsu Ye-ting and his assistant said, " Give me a little more time.Speaking of love, Xu Yichang said he was still studying, and was looking for the other half of his own "stroll around the night market."

But now, Xu Yitu knows how to get along with himself." Every day I sleep five minutes, turn off the FB, off the market, off the mobile phone, and talk to yourself, so that the mood of the day will be exported.She pointed at the assistant next to her, saying that because of her personality, every time a minor thing went wrong, she scolted an assistant, and she regretted it at night. "Five minutes of intros, I thought, I must apologize to her tomorrow."However, at the end of the day, Xu Yinting wrote a letter to his assistant apologized to him, "forgive me for being such a haste."" (The way you talk to yourself: Are you today, Me Time?)

Finally, Xu Yinting has given all the readers of the "women's fans" a lesson that she has been doing for 10 years, "Girls, don't hate yourself, but the prerequisite is to understand yourself.""Know your face, understand your flaws, and accept your honesty."

"What love does it want, what does it look like at the end of the relationship?""

Perhaps, for the Honorable Court,
the love composition written in writing can have a thousand
but she is like all the girls
trying to find a partner that can be symbiotic
looking for a similar frequency only.

, you can choose a happy way
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