Dress brand women pants men wearing the urine trace incident, we do not blame the system left behind the rules, just want to ask, in the future, we are not likely to live in a better world?

A few days ago clothing brand Vieso refused gentlemen try wearing trousers set off brand controversy. Store based on the "health" reason to refuse gentlemen try to wear: "Boys in the urine because do not need to wipe, so often there will be underwear above the problem of urine (this part we have to verify), in this premise, the female customer is very concerned about being a male customer after the product." "(Original:Vieso)

Netizens and shopkeepers to scold the debate "who only discrimination, who is equal", the store again response, the men who try to wear trousers called "insider" (the intention of homosexuals) suddenly the target of discrimination is more hostile.

Store said because the circle of people many good sisters, in the network, but the mass media, or many support the voice of the shop: "If this sensitive issue, to the real world with the population, gender, sex, distribution ratio are more consistent media?" (Yes, we went through all the big media) gradually, the real appearance of the world came out, you will find that most of the men and women can not accept the boys try to wear girls trousers. "(Original:Vieso)

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It turns out that this is what the world really looks like. I would like to show you how unfriendly our world is to the so-called "not the same", without commenting on whether or not to let a physiological male put the pants down to leave a urine scar.

Why can't boys wear women's pants?

In such an argument, it is a health problem for boys not to wear women's trousers. Such problems not only appear in a specific brand, but on the dividing line of most garments, menswear is men's, women's clothing is women. To serve the female-dominated Vieso , "That kind of person" has never been the owner of the main guest group, the store to "insider" refers to the argument, this is like the invitation to like negative temperament of male comrades or transgender ethnic groups. Sorry, we are only serve upright women, so can not belong to this group of you say sorry.

Of course, such arrogance may be a misunderstanding. Because there is nothing wrong with sticking to health habits, the problem is that we have clear rules about barriers and a lack of empathy.

After the incident, and friends around to discuss the situation of men buying women's trousers, in fact, not only LGBT people to buy women's trousers, very thin heterosexual boys may also buy women's trousers. Why do men buy women's trousers by strange eyes? In addition to the two-dollar theory and stereotypes, I want to talk about negative people in a masculine society.

The term "other" is a word often referred to in the patriarchal cultural context, referring to the female role. It means that women are subject to domination and are subordinate to men. The psychology castration plot proposed "the other female" lacks the masculine penis, therefore is not the complete person.

In the case of Vieso , many of the comments on the LGBT community have pointed to the homophobia (homophobia) and the fear of Crossing (Transphobia), "the other" into the female field of "unorthodox men." (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

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How do you come from fear and fear?

The incident occurred, a gender-sensitive sex movement of transgender Wu Xinn to the shop to try to wear, the store to "poor impression" refused, he also said that Taiwan's gender discrimination, many gender identity is different from the mainstream people will suffer from a strange perspective.

Homophobia and fear are shaped by the following cultural background:

1. Male hegemony (male hegemony) and the dislike of women (misogyny) (same field Gayon: "Masculinity" has nothing to dowith "the length of the Wind"! A gender discussion invitation to men
2. Sexual role (Sex-role): Describe the perceptions and expectations of each particular society with respect to different gender behaviours and responsibilities.
3. Other cultural practices, religious doctrines, and medical disorders are also reasons for shaping gender stereotypes.

Fear of the same is not equal to fear of cross, even between the two will have mutually exclusive cases, but to shape the same background, in the current situation, the rights of transgender ethnic groups need to be more vocal, the trans-shipment often said "shun sex hegemony", that is, the community in the interest of women or gay rights, often only take care of the sex (cisgender Women/men) rights and interests.

In the Vieso incident, we were unsure of the gender roles of the parties who responded to the "discrimination", but we saw many transgender people come to the show that their usual discriminatory treatment was more than that.

The right to life for transgender people: even survival is difficult

From life to survival, being a transgender person still has a long way to go. For example, a teacher in Taichung Zengjia "Transsexual" worried about his work in the workplace, is a problem for many transgender people, although their hearts are full of men/women, because the appearance is subject to social strange treatment.

Cross-sex is a group of people who are not loved by the system. As transgender people who have been doing physical sex change surgery, Taiwan's medical environment does not support the high cost of medicine they have to bear each month, nor does a professional physician serve transgender people; every time you go into a public restroom, you have to endure countless malice;

Even, transgender people live in a lot of hatred. Not everyone is Caitlyn Jenner, more transgender people die on a silent night, except that in August this year the Turkish trans-shipment Hande Kader was killed by his brother, countless transgender people who survived physical pain. (Recommended reading: a transsexual to become a "real woman"?) Caitlyn Jenner slip of the tongue: "A man wears a dress, will make the society very uncomfortable")

"There are 73 transgender people worldwide who have died of hate or discrimination this year," Wu Yiting, director of the Association for the care of the unknown , said in 2015. In addition, according to the National Centre for Trans-gender equality, the suicide rate for transgender persons is as high as 41%, much higher than that of the average person, and the Association for Gender Care in an informal survey found that up to 70% of the transgender people in Taiwan have suicidal thoughts. 」

Caitlyn Jenner

From education to the workplace, regardless of intimate relationship or family, to the entire social system, transgender people have less resources. The public looked at them with a "no Man and No Woman" perspective, and deepened the gender class again.

"Our suicide rate is 9 times times that of the general public, and that is the reality of our lives." So I really stood up today, no longer living alone in the "real choice" of self, I want to help others live in the world without shame and fear as much as possible. I am here to share my story in the hope that one day we will no longer need to commemorate the November 20 of the year (International Trans-gender anniversary). --Trans-gender model Geena Rocero

We look forward to the day when the international trans-gender Day dies; look forward to one day, "different" will no longer let any clothing shop women fear, look forward to my day, we bear the identity, can be blessed by the world. (Recommended to you: interview Zengjia Core: "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" ")

In the Vieso incident, I saw not the boss of the brain or do not do PR brand, is not a shame of the masses. But each, every day may encounter malicious treatment, live and helpless negative figure. In the urine scar incident, the biggest victim is not one person, is not the complainant, but is the world 7.3 billion people, does not dare to show the soft man, does not get out the gender anticipation female, does not have the living space the gender, each, because of the dogma and not even dare to think of the victim.