"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. One of the favorite sports is yoga . Yoga is the most gentle and tender in all sports, and it is not urgent for you to give yourself time to learn that you should not deny yourself at this moment. Only by knowing your own state can you reach the farther side. (Recommended reading: Ding Ning's relationship with yoga serial )

"The heart is like the wind, the body is like sand, if you want to know how the wind blows, please observe the formation of sand." 」

When I practiced yoga, I heard the teacher say something very tender. What you are thinking about, what you have to overcome, what kind of state you are in, or good or bad, your body will tell you, may be sweating, may be pain, may be chills, perhaps relieved.

You first have to feel what your body wants to tell you, to listen to it, not to be afraid. So, if there is any action do not, do not panic, do not hard to come, and do not compare with others, now do not, learn to accept it, this is now you, that is your body is talking to you.

Give the body a little time, let it grow, make it soft, make it strong, don't intimidate yourself, don't threaten yourself, don't deny yourself at this moment.

Yoga is always such a gentle movement, in your life is worn black and blue, gentle pick up you, like the wind slowly blowing sand, the mind nourish the body, the body responds to the mood, peacefully forward together.

Yoga is not about softness, yoga is about self-inquiry movement. Yoga is your own business, fighting and reconciliation with yourself, from within the small revolution. When I bend my body, the dog-like, worship the moon, cat-style, feeling the sweat slowly dripping down the face, feeling that the condition of the body is so bad, I always think of the teacher said that sentence.

You have to stop and listen to the body talking to you.

Yoga always takes time, a year or two or three years, every action you carry the weight of the years, your stiffness is the accumulation of time, your sore it to have since, you can only use the times to boil, no way to quickly. In the face of yoga, all your toughness is powerless. Until you learn to accept yourself softly, your body can take you farther away.

It's yoga, the first sport that I love.