single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. GUI Lun magnesium A person apprentice chicken small Yue wedding, we are busy ask: Daili endure people? Everyone pitied the girl for a man who was not married in 12. However, she has never been different , because I love you have nothing to do with you, because Love does not love, life will not depend on whose head, Gui Lun magnesium live well, wonderful. (same field Gayon: Jing Zhou, Tang, Gui Lun magnesium, Liu Friendship!) A song to a good sister from a distance

These days, the media busy to help GUI Lun magnesium campaign: "Alone apprentice Phoenix Small Yue wedding gui Lun Daili endure 12", see this title has no longer angry, only sad.

Gui Lun magnesium in Phoenix small Yue wedding fell single probation, they said she live well miserable, 12 years no gossip, alone Shou Daili endure a person; they say good waste, youth gambling, so far not a name.

Just these days women fans have an article in the community is very red: " together 18 years after the breakup: commitment is not a marriage!" Thank you, do not marry me , someone asked, thank what? He is consumed by youth.

This sentence is very crazy, a kind of meaning is, do not love is not love why say thank you, another meaning, I 18 years of the essence of all bets on your body that piece of paper.

What do you think that means? Do you think that women's youth is more expensive?

("The Big Issue Taiwan" ambition Magazine, photography/bin Tian Tanying, 2016.10.03)

So why don't we shrug our shoulders and overthrow the oppression of the female and the older woman, and not depreciate with the rough social values. Talk about the story of the GUI Lun magnesium, their feelings are always not publicity, so the speculation is not married infertility is also more reported. She 12 years alone to keep Daili endure, still not a piece of paper, right?

I want to talk about the feelings of the GUI Lun magnesium, "The Blue Gate" after the "can not tell the secret", "Girlfriend Boyfriend", "daytime fireworks" came to "Debsisenlin", she gradually became the heart of the independent film actress image. In fact, no matter the mainstream film or Non-mainstream film she can play, Gui Lun Magnesium said to see only one idea, I want to have the feeling of echocardiography.

She talks about feelings always so, when Zhou Xun, Shu Qi have stepped into the red blanket, many people to simplify into this is the end of the wave woman, then the woman still have to have a good home, they asked, so small magnesium you? GUI Lun Magnesium just said:

I don't need marriage to give me security. Maybe one day I'll do it, but I'm not doing it for protection.

GUI LUN Magnesium

Love is not a hurry, marriage is not a person independent spirit is the basis for the. Consumption of youth is not a pity, it becomes your skin's veins, the soul of the scars, Flash Yi moving. If you deserve those time, time will not be sorry for you.

("The Big Issue Taiwan" ambition Magazine, photography/bin Tian Tanying, 2016.10.03)

"Debsisenlin", "the same field plus" GUI Lun magnesium new book