Women are obsessed with the workplace notes sharing star, for your interview Guo Shuyao . 17-Year-old on a shoulder to provoke the economic burden of the family Yao Yao, the way was criticized by the public, but also once to the future confused . Listening to Yao and Yao talk about the persistence of "ambition", talk about the desire of "Tong Ling Girl", talk about the new book "Love, Infinity," the gratitude, she is not a goddess, but a forward in front of the reality of the ordinary girl. (Extended reading:"Guo Shuyao Workplace notes" God will not give you difficulties )

"The 50th annual Golden Horse Award Best New actor, the prize is: Guo Shuyao, ambition." 」

For Yaoyao impression, I am most profound is three years ago, Yaoyao all the way crying on stage, I did not prepare a speech. "Yao Yao on the screen appears to be in a panic, she did not think of her first time to take the leading actress won the prize."

From the video game advertising debut, once there is no confidence Yaoyao was recognized by the judges, this to her own, "Guo Shuyao" three words is not a synonym for the goddess, but in the fate of the swing, struggling to earn a way out of the children. Through this journey, has described himself as "no talent, no background, no learning experience" Yaoyao can't wait to grow in time, can only let the reality to grind out the world directly.

In addition to the "ambition" on top of Sohe, playing Jingmei High school tug player, Yaoyao can be the film "Southern Lamb Ranch" in the cram school depending on the life of the business, can also be the idol drama "marriage" in the pregnant women, can also be the "Rolling Stone love Story-Love Me Do not go" in the betel, she does not set a limit for themselves, In the breakthrough of all kinds of difficulties, but also a shoulder to carry their own life.

Yao Yiu, who has been trying to live, this time with a new book, "Love, Infinity," and write to every young man in the lost, she so described the original intention, "I can, so you must also be." 」

The unbearable Weight of life

The phrase "I can", but there is a painful beginning, from the unbearable weight of life. is about to wantonly Bloom Youth 17 years old, this is only the age of strong said, but because the father myocardial infarction, as the eldest brother Yaoyao, was forced to face the reality in a night, the burden of household pressure on her a person, make her to work toiled.

Because the mother is a full-time housewife, but also to take care of the stroke of the grandmother, Yaoyao chose to rotate like a gyroscope, the day out of work to make money, evening to read night school. The eldest daughter's perseverance in Yaoyao's words in glance: "younger brother and sister is still young, one in school, one in the country, the mother is Burmese overseas Chinese, married never worked, I am very worried that she will suffer." 」

The high school period Yaoyao, school life became embellishment, Yaoyao in an interview, describe their biggest regret is "not a good student life." She has played more than 10 kinds of work, once every day in the tea shop stood for 10 hours, to and fro in the hot environment, but also to carry a heavy tea barrel. And this time in exchange for the salary to feed a family is not easy, Yaoyao recalls: "Money is really my biggest source of pressure, before the most afraid of school, a fee to pay three people, sometimes even think about it." 」

One months to earn 16,000 yuan, but to be responsible for the family life, let Yaoyao from time to worry about the cost. So at 19 years old, in order to earn the equivalent of her three-month salary, she took the controversy of the advertising shoot, did not think of the original inadvertently, but caused a follow-up of the public opinion storm, some people think that she has empty stature, but there is no connotation; some people think her advertisement is corrupt custom, did bad demonstration, Every word that is sour has become a wound on the heart of Yao Yao. (Extended reading: when sexy as a "means", women in the ascendant or lose? )

Yaoyao since she did not enter the showbiz ambition, just want to live a normal girl, do not understand why the criticism of the voices never miss her, let care about other people's vision she felt no escape: "I am a person on the plane, eating Hagen ice cream, tears so non-stop flow down." 」

Accept the Unknown challenge

Recalling the ups and downs, Yaoyao smiled that Kangyong was her life's noble: "He told me that the artist has long been because of his ability." 」

This sentence let Yaoyao rethink what she wants to do what kind of artist, she was a not good at expressing her opinion of the girl, when the advertisement, even for the installation of some doubts, also dare not say no.

Later entered the showbiz, Yaoyao also permanent by the production unit to define their own, whether it is too sexy clothing, or childish speech way, she all do not mistake, like a doll general, but Yaoyao found that this is not their favorite appearance: "I hate that, do not know what they want, also do not understand to protect themselves." 」

This section of the road is not easy for Yaoyao, recalling the one-sided of public opinion pressure and shrinking too small himself, she smiled with emotion: "I was in high school is the Motor division, for the showbiz all I will not, I grew up in an ordinary family, from small to large also no special talent." 」

Without any posterior Yao Yao, can only brave forward: "I can do is to practice desperately." Whether the record company offers piano, guitar or dance lessons, I don't want to be underestimated, so I try to do everything. "To her on the southern Taiwanese program, the language of the communication, she tried desperately to drill, not to sing the song has been repeatedly listened to, until you hear sleep, think tongue bad, the host script as a line to recite." (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless )

At the outset, many of the media focus on Yaoyao's stature, so Yaoyao grateful for all the opportunity, the film "ambition" in Yaoyao before, had changed three heroine, only Yaoyao can endure the hard work, and even elements Yan debut. All the tug of war bridge, Yaoyao insist not to double, when the password, she poured all over the body to pull out the rope, full of blood on the body does not care, even do not resist in the lens looks hideous.

At this time the Yaoyao, only hope that their own as she expected to change, "silly people have silly blessing, I put every challenge as a gift, think even if hard, but the past is their own growth, I hope we can know different, jump off the stereotype of Yaoyao." 」

Confidence starts at a small place.

"My initial motivation was to let people know that Guo Shuyao is not just a body," he said. "The interview process, the petite Yaoyao smiled, which has a vague self-confidence, but such confidence is not out of thin air, but from the long-term accumulation."

From the singer across the line to the actor, just start Yaoyao on their acting and have no confidence, always think it may be the director of her request is relatively low, so she does not have to perform perfectly, can easily pass. Even with the Golden Horse award, Yaoyao still has a long time to be full of doubts about herself, and sometimes denies herself.

I am curious to ask Yaoyao, how to cultivate self-confidence? Yaoyao side head, after careful thinking, said: "Do not go too worried about the unknown future." When directly to face their vulnerability, you will find that there are many seemingly unwanted things, in fact, there are places to learn, when every little things are carefully completed, self-confidence also gradually produced. 」

Yaoyao each year for their own write down to overcome the list of fear, she was afraid of fire, and then to touch the incense of the spirit of a horn, afraid of high, she tried to jump high-altitude, afraid of water, she passed the diving license. Can not swim Yaoyao, in the dive underwater that moment, understand that there are many never meet the beauty, is to look at their own fear, to pick up the scenery. (same field Gayon: write down your list of fears!) Admit that fear makes you grow more

Yaoyao think that many things if you do not try to be able to afford themselves, and therefore no longer expect to hide themselves in the public, "should cherish the opportunity now, rather than to think can do, you just do not see their own possibilities." "For Yaoyao, who was the wandering girl, dreams are not born, dreams come from a process, try hard, do things seriously."

Reading also become the treasure of the exploration of the self, in with Zeng Baoyi become a friend, Yaoyao fell in love with reading, she particularly recommended "Meet the Unknown Himself" this book, the protagonist if Ling heart from time to ask: "Why I can not have the life I want?" Why am I not happy? How can I be the Master of my own life? "These problems have plagued Yaoyao for a long time, and she found that eventually she was willing to admit her dark side and accept all the inferiority and deprivation."

With confidence, Yaoyao's attention to the outside world began to be able to respond calmly, in the past, she was accustomed to glossy at home, more able to ridicule herself: "Once my mother told me there is a report of my micro-, I may have been very mind, but now only smiled and said that when the entertainment is good." 」

Previously on the label is very sensitive Yaoyao, gradually understand that even if you do 100 points of effort, also can not please everyone, when setbacks experienced enough, more tolerant of their own appearance, accept a lot less perfect place.

What are you asking for in life?

For Yaoyao, acting is the best way for her to jump off the comfort zone. In the answer to the "ambition", Yaoyao found their own not admit defeat, initially only follow the beauty of the tug of war team practice one day, her body everywhere broken skin serious, even a hot bath has no way, once let Yaoyao very want to give up, later teeth bitter brace, did not expect to put their own limit to the last.

And in the new drama "Psychic Girl", Yaoyao wearing a short fake hairstyle, playing a psychic physique of the female high school students, she does not allow herself to be a single play limited, in the play in addition to learn the Taoist ritual "sacrifice change", even the spirit, play swords, drawn Taoist charm and so on everything. Originally even the lighter did not dare to use her, but also in the unscoped on-site demonstration to change to seven pieces of gold paper ignition prayers.

But the "Psychic Girl" brings Yao Yao's changes, not only tough, but also soft. In the process of filming the Temple, Yaoyao saw a lot of people can not put their own perseverance, usually we are accustomed to have a lot of things, if reluctant to put down will be very painful, the heart can not be calm. "I watched as we all knelt there, begging for something very much like affection, wealth or enmity. Yaoyao looked at the heart has many feelings, as long as the willing will not fall into the prison of desire, for Yaoyao, the thing is now, rather than can not have the future.

Brilliant desire really let people enchanted, but Yaoyao think live in this world, level is the most difficult, but also the most worth pursuing value. So instead of trying to have it, you know your problems through this journey. Some people say that each one suffering about five a sweetness to balance over, and in Yaoyao body, but taught the people a lesson: "The person's obsession, is the pursuit of the taste of the sweetness, so only live in the past, and no way to see now." "It makes her choose to cherish the moment and be thankful for the good or bad that doesn't happen every time."

"I remember debut four years later, I first can put four days even fake, I ran to the favorite Tokyo Disneyland, see the Parade of the moment, I suddenly out of control crying, do not know why I am so hard." "Yaoyao asked herself again and again for what?" Stop clinging to your desires and turn your thoughts around without the difficulty of imagining.

Yaoyao said: "The most precious gift is the present." "Only oneself know, you in order to become oneself now, paid how many price, try to life of loss of tolerance, also want to learn to understand themselves moderately, and spread more love to the world." (Recommended reading:"Song Shangqi Read Poems for You" I will lay down you, like put down myself )

As Kangyong said: "Yaoyao did it, by recognizing themselves and cherish their own, by cherishing their own and cherish the immediate." 」

Yaoyao is like a magnet that naturally attracts goodwill. She wanted to say thank you to the other side, in order to get the good to take up to more confused young people, so she published a new book, "Love, Infinity," which is written in Yao Yao is not distorted reality, she unreservedly to her strong and weak are naked open.

Luck is not a shortcut to fall out of thin air, Yaoyao think when sincerely to thank, good luck will eventually return to their own body. Many people would ask Guo Shuyao why? She may not be the brightest star at first glance, but all the way, no matter how the reality of the waves, she is holding the same belief: "God will not give you the difficulties, your life as long as willing to pay, learn Thanksgiving, God will give you what you want." 」

Life is really difficult, love and be Loved is more difficult. For the public, Yaoyao from the continuous effort to find the value of their own, from the fans or the positive response of strangers, to find out the possibility of a long way. She lets us see the disappointed anticipation, in the reality procrastinate, finally, can be in the lake in the good wrap. (Extended reading: The most authentic self of the show) Guo Shuyao (Yao Yao), Zhungkaixun interview )