Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. See Shangfu end of the Admiralty 51 session, Taiwan's first TV drama Guide to win the Lifetime contribution award, she said, young people , to do what you really want. In the film background task, a girl to do what she really wants, how many obstacles? (Recommended reading: Never let fear stop me from doing what I really like: 18 inspiring quotes of female power )

Admiralty 51 ends with a particularly impressive lifetime contribution award, won by senior pilot Pengian.

Pengian is Taiwan's first female TV show, The body is also compiled, guide, broadcast work. Her speech at the ceremony showed that as a girl, even if the environment is difficult, as long as the heart is strong enough to get out of their own way.

The meaning of Lifetime Contribution award, only once in a lifetime.

Her seniority is longer than the Admiralty award, and she's been in the workforce for half a century. Pengian produced 79 quality drama, nearly 80, her wonderful has not yet ended.

Pengian Award speech:

I have a request, a lifetime can only take a prize, I used for many years in exchange for. I just saw a lot of people because of the music hastily stepped down, I hope that the good finish, please tolerate my nagging.

Thank you, Minister Zheng for encouraging me, thank you for your reward and respect for me. I would also like to thank the father of the Light Kai Society for his coming. Thank you

I am very moved today, because 58 years of working years, let my life not to leave white. My first career is ten years, I was fortunate in the light of the club to accept strict training, let me realize the guiding of the dream, thank my teachers, because without these teacher's teachings, no light Kai Club, I will not have today's achievements.

My second career is Taiwan view, Taiwan View is too cute, let me work for 30 years did not drive me away. I saw in Taiwan these years, realized the importance of television, TV into the family, the content must be positive and educational, I look forward to all of us in front of the background task, can work in this direction. In Taiwan, I also learned how to be a full producer.

The third workplace, thanks to Tzu Chi's Love TV station, I am grateful to all Tzu Chi's senior sister, they selflessly provide a real life story, so that I can in 18 years, the system broadcast 79 drama, at the same time I am also grateful to Love TV station, 18 years with me to work with colleagues, producers, and production team.

Finally, I would like to share a small story, there are three words, ten years ago, I bought a hat, that hat wrote three words, is completely a portrayal of my life.

Do what. Like what to do. The life is good.

That is to say, I advise you young friends, to choose a career or work, must do what you like to do, like what you do, the conclusion is that life is beautiful, we work together.

Thank you.

Gender significance of female guides: girl, you can do what you want to do

The reason why Pengian's speech is moving is because the listener understands how hard it is for her to excel.

In the film and television industry background task personnel, women in the art, three makeup and other positions, stereotypes women are not easy to be competent producers, directors, such as the need for leadership and decision-making power positions.

In the global film and television industry, the top 250 in 2015, the number of female directors, 9%, female writers have 11%, female executive producer 20%, female producers have 26%, female editors have 22%, female photographers are only 6%. The name of a female photographer has never been named in the Oscars for nearly 10 years, and more women are in visual design units, such as costume design and art direction.

What we need is a lower female into the video backstage task gate, regardless of the sex of the ability to win the environment, if women can be in the writers, directors, editors and producers to get more tasks for the opportunity, each year to compete for the award of Director, Guide, producer, will also produce more meta story-like appearance.

Pengian's story in the film and television industry, is to tell all the girls who are capable, you do not need to because of stereotypes and the road to your own. When women's jobs can finally be extended from housework to the economic and labour market. Our next step is to get women who are relegated to the bottom because of "physical conditions" to go into the core sector.

Shu Qi, Sylvia are pretty girls affirmative: we need more profound stories

In addition to this year's Admiralty, the Golden Horse 52 awards ceremony last year, also appeared in solidarity with the girls film, you remember what they said:

Sylvia This talk about the gender of the film and television industry: "It is not the problem now, it has been the problem." The film circle is a male-dominated industry, with less care for women. But you say really talk about the growth of women, know less people. How many male directors do you think will call home and ask mom about her life? And now, all the local female workers have increased, as for the fee I do not say more, I hope one day to be fair place. (Recommended reading: is it necessary to have a male and female director?) Sylvia: "We're all trying to tell the story".

Shu Qi talks about the choice of women career: "Family professional women, to have children, with children, care for a woman, but also to do a good job!" After the boys come home may be a "No I am tired", or sleep, even help wash the dishes probably did not. However, now the male workers are more difficult, why? Because now the girl's ability to work more and more strong, girls are the most powerful, endure, girls often endure very badly, boys often endure not to come. 」

We need "women" to stand on the stage, not for women to retain places, but to peel off the invisible Threshold and volume label--women will still be family-oriented, women strength small, women have children will inadvertently in the work, women are less daring ... We need talented and professional women to stand on the stage and give the world more beautiful stories.

Regardless of the industry, gender imbalance in the situation, we are very happy in the annual awards, gradually have the voice of women. Not only Hollywood Jennifer Laurence, Emmahuasen, Patricia Sia Aquit can speak for women, everyone has the obligation to break the sexual norms, to imagine a more equal world. (same field Gayon: let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the winning speech!) Patrick Sia Aquit: "Woman, it is time for their own struggle!" ")

A professional and literate workplace, need not "man" or "woman", but the ability of people.

Let gender Freedom: Taiwan girl Day, want you to respond together!