This year from the "young age" of the Oscar supporting actress-Patricia Sia Aquit, how to use two words to arouse the whole audience cheers. let's hear it together!

"addressed all the women and all the taxpayers and citizens who have given birth to this country, we have fought for the rights of others. Now is the time for American women to have equal pay and equal rights. "
To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen the this nation, we have the for fought else ' s everybody rig HTS, it's our my time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.

At this year's Academy Awards ceremony, Patricia Sia Aquit (Patricia Arquette) won the best Supporting actress in "young age", Patrick Sia Aquit, who plays the role of a divorced mother struggling with two children in his youth, is a fine illustration of a single modern workplace woman. In fact, such a role and she has been divorced from the real life of two times quite similar meaning, in the award published, Patricia Sia Aquit thanked all the people who helped her, and finally give this honor to all women.

this time the best supporting actress in addition to Patrick Sia Aquit, Emasdon to "bird" for the first time in the Oscar awards, finalists and Oscar-winning actress-Meryl Streep Meryl Sreep (Magical Black Forest) and Laura Deng Laura Dern ( at that time, I was only brave. and Kee Lanatri Keira Knightley ( Imitation Game). Patricia Cheers, the entire audience, the next 19 Oscar nominated actress Mei Aunt is loudly applauded.

Applause rang at that moment, the television in front of us feel passion and delight, for the 46-Year-old in Hollywood played for nearly 30 years of Patricia Sia Aquit, also for her voice speech for women.

It ' s our times.

It's time for us to work hard for ourselves. Patricia Sia Aquit in the world to watch the Oscar awards on the "Women's rights and interests", she will be long-term for a variety of disadvantaged women, but also for their own efforts! It reminds us of the gradual rise of "women's rights" in recent years, including a Emmahuasen United Nations speech and Beyonce's tireless efforts to speak for women. Thank them for their advocacy, so that women's voice more attention, but we also do not forget that feminism is not the trend, not follow the popular cry, we need real implementation, really understand the social situation as women, other disadvantaged. Not only praise, but also come forward! (Extended reading: Malala, Allempe ji, kee Lanatri!) 20,146 time for a woman's counterattack )