Women fans and " Plant Theater " series of cooperation, walk through the " Love Sandstorm " came to "tea hydroxyindole." Rainie alone burden, interpretation of the swing in the workplace and the family between the women, if there are two versions of life, you think the parallel space-time of what kind of life? Let's listen to Rainie to talk about their life and love view. Into the showbiz more than 10 years, she layer of layer tore off the label of the media, with the professional acting, and singing strength, let all people rainie this name. (Recommended reading: Rainie: "With the best of the state to face every little thing in life")

She is Rainie, the Taiwanese showbiz all know the name.

Rainie has a few nickname is very interesting, fans like to shout her Cheng elder brother, Lao Yang, so stylish nickname, is also Rainie give me the impression. Before the arrival of Rainie, photography eldest brother said: "She ah, I took the big from childhood, and now grow up." "It is very clever to say that this interview talks about a lot of rainie changes, she often mentioned, is grown up ah."

Rainie from the women's group started, because the lovely leader of the red, in the past decade, the media or shout Rainie cute guru. She said very embarrassed, but also grateful for the name, I asked you how you want others to remember you? She said with certainty: "My name is OK, I am who." "(Recommended reading: not afraid of me and the world is not the same, my name is Xu Fang )

I'm not just a cute guru, I'm Rainie.

Rainie said: "I am afraid that the media to instill in the audience I have been" the same way, because I am trying to let people like me to see my different face, these hard I hope not because a title easily be obliterated. 」

I asked you what you think the name gave you? She said: "I because it succeeds, also because it has the burden." This name means at the time is very deep, only then shout for ten years, because it I have in the audience heart style. "You are afraid of your baby's face being shaped," says Cheng Lin, who started out as a child. 」

She has always believed that no one has experienced growth will be the same: "Even if your skin, facial features or long so, your eyes will be different, cheat people." "For ten years Rainie has been growing with this questioning, so she dug deeper into her potential:" I also hope that my fans like me, can always enthusiasts. So I want to bring them in love, I do not want to remain unchanged. 」

"Lovely guru, that is my name, is the public know my title, now I do not need a title, I Am Me." 」

So we remember the Rainie, is the Shanghai Sweet Heart, is the Linxiao, is the Zheng, also has the unique smell the host, from sings "ambiguous" The confusion, arrives "the ring said" the vast, does not need the coronation, the Rainie name is enough to explain her all. Cute, just her one out of 10,000 beautiful qualities. (same field Gayon: from "ambiguous" to "Ring said", Rainie Song Has your youth )

I want to act like a very proud piece of the audience.

Cheng Lin said that many of her supporters had been blaming her for not taking the play, but as long as they read "Cha hydroxyindole" they understand.

"If I just go to pick up the same stuff, or if I'm making a lot of money, I don't think they'll be proud of it, and even if they like you, they still have a lot to ask for." I want to play a piece that they will be proud of. 」

"Tea Hydroxyindole" so came, and waited for five years of this drama, she said, I privilege, can play such a part. For the first time with Wang and Xu Xian Court cooperation, she did not read, told the brokerage company: "This play I want to answer, to give them a few days, money do not ask me, my goal is that I want to play." 」

The script's most touching of Cheng Lin is its realism, the play allowed her to play a realistic role in the past that she did not play in her role as an actress: "It starts with women's lives, explores the choices that everyone faces at the intersection of life, and as a woman, I certainly have a lot of feelings for women, and this character spans 26-34 years, and I just 32, I can understand the situation that the more than 20-year-old is facing, and can imagine himself after a few years. "(You will like: Love is to keep the freedom of Loneliness!") Nine things you should know in love with an independent woman

What label do you have besides the idol star?

Rainie five years do not pick up the play of the empty period, afraid of their own play not good script, bad Taiwan drama Circle. For her now, acting is a satisfaction: "I do not work as an actor, I am really involved in the role and the plot, I want to understand all this, I want to know more about myself." "

I asked her how she viewed the Taiwan drama environment. She does not want to break the argument, only hope to be responsible for the actors: "I want every actor to know that if you want to act, you will be an actor." I still see more idol star, of course I may also be called idol out, but at least my past mentality, will not be put this in the front (Cheng Lin type of laughter to fill in: Indeed I am the idol of Beauty). 」

What she means is that people can't resist what others are going to do with your label, but what labels do you have besides an idol star? "The audience can see, you have to believe you have the ability to play better." No matter how the environment, we must have a sense of responsibility, not just the pursuit of good pictures. "In her face I see very sincere expectations, gestures are full of vision of the actors."

"I do not believe that Taiwan has no talent, as long as we are in any industry, we can maintain a little of our own bone, the so-called bad environment, may be better." 」

Three Niang: You believe in yourself is the real

"The responsibility of being an actress is what she has been pursuing," says Cheng Lin. So I did not take the long film in Taiwan in five years, I received the "Rolling Stone love Story" last year, but I picked a most ordinary and the most light plot, that is most of us, there is no vigorous little people, I want to find their ordinary in extraordinary. 」

"Tea Hydroxyindole" in the Zheng is also such a girl, Cheng Lin talk about Zheng: "She is a, passers-by." Find a similar job, talk about stable love, as if the same age, seems to be able to get married. But suddenly a job opportunity, she would like to see if she can be different. "I said that Zheng body of the extraordinary is what?"

"I think I gave it to her," said Linda, who never wanted to be rejected. "The relationship between the actor and the character is that you will find yourself in the character and will give the character a different soul." 」

Zheng is the comfort of the status of the girl, so when the life of people have a great turn of the special pain, Zheng life There are two options, program a: Choose the workplace independent women, happiness but not landing; Plan B: To love the land, into the family. She walked on the parallel line of space-time and developed two lives.

It seems to be closer to plan A, she says, and she said she was very aggressive: "Look at me now, I'm definitely a woman, I like to push myself to the wall." "said Rainie is desperately three Niang not for too, I asked her to have no because of her own attempt heart confused:" I used to know that people like me cute, but almost time is really enough, I will cut off the hair. They never accept the crash until they like me short hair, do you know why in the middle? "(Recommended reading:" psychological therapist to heal the song sheet "tear the label!) The world needs a little more real smile )

When she got serious, my next question was forgotten, because the eyes that projected the sun's rays were too focused: " what you look like is much more important than what someone else is doing to you." you have to believe in yourself, you believe that you are doing the right thing, and the way you show it, people will agree. 」

On the road of Love, remember to thank yourself

For Rainie, "tea hydroxyindole" one of the challenges is to interpret two kinds of life, because they are attributes of independent girls, the first deduction into the family girl, she did not have a view.

"I think no matter what kind of life choice, as long as to be worthy of their own good." The show's Plan B Zheng let me first have a motherly love, many people love my body's maternal radiance. Although Zheng to choose the family after looks like more ordinary, but she has a lot of fortitude charm. "Look to the life of program A," said Cheng Lin: "Women in earnest, spell in the end, will emit an irreplaceable beauty." 」

No matter which way you choose, the play doesn't give the standard answer, because the answers are in your heart. "Tea Hydroxyindole" more like the tolerant to say, hey, in fact, your life is also very good, not with parallel time and space of their own contest. Like the one that Cheng Lin liked most about Ben: " Let's not regret it." "

This sentence, she is very solid word bite. She said not to regret, is the best respect for life.

"In the play, it seems to be with the male lead, but I feel as if Wei is in dialogue with herself, tell plan A and Plan B life, once we choose, we do it." 」

I asked Cheng Lin, what kind of love would you choose? She said: "Both for me are very extreme, the choice to enter the family, such as EU too selfless, another woman such as Wei and too self-willed selfish." I think to take the middle balance, I am more accustomed to protect themselves in love, but this is a reminder, in doing a lot of pay, I want to turn back to thank myself. "(You'll like it: The old sister who will eventually become: run with me, don't be the stumbling of each other )

"It's important for me to declare myself," he said. Do not swallow, let oneself internal injury, also can not only use self-willed express demand. "Cheng Lin also hope that the dear girl, don't forget in love, leave room to return to oneself, leave space for oneself to thank."

Live in life: If I had only work, I would have wasted my life.

Perform a refinement of the life of the essence of the play, Rainie just out of the "Ring said," Like the fate of the match with the play, became the "Tea Hydroxyindole" title song. I asked, "What does it mean to be dead and alive in love?" She spit out what the record company really meant. Cheng Lin's own humor, like her unique style of hosting, do not have to be the most words of the person, but there is the ability to instantly loosen the heart.

For her, this song is not just for love, more like the story of life, Green Peak wrote words like the best dialogue with the play, Cheng Lin said this song belongs to everyone: "People in the birth, will experience a lot of traces, step by step learning, growth, to live their own." Ring is to let you not see the exit and the entrance, so you do not know the impact of life at which time, you will go backwards. Would you have met the same person again? 」

So many question marks, how does Cheng Lin solve it? She has a distinct personality, said she is afraid of unknown, strong control has been to the past two years has been a change: "I try to let myself abandon the default stance, worry about what to do next, try to meet the life of the surprise, try to fly to rush." 」

It was not easy for her to fly enjoy, for she had been the one who took off on the route. In the past she has been living in the work, she said very deep: "From a long time ago, listen to the national teacher said, the actor is to live a good life." When you really have a good life to act, you will understand why, you will be more empathetic. 」

Beginning to live, she learned to give up more tasks as a chance: " if I have been tied up in my work, I have wasted my life." I think I should stay down, like "Ring said" lyrics, time to pause, and then continue. It is true that we should all stop and see what else will happen. "(You will like:" Deng-wen "to get to zero: to find the life balance of the initiation ceremony )

"Less money to make less exposure, but I was in exchange for the promotion of my life, I have a better relationship with family and friends, I fully know what is an actor." 」

Release weakness and start to be strong

How do you become an actress? One of the biggest growth in 10 years seems to be knowing how to cry. She said that when she was just an actress, it was hard and funny to cry in the mirror. Crying, not to cultivate the lacrimal gland developed just, is to know how to release their own weakness: "I was not crying to solve anything and expression, the more sentimental moment, I force myself." I used to be afraid that others would see me cry because I was not fit to be stubborn. 」

The resistance of the past, because the experience of life is tolerant, she understands that Rainie will not choose to cry at this moment, does not mean that others will not. The most miserable time in the life of Cheng Lin, all put into the play, love profound feelings, she left to the role, feedback to the audience.

"I used to have a line. NG, the wrong bit, it will be very uncomfortable." When I started to face life, I sharpened my sharpness. And because I found that I had so many different looks. Originally I can cry to can't, ache to can't, then stand up again. 」

She is a handsome also whims of the girl, was shouted Cheng brother is very reasonable, rainie things neat, see the pictures of the press quickly, there is a justice temperament, face the world's malicious unwilling to silence. You may also notice that whenever there is a gender, gay, human rights-related current affairs, the reporter will ask rainie how to see. For she is a man who does not bow to power, a man who is not afraid of the worldly, and a man who does not throw gossip.

Pain to not, and then stand up, this is rainie attitude to life of the simple words. She is like tea hydroxyindole this kind of flower, in the spring, it is the last blossoming, is attributed to the plain before the brilliant burst, Rainie is in bloom, only open in their own head.