Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Yesterday is Taiwan Girl Day, because this topic, the female fan content to do a lot of preparation, from film to invite celebrity response, to the community spread, many partners desperate to lend a helping hand. This is not my first time to do a project, but the topic on the line that moment, still have the same moved.

The reason for this project is very simple, we hope that every girl can shout the sentence: "My name is ___, I am ____." 」

But this is what women have been doing five years ago--so that every girl can do what she wants. The same thing that we did for five years. The project and implementation of this topic is not enough, but enough to convince everyone that as long as they want to do, not afraid of impossible. See the page's Reader's message, also let me understand those I spend the time, are very value-she can freely show lust, she can proudly say that she is a transgender girl, she can share her age, she can be magnanimous to say: Yes, I am excellent.

In women fans, anyone can be my role as a topic-making topic, as long as you want to. Willing to find resources, to find stories, to find media channels for good content. In the pre-production period, I tried to concatenate a lot of exposure media, but time was tight, and not everyone was able to work together on a project that was not as predictable as it was at such a short, stressful time. At that time, my friend in the female fan often said a word affect me very deep-no desire is just, next, I want to share the story without desire.

"Taiwan Girl's Day" is a bit sensitive, because the word "Taiwan", even if the topic does not have the political meaning, just hope that we can see the girl's hundred states, we are still a lot of celebrities declined. Back and forth several times, I decided to put aside the desire to make the most of the exposure, so I had the next move. I decided to invite a few women fans who had interviewed the interviewees, they are duty-bound, without a second doubt to agree.

A daze woke up in the morning, the topic on line every day, see Natalie, Jiang, Shei, Jin, their own initiative to share the topic, I can not help but a little want to cry.

Why are these people willing to help us without pay?

In this exchange of resources to be effective and have the number of feedback in the era, it turns out that we do one thing, but also unconditionally be supported, trusted, believe that the kind of simple words, in my near tears to get the best example.

I embrace the Thanksgiving, thank them for their selflessness, thank the people who are willing to put the story to our hands, but also thanks to the women and the partners along the way, we have a solid effort.

In the title of homicide now, we decided to create their own style of the title, each title has an editorial brainstorming; in the era of real-time news, we insisted on spending two hours doing a deep interview with a person, and spending at least four hours to finish it. In the content farm pursuit of the network environment of traffic, each of our articles, have repeatedly examined, picky about a word, to examine their own ideology.

So every person who has worked with a woman's fans, without explanation, can trust us completely.

I like to have no desire is just this sentence, women fans have been doing things like this. The influence we want is not for everyone to listen to us, but to expect the reader to love a woman and keep questioning all the time, no matter how much suspicion you have, but also the value of the heart.

No desire is just, from the "Analects of Confucius": The sea is the capacity of hundreds of rivers, Bili no desire is just. With less self-interest, there is righteously.

Two years ago I entered a woman who was obsessed with writing a passage in her own codex, at that time was watching a film, read the long Roll card feeling, a few days ago accidentally turned, feel very lining mood: "Three Songs of time passed, they are still grateful for the common help to achieve this film everyone." We say filming is a group of people, we are always being looked after, be a bento, be a real time rain, be a certain look, carry the environment to our limited conditions, and we embrace the infinite possibility, the fate of the time, remind yourself to humble, to receive their blessings. 」

I want to share that word with the people who have the ideal:

It is never wrong to do the right thing.

Let gender Freedom: Taiwan girl Day, want you to respond together!