Why do we read ? Reading is to step out of one's own independent life in speculative thinking. In the rapidly changing life, we look forward to uphold their own thinking , to maintain the innocence of their own. See "Bluebird Bookstore" Independent series Part.1〈 reading will go to where? Find a corner of yourself in reading . (Recommended reading: cultivate the ability to think independently!) Five good reasons to fall in love with reading

"The reason why a man will think independently of himself is that he has found another in his mind, a form of freedom to live in the world." -Hanna E-Orchid

What is independence to you? Why is it particularly difficult to maintain independence in the 21st century, when the object is high speed and information explosion? Let's talk about reading this.

Independence is the freedom to exercise your will through thought. Because you cannot be copied by the data of the thinking loop, because you try to question the life of all things, and therefore have freedom. Independence is, again bad times, you can decide to walk the posture.

Over the past two years, independent bookstores have sprung up, and many people have a vision, a clumsy obsession, and the possibility of being a little different in the contemporary business-era. Charisan is one of the independent curators who have the insight into the world in the ego. 30 years old, she left the life of the group's life plan, into the film and television industry, to become Houdijan "bookstore in the video poem" Project leader, she met the bookstore this peach garden. From "Reading music bookstore" to "Bluebird Bookstore", she put all her savings, or romantic, she put the most beautiful things in life here. (same field Gayon: 30-Year-old fresh people!) Interview Music Bookstore Store Chief Charisan: When you have nothing, you only have the original intention )

"Bluebird Bookstore" for the Hinterland of Freedom

For Charisan, the Jade Bird Bookstore is a place for the free existence, located in Huashan, the sun shines into the green vine of space, watching people read, perhaps that is a bluebird in the pursuit of happiness process. (Recommended reading:"Charisan reading sidelights" Jade Bird Bookstore, so that the original intention and trust to become the value of the Times )

What does it mean to talk about independence? Charisan says it is a pluralistic form of survival.

"The competition and consultation between ideal and business is the dynamic relationship between the combination of culture and capital, which contains economic, social and cultural significance." By making every choice in accordance with their attitude and environment, the actors are changing positions between the two extremes of the spectrum "most independent" and "the most mainstream", and the line between independence and popularity is thus dissolved and there are many possibilities. We hope that from the book, film, music and other industries to face, through the different positions of practitioners, so that different views and attitudes continue to dialogue, so as to find your own independent definition. 」

How to maintain independence through bookstores?

By reading speculative, we create a posture of being alone and clustered. In the city we need to belong to their own corner, to smooth the restless soul. The Bluebird is such a place.

Beginner's mind in for everyone to make room for the mind, "Bluebird Bookstore" will also launch a series of independent lectures without charge. From reading to all kinds of carrying ideas of the carrier: film, music, urban landscaping and so on. From the book to extend the hinterland of thought, so that people have a space for dialogue. With the reading, fingers touch the smell of the new book, The Spirit to untie, with dialogue, the knowledge is soft crawling comb, thinking has come to and from the road.

Independence is the process of "knowing" and "doing". "Bluebird Bookstore" Independent series Part.1〈 reading will go to where? I wish you could meet a good book in your books. (Recommended reading:"Charisan reading sidelights" Jade Bird Bookstore, so that the original intention and trust to become the value of the Times )

Independent series Part.1〈 where is reading going? 〉

In the face of the digital wave, fast and convenient information grab mode, change the reader's reading habits. Let's rethink and read why? Where did the reader go? Do people still need paper? What else can a bookstore be? After mediation, how will the roles of publishers, bookstores and writers change and what new opportunities arise? We will ask questions from different angles of the industrial chain and discuss the competing relationships between online and offline. Where did the reader go?

▶ discussion on the problems of the children

-Independent bookstore spirit of independence?
-In the era of runaway media, bookstore positioning?
-to mediate, the role of publishers, bookstores, writers and the emergence of new opportunities?

▶ and talking about people

Zhang Tiezhi

Renowned cultural and political commentators, who have written for many years in the major media in Taiwan and China, have been focusing on the international political economy, the current general advisor of the Reading Bookstore, the chief advisor of the Digital Age magazine, the co-founder and advisor of the reporter, and the moderator and editor-in-chief of "political questions". A new book, "The Age of Combustion: independent culture, youth generation and public participation". The Voice and the Fury: Can rock and roll change the world? , "Rebel Gaze", "the noise of the Times" and other books.

Chen Xiamin

Born in Taoyuan in 1980, an independent publisher, who lived in Indonesia, still believed in blood and friendship and also believed in love. With the editor of your life, "what those passengers taught me", "flying kick, ugly cry, white nose Hair", translated Hemingway's works "The Sun Still Rises", "Our Time", "a clean and bright place: Hemingway's short masterpiece election" and the Philippine rural novel "Dad's Laughter".

Old cat

Chenyingqing, 25 years old, entered the publishing industry, experienced a variety of cross-sectoral work, including editing, business, marketing and so on. Former Taipei Owl Publishing house President, editor-in-chief of the "Nature Collection series", "Owl Study" and "Science Fiction Propulsion Laboratory" and other books, won the Golden Tripod Award and the Media Annual Good Book Award. Long-term attention to the publishing industry and on the Internet under the pseudonym of the old cat to share observation and experience, and the Assembly of the book "Old Cat Science Publishing."

Time L 2016/10/31 19:00-21:00 (18:30 open admission)
Location L Huashan Arch Hall (100 Taipei Zhongzheng District Bade Road, 1th)
Participate in the way l do not need to register, free admission

▶ Theme Push Book

"Revolution and Poetry", Chen Fangming, engraving

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