The temperature is getting low, and the body instinctively wants to ingest a lot of high calorie food to keep the body warm. With fewer activities, the winter really makes it hard to resist the temptation of food, but also the season of fat meat.We want to share with you how we eat healthy and beautiful in winter, so we don't have to worry about ingesting too much heat and grease.Through the nutritional value of the food itself, it is natural and healthy to discover the natural beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the US.

medlar wine brewing

a good food for girls and is a good
, and a carbohydrate and a natural hormone that is very suitable for girls.The alcohol component in it can also improve the circulation of the blood, but it will not cause people to get drunk. Therefore, the cold winter is no longer afraid of cold hands and feet. Apart from this, there is a lot of improvement in the birth of a pregnant woman who can help to make milk so that the baby can ingest more high-quality milk and help to restore the physical strength of the baby.

The advanced wine brewed eggs that we are recommending today are the addition of the "medlar"!The Chinese wolfberry is often a good prescription for liver and kidney, and is rich in vitamin A, which protects the eyes. It can make it possible for a long period of indirect tactile control.



1. First, boil the two bowls of water

2. Add one or two tappoon breweries

3. If you cook it, you can hit the egg.

4. Add a moderate amount of medlar and a few sugar

5. Finish a bowl of nutritious and tasty wolfberry-brewed egg for the last time!

Womany's tips:

The girl is eating over the previous week, has a very effective chest development and maintenance, and helps the skin and makes you fall in love with yourself!This food supplement can also be eaten daily.