"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. This week we listen to Miss Sports talk about the fun: moving, not to thin for good health, more like to see yourself "you have the strength to prop up life" appearance. (same field Gayon:"Miss Sports" pushed herself to a desperate situation, so much more powerful to come alive )

I am not a sports person, it is a shame to call myself Miss Sports shyness. My colleagues know that I haven't been out for five minutes, shouting for lunch, and yelling, "Are you coming?" It must be me.

But this week I started picking up a little bit of exercise for my team. Content Lab each week has a chairman, to show you the current events, the opening before the editor can be impromptu to do a little brain warm-up, such as the editor has brought everyone to read French, blush editor Anunnaki every day bring red blush little knowledge.

It is common to see the editor sitting in a chair for more than 10 hours every day, and I think that the debt should be done in the morning. Before opening a whole day of work, set aside 5 minutes of gymnastic time for yourself and watch the TV screen dance. The first day first to give everyone the first-order, day by day with difficulty, my own heart is also struggling, thinking: "This I can jump?" 」

But always jump to say, can't keep up with the tempo, with the hands and feet are indifferent. Mistakes with the rhythm of the boat soon after the water without trace, leaving the sweat is true.

Yesterday we jumped the Tabata, originally thought that fool fooled on the past, but this set of gymnastics is to be true. 1.1 To give you the "I can Do" praise, so you are a group of actions to stick to finish. (although put off a few beats, ah, never mind, two beat did not do, the next six beats will do well.) )

Tabata's rule is this: "high-intensity exercise 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, lasting 8 cycles, a total of 4 minutes." "The name of 4 minutes of instant sweating, it has been walking in rivers and lakes for many years, become people training arm, leg, nuclear Heart group aerobic exercise."

I think it's like a day when a woman is loaded with bullets.

Before I started, I said, please open your hands and extend yourself a comfortable hinterland, like work to understand your position rather than position, open your hands, try how far you can stretch, imagine how far you want to touch.

In the middle of the movement, we have to run like a planet, with a fulcrum between each other, a set of actions, and a loop to change position. Sometimes in the former, sometimes after, tabata attention to the spirit of the partner, action to look back and see the person with whom you act.

Moving with people seems to make this tiring thing a lot more interesting. Someone stares at you, and every strength has an audience to admire. Before the body again Shen didn't want to exercise to make the body better, but laugh at the side of our butterfly sleeve shaking, cheer the spirit of life, is really a very lovely thing.

I didn't move to sculpt myself, but to exercise my life.