single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The one who's always shouting "for your own good" will never really understand you? The so-called security, not to bind our world together, if you really want to love, dear, I never want you to give me the world, I want us to face the world, still do not forget holding hands, the world, is always my own. (Recommended reading: single diary: I need not shoulder, but let me fly to the mind)

Ruthless, and that mouth is always shouting "I am for You" boyfriend broke up, she felt that she finally breathed fresh air, never so free.

She remembered how she had come over the past three years, and she had persuaded herself to be happy, someone who loved someone, and she had departed from all her desire for herself, and she had almost forgotten her shining eyes.

She lives very little because she loves him.

I was for your own good, so he asked her to give up her job in Shanghai and stay with him. He said I was hurting you, reluctant to you in that distant demons are desperately, and if our love can not endure long distance to do?

I'm doing it for your own good. So he said to work for a few more years, you quit the job, I raise you, you do not do anything, at home when my wife, his face triumphantly feel that this is love, but did not hear her say, "but I like to work ..."

I am for you, so he wants to be her world, to give her all he has the best, but never seriously asked her what she really want, he said you are not talking when the most lovely, put her arms, she felt creepy.

When she told him the day he broke up, he was so surprised that he didn't even want to accuse her of falling in love with someone, and said, you'll never find a man like me who loves you.

She light a smile, leisurely dropped next, love is not so, three years, if you love me, why you never want to have a good understanding of me?

They broke up, that day she was happy, she is no longer his beautiful doll, no longer need to hold his hand to laugh, all her longing for life, gently back to her life. Family unavoidably recites a few words, said she gave up a good man, only she knows, she is very hard to find their own.

Dear, if you love me, I do not want you to give me the world, I want us to face the world, see the world's beauty and ugliness, still do not forget holding hands.

Dear, if you love me, you will know, you have your life, I also have mine, we met is to love, not to condescend.

Dear, if you love me, you will be willing to let me, the conscience is only my own.