single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "Your name" movie theater aggressively, painting wind exquisite, plot describes a pair of men and women, Fan and Gongshui three-leaf Soul interchange story. Director of the new Hai-Cheng said inspiration from the small Wild small Cho and song, "The Dream meet people disappear, if know is the dream why wake Up", they met in time and space break, wake up, there is no love luck? (Recommended to you: single diary: "Your Name" wherever you are, I will go to see you again )

How to remember your name? Write in the palm of the hand with Mike's pen, or repeatedly recites in the heart? How do you remember your memory and make sure you can remember it? How to let meet and love, not lost to time?

When the comet lights up the night sky, people are still awake, the three leaves and the end at the same time raised his head, fell into the space-time break, with the rope into the code, to the strange body netizens, sure if meet each other, absolutely can recognize each other.

Soul swaps, long because the three leaves become soft, three leaves because of the long learned to speak for themselves, she is he has done the best of a dream, he is she walked the furthest adventure, they have the body of each other, empathy staggered life, everything is different.

He did not want to forget, but fate could not. He heard someone ask, "Do you remember, my name is called three leaves." "He occasionally tears, in the distant town to wake up alone, feel lost too important things, but can't think of her name."

She timidly came to his city, far away from Tokyo, through all the current means of transport, her facial features, holding a little bit may be able to meet his luck. The city was large, but her eyes were attentive, and she brought her to him, and she left him the knot, and next time, you would hold my name in the palm of my hand.

The original love of a person, his memory will become a part of your life. Love is the break of time, I love you, to disturb the order of time, have not enough now, want to occupy your past and future.

Imagine you, feel you, become you, time reciprocating, overlapping recombination, interwoven into knots, tied to hair tips and tied in the wrist, I want us to be together.

In the middle of the night, in the windy days to walk forward, in the dusk waiting for your nasal polyps, perhaps one day, we will gradually forget what they are looking for, but to determine, the crowd, you must be there, you are my most yearning scenery.

I believe that one day we meet, the soul will tremble, we will not be separated, our love will not lose time. I will take many years of regret to you, gently ask you, "I have seen you somewhere?" "Like the first love that year, ask your name again."