You/us, how long have you not heard your heart?

Performed in the unconscious black hole, it has to peel off the layered vanity to recover our lost/forgotten heart-the hot-beating heart-Franco's intersection with my own, a rich five-point feast, to find the sound of heart.

starring the [Seymour Flemming Dance] and [Little Wild Blossy ' Cooperatives] . Semera "Semilla" means "seed" in Spanish.The significance of this is not only because every single one of the group is the seedlings of the Flamenco world, but also because of the vision that the Flemming song will grow and grow stronger in the Taiwan area.Thus "seeds" became the nouns of the Sainia Flamingo Dance Ensemble, and became the verb that continued to disperse the passion of the company!

wild flower dance cooperative , also known as La Gianita (the Spanish "Gypsy Girls"), hopes to bring the most traditional, traditional flamenco dance performance to the Taiwanese audience, and to create a young and energetic flamenco dance performance in Taiwan. The three women who fell in love with the flamenco Buddha, Hung Wei, Li, Chen, and Franco-Franco were all the same for the dream of a flamenco dream.It has a footprint in the North, Japan, the United States, and the Franco dance studio, workshops, and arts festivals in Spain.At present, we are stationed in Taipei to promote and promote the artistic exchange between the Buddha and the Buddha!


Munro Performance rounds: 2012/03/24 14:30, 2012/03/24 19:30, 2012/03/25 14:30 2012/03/25 19:30 2012/03/24 19:30

Munro Systems

Munro Performance Team: The Mundo Performance Team at Kuling Street, Kuling Street, 5 Kuling Street, Taipei

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[Heart Like Puzzle]

A performance that must never be missed before the end

Explosive line-up gives your senses and souls a rebirth once again!

Co-hosts: Le Box La caja de music
R.CN handwork

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