Interviews with the big Turtle and week, marriage equality this way, you must be their story is not unfamiliar, we want to take you real see, such a family, years of quiet good, happy how moving.

They were together for 17 years, from the small head of love to each other life the first white hair, then, two children came to the world, they are every day by the tender noise awakened, five o'clock in the afternoon to pick up the children school, Daily necessities, crying laugh, you say this is not happy ending is what? (same field Gayon:"See Comrade" Wang Tianming x He Xiang: 30 years so fast, we forget in the blink of an eyes )

But the parties must say that it is not finished. This is the story of the Big Turtle and the JoJo, they are a lesbian partner, seven years ago in Canada for artificial reproductive surgery, August 2014 turtle JoJo to the Vaseline District Court for adoption, hope and children are not related to the blood of the turtle can become their legal family, this is the first case of a lesbian for adoption.

In the social transport, need to voice the scene, without them, the turtle said, I do not know how long we have to say, received a few interviews, experience a number of party rotation, to wait until marriage equality.

You don't love me anyway, what do you care about me?

I came to the House of the tortoise and JoJo, they chat with me while setting up live equipment, the turtle said it is to give the Chinese audience to see, they like to show others, this family is how to live, there are some efforts to earn, so the people in the Dark Ark, not lonely.

JoJo from a young school, and girls approached, like them this matter has never hesitated. But the big turtle once because oneself likes the girl this matter to feel the fear, thinks oneself is the monster, until once met the new friend, sees the big turtle short hair neutral appearance, asked him: "You T yo?" The turtle replied, "The shrimp is a T?" 」

Friends lost the underground publication "Girlfriend" to the turtle, so launched her lesbian career.

"What you are, what is, be honest with yourself." "They are not the same as their own identities, they don't feel like they are changing, they are returning to their true self."

The turtle never knows how many times he comes out of the closet, and every day he goes out with a stranger: "The first sentence of our Taiwanese mother-in-law usually asks:" How much is the cost, and then say, you are very brave. 」

She said Taiwan's public sentiment is not as bad as we think, JoJo said: "Like their teachers in school now, when we communicate with the teacher, she said that she has brought such children abroad." She is very agree, just worried about the future, children encounter peers, children will encounter other children's parents strange vision. She even suggested that we take the children to live abroad. 」

The Great turtle and JoJo evade such kindness, they want in their own home, their own Taiwan, live justly. (Recommended reading: The true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

The turtle said why care about those who do not love you? You don't love me anyway, what do you care about me?

I never thought that homosexuality could make life so good

Both encourage comrades to come out and they believe that if conditions are available, they will become good textbooks. I asked about the history of the two men's out of the cabinet, are long-term resistance.

When the turtle was young, he was a boyish boy, and his family grew accustomed to it: "You look at my appearance to know (refers to neutral appearance), I was a child on this virtue, the high school when the love letter, mother saw very dumbfounded, my parents shocked also scared, Dad knew very angry, slapped me a slap, he didn't hit me from childhood. Later, I was more silent about my sexuality, until I had a baby and they were getting used to it. 」

Big Turtle and JoJo together 17 years of days, the family saw them well, joint venture together, two people tried to let family know, regardless of gender, this person can give me happiness. After a good two days, they want to be more greedy, the turtle said that after the death of his mother, his life brought two changes: "I began to think about whether I can have a home, so want to have their own children, I think I have the ability to live happier." "The other one, then, was when the father of the big Turtle suffered a sudden widowhood, become more empathetic:" Dad understands my situation better, and I remember him saying, "I never thought you could make your life so good," and I heard that.

The turtle paused for a moment, only to say that he was happy, because this recognition is more rare. (same field Gayon: Flip the elite thinking!) Interview Lu Xinjie: "We should have the freedom to make our own best version")

After this, and "the other's family out of the closet" is another thing, JoJo said he and the turtle together after seven years, only to get her mother's support: "Family help lubrication is very important, my sister-in-law has been helping us communicate, the first time to meet with my nephew, at least the scene is not out of control." Then my mother is slowly accept him, know him, become a very good friend. 」

The Turtle recalls his mother's first impressions of the week and his fear: "I think she wants to kill me." "It is a normal day to carry JoJo home, riding down the downhill of her home, weeks mother big shape one second stand out, tell the big turtle:" You, no longer with her dealings. 」

The big turtle allowed good, but still continued to carry JoJo home daily.

As long as two people fall in love, they can make a home.

Have their own home, the Big turtle JoJo began to teach children: "As long as two people in love, you can form a home." 」

They come to visit the family has many gay parents, children's image of the family is not limited, JoJo also produced a test-tube baby story set, let the children understand how they came. I turned over the story, the winter snow, the Big turtle JoJo came to Canada, the temperature is much colder, but the heart is warm.

The child will also question the turtle: "Nose, why don't you wear a skirt?" "The turtle will be honest to tell the child:" I dressed like this makes me more comfortable, my mental gender is more like a boy. 」

The tortoise and the Monday hope that family education is completely concealed, the turtle said: "I took them out, people will ask, where the children mix (children are mixed), I will stop to come out of the ark, even if this is said thousands of times, because I want to teach my children, as long as the positive and sincere to tell the truth, to show your attitude well. 」

"In fact, our family and the general family is not different, we children are very skin, time is also to sleep, eat and drink to play ..." JoJo heard the turtle words smiled: "Our children really very skin." 」

The turtle joked like a two golden retriever, a trip to the destination, two children with a hand knife sprint to the outside to make them angry funny.

We want to tell the child justly: you are normal.

Extending from the spirit of the family to the streets, concern about the progress of the Court's Marriage equality, and the initiative, everything is to return to a family of equal rights.

The turtle said that the parents of the gay family are not afraid of the children suffering: "We have always felt that this matter is our topic, should not fall on the children." After the marriage affirmative passage, we can guarantee our rights and obligations. There are so many things in life that we can't fill out the guarantor, we must tell our children through legislation, we are normal, we should not be indefinitely delayed our lives. 」

I asked two, imagine home and marriage what is it like? JoJo said: "I think love and marriage is very different, in fact, I do not care about marriage that piece of paper." Was later born a child, regarding the child in the legal various rights, has two guardians to have the double protection, only then let me feel should want to marry. 」

Turtles also believe that marriage is not only a commitment to two people, but a family guarantee, back to the spiritual side, but also the life of the tie. "When I realize that if one day I die unexpectedly, I can't help my children because I have nothing to do with them legally." "(Extended reading: Gender Watch: Law ignores gay stories, no love, no room for Biansen )

How can it have nothing to do with children when they are watching over them while they are still in their mother's belly? Such a sad story, has been a gay family has no choice.

Kids start talking back, it's the biggest achievement.

The road ahead is difficult, but they are still alive and well. Two people together to start a business, together to maintain a home.

I asked what was the baby changed? The two people were all joking and said: "Not enough sleep." 」

JoJo smiled and continued: "The goal of life clearer, there are children more responsible for the future more positive, although the care of the child is very tired, the future of the view more expectations." "Big turtle hurriedly complement last week whole body for Mother's honor Heart, she said JoJo sense of responsibility is very strong, almost to have the degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder."

When a child is born in a confinement center, milking is like handing in a Test paper, the first time the turtle takes the breast milk of Zhou c.c to pay the counter, did not expect the next door to have a full jar of milk: "He also took the second can boom life on the table, I respect ah, go back to say to her, she every milking is super desperately." 」

JoJo said, can not lose ah, with his spell.

This is probably the can-do, with two people carrying two children to this step. Although they always love to joke with the child, more grateful to their own life, because the child is too skin, solitude time is not easy. But the turtle that sentence: "Look at each stage they slowly grow into their own appearance, and slowly talk back, there is a sense of achievement" is true.

You're my throttle, I'm your brake

Big Turtle and week, love slow down, a blink of an eye 17 years, two people from the most sentimental age to become a family, I asked you think the other side in their own life play what role?

The big Turtle said: "is a bed companion's role." Then we roared. "I'm optimistic, I'm a man of the imagination, and I'll think of a bunch of tricks." She is a person who will pull me, whether I am too optimistic or crazy, she can make me stop. So, she's my brake. 」

Zhou Zhouseng More passive, she said that the turtle is like the throttle of her life, give her the power to move forward. She has no sweet words in her mouth, you are my important family, has been the deepest confession.

The Turtle recalls his mother's death, his own fear, and the weeks of calm and naturally said, we will take care of and bear it: "She said, let me feel that life is difficult all people will be with me." At that time my mother broke down, my days broke down, this woman ran out to say, I help you carry half. This is probably the feeling, from the heart feel very lucky. "(You will like:" See Comrade "Lana & Cindy: I met you before I started my life )

You are my throttle, I am your brake, the sky collapses, two people can also carry together. This kind of life, love without fear, accompany forward. You say, what are they afraid of?

Interview this day, God also give them leave a moving scenery, located in the home of high-rise, floor-to-ceiling window sunshine, outside time just, looking out of the window, there is a rainbow, is for love brilliant.