Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Early in the morning, the author came to the message to explain his book plan, he said: "It is very good to have you, I am very grateful to women fans." When you came to me, I was feeling hurt and wanted to give up writing. But because of that plan, continue to write down, have the present opportunity of publishing. 」

He said a word, I am very deep. Because in the female fan continues to write, because uses the work to accompany own sadness, therefore understands one thing: "Even if nobody loves you, also do not give up the thing which you love." Keep doing what you love, you can continue to believe, you can slowly heal, find yourself, and continue to love the ability. 」

My night was baked Bong, heartfelt thanks to the woman fascinated all the writers, thanks to a group of people like me, with a full of gratitude.

The relationship between the female fans and the author is like this, we look at a piece of article, give the article to revise the suggestion, assist the author to plan the personal long column. We care about the writer's purpose, and we want to use the ability of a woman to help the author get where he wants to go. We may receive the author's need to revise the article before we eat and sleep, and then we turn on the computer.

Women are obsessed with the end of five years, not only not to give up the editor, more importantly, there is a group of authors do not give up. In many years of writing, I learned that the most important attitude is to not let go of myself. To write, everyone can, but to be qualified as a writer, need more fire hou.

I want to tell all the women who have been fascinated by the reader, the words you look at, the tears that have been touched, the articles that have been redeemed in disappointment.

He forced himself to stand up in pain, to poke himself through the wound, to turn his experience into a sympathetic chord with the reader; she was in the second position, staying up late writing a few nights a week, and he wanted the editor to push him relentlessly for every word, refining and refining his article. If others copied their words, they would write better. I can't copy the lining.

Most writers in this era are part-time, some write like odd jobs, others write as volunteers. No matter who, in the word industry workers poorly treated now, writing is a thankless task. Someone has written for 10 years without a book, and someone has published the first book and disappeared.

The only thing that continues to be written is that they do not write for the reader, not for the reading rate, but for their own shots.

I like these naïve people, they make me more convinced that the life of what to do, if there is strength to insist, why give up? If people always choose Bingyi, will only live a cheap life.

Living in a difficult world, what we need to do is not to change it, but not to change it.

I also want to be a woman fan author 〉〉 contributor woman fan Observer