"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. This week we may wish to discuss honestly, if the days are very busy, no time to exercise, no mind sports, what to do? And you will know that exercise has always been in the fight against their own inertia. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" accept the present oneself, can arrive farther baths )

During lunchtime, women are hooked on the first floor of the table. Talk about sports, all a face balsam pear, stuffy shout if busy up, exercise habit to shout card, one or two times interrupted, the body is lazy, lose inertia, sports life follow fall PAT.

How to choose a busy life and exercise? Today, the C that I wore in my sports costume "Yes Ah, I originally run three times a week, now even once a week is a luxury," and like to think of what it said, "but today, I must run to success." 」

is very domineering J provoked eyebrow to say, "You this group of Austrian maiden, more than 20 years old youth just, how is lazy to move, think elder sister more than 20 years old, a moment also don't want to rest." You're too lazy to move now, what about more than 30 years old? 」

I bowed my head and dared not speak, this two weeks busy, the week is not the mind movement, only the strength to sleep, only the holiday, on one or two times to the gym, with the newly found work out playlist, follow the rhythm step machine, less than half an hour to sweat. (Recommended reading: about 30 minutes of running: Practice your own date in daily life )

I'm going to write about Miss Sports, and I feel guilty. But on second thought, the honest face lazy to exercise oneself, is also a kind of practice. How to make sports as important as eating daily, there is practice necessary.

Exercise is never completely polished, not to take a few work out photos upload, not at the seaside do Yoga action, not the effort one months will grow the Sichuan character muscle, to the office of me, sports many times is with their own inert combat, with their own body to find any kind of reconciliation possible.

I think of a friend L, she is in the advertising company, work is also very busy, but sports to her more like efficient rest, she ran a run, a sweat, feel refreshed, you can fight again, face all the difficulties of life.

She laughs that she probably ran addicted to it, study what kind of running faster, the core of how to lift up, she set a stage for their goals, every day again busy want to stay time to run. She went on to say seriously, never thinking that a marathon could really change a person, she wanted to develop that kind of power.

Whenever I see her shiny eyes, I think of why I want to start sports, it is because, I also want to be like that person.