Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. " furnace " will be released in Taiwan, the people who have seen it is hard not to hate, but the film, finally hope that people no longer hold the hatred, but with more gentleness and action , to face the broken world. (same field Gayon: Escape the "Furnace", the campus silent Shout )

The boy stood on the right track, he was only 10 years old, the world has not seen, the life has been hopeless. Rather than live in a prison that is a terrible school, his soul and body would die on a railroad full of rust.

This is the first act of the furnace. Five years ago in South Korea, the "furnace" November 11 will be on the stage, causing many fans look forward to. Many fans are "itching and pain" in anticipation of the Furnace,"Furnace" adapted from Kong novel of the same name of a real story, when the release revealed the system and education habits, in South Korea caused shock, deaf school students were teachers collective sexual assault, authority of the ruthless and social indifference, Let the viewer's heart ache. (same field Gayon: me and my divorced mother three times!) Interview with South Korea's best-selling novelist Kong )

"Furnace" justice kills: If silence is sensible, rather cry

" Our failure is not to prove our incompetence, but to prove the color of the city, is black." --"Furnace"

Male protagonist Ggong to art teacher's identity came to the country Deaf school, step by step opened the old secret, also with his can't restrain justice, from weakness of his own solution set out. Perhaps the male protagonist and those who suffered from the teachers of sexual violence of the children are very similar, as the society can not sound at the bottom, and even sound will not have to stop the footsteps. Look at the scene of the scene of bloodshed, no one's heart can not hurt.

The girl's head was pressed into the washing machine, her seductive eyes too pure, the female teacher hated such ignorance. The boy's face was punched and bled by a fist in the palm of his hand, and he dared not hum a sound. They were brought into the headmaster's room, which was put in the high music, and were invaded by tears. (recommend you see:"Chen Jie 晧 special text" After the big sexual assault case is no longer silent: everyone's heart has lonely injured children )

He could not say that no one could believe a child who had no father or mother, but a heart that could still be torn apart by the body.

They take money to make you "sensible", from education to justice, the authorities are well-known by law, 摀 to live the mouth of the victim is tantamount to killing people. The power of interlocking school, a similar with the children ignorant teacher, the teacher may not live long enough, conscience has not been extinguished. He chose the latter before his own survival and his child's survival.

From the special education school in the south to the case of the minor sexual assault

We look at such a real can't bear to witness, but often take a cold shoulder through the day-to-day sexual violence.

I don't know if you remember, the Taiwanese education Foundation in 2013 has received complaints about child abuse cases by many staff members from the Tainan school in Taichung, but the schools have been confronted by the denial of facts and delays. Southern Special schools in the 2009~2011 two years, more than 300 students in more than 100 "health" sexual assault/sexual harassment cases, both the perpetrator and the victim are hearing impairment, ranging from small to senior three.

The sexual violence in the furnace is not fiction, but a lot of people's childhood. Male students raped female students pregnant, the headmaster told them to simply marry, the female students write notes, write a contact book to the teacher for help, but the teacher ignored, openly said that do not know, did not see.

After the Minister of Education apologized and replaced the principal and the Ombudsman for the impeachment of more than 10 dereliction of duty, the whole incident was like a ship without a trace of water, as if nothing had happened. The 2015 minority continued to be a signatory, but the only thing the "evil triumph" needed was the mere inaction of most good people. 2016 years later, our media and public then forgot about it, forgetting that many people continue to hurt others because of their contempt for sex. (same field Gayon: face the campus sexual assault!) TED: We're not supposed to live in a world where 99% rapists go unpunished.

It was once again discussed how to look at "victims" once again, when the major sexual assault, which everyone had talked about earlier, aroused public outrage. We have not yet created a more egalitarian gender environment, nor even a way for the victims to feel at ease and to survive. Today, there are still children who may be hurting or injuring others, and countless female students are being asked: "Do not think I do not know your passions flow." 」

Taiwan has a sex violence case every 3.5 minutes.

How do these wounds come? All power relations are returned to the gender structure. Layers of class division of the people, those who do not have the power to have no money without the claws of the overbearing people, are classified as the lamb to be slaughtered. In the power structure of the weakest children and women, can not sound of physical and mental disorders ..., has become the spirit of fame and fortune under the banner of Ghosts.

According to the WEIFAO survey, there is a case of sex violence in Taiwan every 3.5 minutes. In women's obsession with gender violence prevention and control of the hacker Loose Questionnaire survey showed that: every two people have experienced sexual violence, every 25 people, one person has been sexually abused. What do we trace back to the silence of the victims? Most of the following reasons: No safe traceability pipeline, fear of others strange vision, feel that they are wrong, fear of social acceptance, etc.

I watched the news of the 16-year-old Argentine girl being beaten to death and watched a violent case of sex violence in Taiwan. Deep desire for the road to the victims come soon, we also need a more secure gender protection network, but also to teach future children to gender respect, but also want to believe that we have the opportunity to live in a better world. (Extended reading: sex Watch: We could all be her!) 16-Year-old Argentine girl abducted and killed by rounds of violence

Justice is slow and we follow. To stare at the pain, to stare at the truth, to remember the tears of anger and flow, these are the nutrients that thrive against gender violence.

Facing such a fact, perhaps you are conscious of incompetence and find that a person's power is so insignificant that it is difficult to shake the numb system. But you can remember the "furnace" annotation: "We fight not to change the world, but to keep the world from changing us." 」

Finally, I would like to share with you, "Furnace" the film has been the predecessor of attention.

The real-life attempt to rescue the protagonist as a lawyer, he dragged three children on the road to fight cancer for seven years, even if the evidence still cannot make the other side executed. Suicide, leaving the suicide note on the network spread, only to arouse concern.

To turn his own life into the body of the system, that was his last words.

"Change gender violence, participate in gender violence decoding program!" "

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