Close your eyes. Think about it. What is the life of a 16-year-old girl?The 16-year-old daughter of Argentina's high school, Perez Lucia Perez, has probably never imagined that she would end her life like this. The abduction of the wheel, the fingertips, the anus and the viscera, and organ failure, are dead.

October 8, the day was unusual for Lucia Perez, who had been abducted by two drug traffickers on her way home, feeding her a large quantity of drugs, using her body to ripen her body, and piercing her offal and her anus, her heart and her heart.The two drug traffickers washed her body and put her in a hospital gate, trying to pretend to be overmedications and death.

The doctor immediately found that Luci Perez was the victim of sexual violence, "she was sexually abused by inhuman treatment before she died, and her body was pierreed, and that's the real cause of her death.""

suspects, aged 23 and 41, have been arrested by the police, who have been mistreoy for the brutality and the country's collective anger and inaction.According to figures provided by the High Court of Argentina, in 2015, 235 women died of sexual violence, and one woman fell in every 36 hours.(sibling: Sexual violence is not a women's issue, but a human rights issue )

Violence is common in Argentina, as it is daily.

We're not crazy, we're not afraid, we shouldn't put up with life like this.

It was an angry face, and people took to the streets without sex and dressed in black, and it was time to review the proportion of murders of women in Argentina.In the distant South American Argentina, the campaign against violence has become a cloud of the clouds.

On the day of the street, the rain was very heavy, and people were parachuting and reluctant to leave.One protestor said the reason for choosing to take to the streets was to feel the potential threat from the homeland." We're all likely to be Lucia Perez, not to come forward, and this is probably going to happen to you in the future."

Another protester mentioned that "this type of gender violence is already structured, hatred begins with family education, and is circulated as an ever-expanding circle.""

Argentina has 80 towns joined the protests, and the rest of the country joined, with Spain in solidarity, and they sang "We are not crazy, we are not afraid, we are fed up!""

Social #NiUnaMenos (which is not spared) and #VivasNosQueremos (we want to live) are connected in series with the current situation of gender violence, regardless of gender, regardless of gender, regardless of age, feeling the same sadness: we do not leave Lucia Perez and are coming out of the harsh environment.(sibling: [Gender-violence decoding program] from Ye's way to Emma Watson: true freedom, fearless fear )

People protest and want the world to hear the voice of Argentina; people are anxious, and want several protests to be held to prepare for a gender-friendly future?

When a girl dies, the family receives a death threat

Lucia Perez dies and the family of Lucia still has no peace, and they receive death threats letters, and they want them to stop making a big mess.Perez's brother, Matias, chose to write a public letter,

"This time, sex violence took Lucia Perez, but the next time I didn't know who it would be, it could be your favorite person in the world, just like my feelings for Lucia."We have to be strong, and we have to go to the streets and shout, and no one should be treated like this."

the mother of Lucia Perez, said in the interview that "what happened to my daughter was terrifying, and we should never have endured such a life."I wish that the death of Lucia Perez could turn this country into a turning point."

We have to ask, what causes girls to be a danger in society alone?Under broad daylight, a 16-year-old girl can walk home without reassurance.She may be kidnapped, may be raped, may be subjected to violence, and may even be brutally killed. Why?

We've been fighting for the right to walk in the middle of the night. This kind of incident has repeatedly happened, so that more people are convinced that the world is more dangerous than we thought. It turns out that it should be afraid, fear and harm to the vicious circle, and nouritly nourly unease the society.(Recommended reading: Gender equality is not just a girl's slogan!)Start with comics, make "affirmative action" as verb )

What else can we do?

Gender-based violence is gender-neutral.

Argentina is not the only country that is competing against gender violence, gender violence, not a disease of a particular country, but a gender practice in all regions.

I think of the gender violence news that women have written in these two years,

I often wonder, how many times when we write, how many times we cry, that the world can become better?Those people who take to the streets, angry, tears, and shouts, when can we really count the numbers?

In Taiwan, this year we have been looking at the victims of sexual assault and hearing more victims of sexual abuse. Many people have chosen to review themselves first before they dare to ask, whether or not they violate my wishes. Is it called sexual violence or gender violence?The number of women's gender questionnaires this year pointed out that in Taiwan, up to 80 % of Internet friends experienced "gender violence" (verbal sexual harassment, physical sexual harassment, and sexual assault).The victims of sex violence are not just biological women, but also a diversity of people.(Laughter) (Laughter) () (Laughter) (Laughter)

We need a more gender-friendly environment, an action that moves from an awareness of consciousness, a fundamentally flexible approach.

So, I wanted to send you a letter of invitation, and we wanted to go further, roll up our sleeves, and try to focus on the problem of gender violence.Women's fans and the Ministry of Health have jointly planned this year's second gender hacker, our goal is the Gender-based Violence Decode Program, which gives us all the pain and leads us to a firm action.

I would like to invite you to join our actions, use our power to shake up the environment of gender violence, base our footholds in Taiwan, and look to Asia and focus on the world.(Register now: Gender Matrix, Gender-Violence Decode Program )