Remember the impact of Jack's cross-class relationship with Ross?

Do you still remember the pain that was caused by this unfulfilled love?

Do you still remember the brilliance of the sparkling "Ocean Heart"?

Now, 15 years after the first boarding, the classic film is about to repop into the big screen in April 2012, and the brand new 3D landscape will be presented to the world.

The exclusive collaboration between women,, and Titanic 3D, provides a limited collection of movie posters, as well as classic "Ocean Hearts" bracelets, in addition to the behind-the-scenes flowers that are exclusive to the premia!

Titanis 3D Edition Behind the Behind Exclusive premia


Titanic was the most famous luxury cruise ship in the 20th century, when it was known as "the sinking ship" and "The Ship of Dreams". In April 1912, it was the world's gauntingly visible virgin mortality journey across the Atlantic Ocean, from the port of Cape Town, England.


is the story of James Cameron, director of the Gold Award, who took the tragedy of the wreck as the main axis of the wreck.In 1997, the world's premiere of the film was one of the longest films in the world.As a result, in 1988, the annual World ­ was ­ as the annual event of Europe for four years ­

story tells you Jack (Rionado Di Capie), a young man who is home, and after winning a poker game (two Titan tickets), set up Titan and prepare for a new life in the New World (United States).A day after walking on the deck, he accidentally rescued Rosie ­ ­ kate of the boat, and ­ that some of the upper class members of the society had the opportunity to interact with Rosie frequently, but also began to clash with Rosie's unmarried husband.

When Jack and Rosie planned to be in the future, the Titan was at a time of unprecedented crisis.A large iceberg forced the front, the captain of the ship urgently mobilized, and the boat's tail was not as evasive. The Iron Dani was hit positively with the tip of the iceberg!


, and the shock was felt in

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with the opportunity to get a "limited number of film posters" or "marine heart bracelets".

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